Find your Passion by Following what Excites you

“Excitement tells you what you are best capable of doing. If something excites you, it excites you for a reason. There are not Extraneous creations, no accidental interactions.” – Bashar

What is my passion and how to find it is a question that I get from many of my readers.

When I was a child I wanted to be a teacher and a race car driver.

I didn’t have any logical reason for either of these choices but it felt right to me at the time.

As a child I loved going to the go-cart track with my family, and even though I was only seven or eight years old, I would always come in first or occasionally second place.

I liked going fast and it was pure excitement to have control over the little go-cart.

My older brother had a desk in his bedroom at our childhood home.

When he wasn’t there I would go in his room and pretend that I was a teacher instructing a classroom.

Even though I thoroughly despised school as I got older (being a student) I loved the teaching aspect.

What does this have to do with finding your passion?

Well, even though I am no race car driver or professional teacher, the theme has remained.

I prefer going fast when learning, taking it all in, immersing myself in knowledge and experience. I also love teaching and sharing what I had learned with others.

I have little patience for things that require a lot of steps and procedures. I just want to get from point A to point B as quick as humanly possible.


 My Passion

Becoming a blogger was really an outlet for me to teach the things that I believe are important.

What I find important is subjective of course but I can tell that there are many others who are interested in what I have to teach.

While I am a lifelong student of life, I am equally committed to teaching what I had learned to anyone who is interested.

Live with passion_opt

 Finding Your Passion

It’s so easy to get caught up in life. We have our daily to do’s and not want to do’s that we rarely, if ever take a look at what excites us.

Finding your passion is not the same as finding your purpose even though they are similar.

Passion would be more feeling oriented while a purpose would be something that is more static in nature like choosing a profession.

Passion is more flexible while purpose is more static.

Passion is when you feel excited about doing something new like taking that trip to Europe or learning a new language.

And yes passion could involve suffering if we choose to experience it that way. It’s entirely up to you (Think Exercising).

Exercising could be viewed as an uninspiring experience, but if we are doing something that we enjoy like playing a sport, than we can exercise our body while having fun at the same time.

We’re too busy enjoying the moment to notice that we are actually exercising ourselves.


Follow Your Excitement

We all have options available to us of things that we can do at any given moment. We can take a walk, call someone that we love or drive our car.

It’s the excitement in the little things that we do that will take us to the bigger things that excite us.

It’s the excitement that tells you what the next thing that you need to do is.

Learn to follow your excitement because it will become the shortest, fastest path to where you need to be.

If you find that you are doing something that excites you and you cannot go any further than look for something else that excites you.

What will happen is that you will get better at sensing what excites you.

Not only will you become more sensitized to what excites you, but you will be able to bypass the let me think about what I want to do with my life part.

You will basically be setting out little excitement intentions and all you have to do is go with the flow or follow your excitement.

Life will become a synchronistic and ecstatic experience as long as you trust it and live it. Don’t deny your excitement, but go with it by taking the first step.

Believing is seeing and not the other way around.

The more you show to the Universe that you trust, that what you put out is what you get back, that the more you demonstrate in your behavior and actions by following your excitement, the more the Universe will reflect that back to you.


 Expect great things

What Happens When I Don’t See The Change In My Reality

Many times you will see the reflection of your reality change but there are times when it seems that nothing has changed at all. Did you do something wrong?

No, you didn’t. What you are being given is an opportunity to change your response to familiar situations.

How many of you have kids?

Were you a little tougher on the first one than you were on the rest.


Because you learned to respond to familiar situations by being different, by re-acting different, by responding differently than you did before. That is real change my friend.

It’s our responses to familiar circumstances that need to change to experience expansiveness in our being.

That’s what let’s you know that your reality has changed because you acted differently to it than you did before.

State of being plays a big part in being able to act differently to familiar experiences though. If you continually run from a low consciousness level than I wouldn’t expect much to change for you.

Raising your vibrations on a daily basis through meditating, healthier food choices and exercising are critical for lasting change.

How to find passion in yourself is not as hard as you think.

Passion is an emotion that is created by a mental state of being.

When I think of a passionate person I think of Gordon Ramsay.

The man is so passionate about cooking and life in general.

Remember that passion is a state of being. Just watch Gordon and see what a passionate person walks, talks and acts.


  1. Follow your excitement.
  2. Trust your excitement.
  3. Respond differently to familiar circumstances.

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