Feeling Impatient and not Enjoying Life

Wherever you feel any tension in the body, relax that part. If your whole body is relaxed, your awareness will grow faster.” -Osho

Are you feeling impatient and irritable? Would you rather be happy instead?

In this article I will explain why you don’t need patience at all.

First off, let me explain that your impatience is created by you because you have a belief that says, “I need to be at this place at this time or else something really bad is going to happen.”

This of course is not true, but it doesn’t stop you from believing it.

Many people believe they need to learn stress management, but I believe you need to learn how to lighten up and let go of the need to control everything because the need for control is at the root of your impatience.

How many of you are truly enjoying your life?

I’m not talking about feeling good when you get your paycheck, take a week’s vacation or some other occasional “feel-good” moment.

I mean enjoying your life from the moment you get up to the moment your head hits the pillow at night.

I remember feeling this way as a child. I didn’t have much stress other than deciding whether to watch He-Man or Scooby Doo.

Life was simple because my thinking was simple.

I didn’t have to accomplish anything in order to feel good, I just felt good because it was my natural state of being.

Sure I was competitive at things, and I always enjoyed challenging myself, but my self-esteem was never based on any condition outside of myself.


Stress Management 101 – Becoming Happy

  • Stop and breathe.
  • Let go by clearing your mind.
  • Engage your mind in a right-brain activity like drawing.
  • Understand you are exactly where you need to be.
  • All circumstances will pass.
  • Forgive yourself and anyone who may have harmed you.
  • Practice daily meditation.
  • Eat whole, natural foods.
  • Keep yourself hydrated with purified water.
  • Exercise at least 20 minutes a day.
  • Real success is not defined in material possessions.
  • Look yourself in the mirror and say, “I love You.”
  • Stop thinking and talking about the past.
  • Stop worrying about the future.
  • Take full advantage of the present moment.
  • Drop the drama, it’s an addiction.
  • Keep your thoughts productive and positive.
  • Give your body plenty of rest.
  • Work less, play more.
  • Lighten Up.
  • Release tension in the body.
  • Become more fluid, less rigid.

It is what it is

Feeling Impatient – Why Patience Is Unnecessary

I would consider myself a pretty impatient guy, or at least I once was.

Sure there are times when I feel impatient but it usually doesn’t last for longer than a few moments. Do you wanna know what my secret is?

It’s actually really simple just as many solutions are, It’s just that our minds tend to over-complicate things.

What I discovered is that patience is a value judgment that something better than what is happening “in the now” is coming my way.

This is total crap and that is why I don’t get impatient anymore.

Nothing better will come along, differences will occur, things can become expanded, we can learn and transform, but what we are at any given moment is a perfect manifestation of our ideal being.

When we are enjoying our lives in every moment the things that we waiting for will already be upon us.

When we are in the moment we do not create the experience of the passing of time to the degree that we do when we are waiting for something to happen.

When we are so busy having fun and enjoying our lives at every moment then there will be no need for patience, because we know that everything that we our asking for will be delivered right to us in a joyful way of expression.

Yes we will choose to experience different things and this is what makes life fun, but it is best understood to transition from experience to experience in a fun, childlike way.

So, whether we are watching our kids, doing our work or just sitting still we are always being exactly as we are meant to be.

There is nothing better coming along, so I found it best at any given moment to be the highest, ideal version of myself and this works for me to take the need for patience away.


Becoming Child-Like

Kids got it right. They are naturally curious beings, they love to ask questions, they want to know “why” things work the way that they do.

Children don’t know how to fail. That don’t even know what failure means.

They just do something, try it out and move on. Why does this change when we become adults?

Children are fascinated by the smallest, littlest things that us “big-people” tend to overlook or flat-out ignore.

Do you ever stop and appreciate nature?

Just the other day I was outside and instead of focusing on my thoughts or looking at all the large objects around me I decided to look down towards the earth at all the small little bugs that crawl around my home.

I began seeing tons of bugs everywhere.

Some were flying, others were crawling in the grass and one even landed on my shirt.

Normally the human mind filters out these little creatures but as I began focusing on them, I couldn’t help but to notice them more and more all around me.

I was mesmerized by the colors, shapes textures, and even the way that they were not the least bit afraid of me.

Some of them I would pick up with my hands and I allowed them to crawl around. I felt that the energy and life of this little insect was no less valuable than my own.

The more that we enjoy life the less we age.


There Is No End Game

Life is a perpetual loop like one of those infinity bracelets. We keep living and acting as if there is a finish line. I got news for you, there is none.

That is why I know that we need to remove impatience and the need for patience out of our mindsets and just allow ourselves to be our best, whatever that personal definition is for you at any given moment in time.

It’s okay to take a break, to pull back, to slow down and just “be” once in a while.

I know that for many of us this seems impossible, it does for me at times.

I enjoy staying busy, accomplishing goals, spending time with my family, working on my blog, maintaining my home and working on growing my business.

For every goal we accomplish ten more will pop up in its place, for every limiting belief that we conquer another will rear its ugly head.

I don’t intend to stop being the person that I am, I will always be a take action kind of guy, learning, growing and improving myself, it’s just that  I am deciding to take a smarter approach to my life.

What I had decided to do is take one day a week where I do NOTHING.

I chose the easiest day of the week to do this on which is Sunday. We’re supposed to be lazy on Sundays anyway, right?

Especially with Football season right around the corner, eh.

That should give my mind and body time to recoup so I can come back and have the energy to do the things I love while being the highest, ideal version of myself. What about you?

Happy Hour_opt

Be Happy Now

Don’t put off your happiness. It’s your birthright to be happy and any other state of being that does not serve you should be dropped. Being happy is easy once you train your brain to focus on all the things your are grateful for.

Just relax and let things be as they are. A very very passive awareness – that is the meaning of meditation. If sometimes you forget watching, perfectly good!

When you remember, you watch again. When you forget, you forget.

This is relaxation, this is accepting life as it comes. Then great joy arises out of it. You are never tired and you are never distracted because nothing can distract you.” -Osho

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