Feel Your Pain

You’re human and you have pain, Whether it be physical, mental, or emotional.

Don’t deny it, let it be. Look at it, feel it, acknowledge it. Don’t judge, don’t condemn.

Just observe it.

We are all one, yet we are living our lives subjectively. We experience duality – polarities of life. Just as we experience seasons – Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring so do we experience life seasons.

Life is not always roses and sunshine, life can also be weeds and hurricanes. We don’t have complete control of life, we do have control in our reactions to life.

Stay conscious to yourself and your reactions to situations and events. This is your greatest teacher.

Not everything said or done needs to be responded to. – The Lion doesn’t turn around when a small dog barks.

The purpose of your life is expansion and progress.

Don’t get stuck in indecision. Make a move and go towards expansion and progress.


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