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If your emotional abilities aren’t in hand, if you don’t have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions, if you can’t have empathy and have effective relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far.” – Daniel Goleman

Question: How do I keep from losing my mind on this planet?

Answer: Understand that it is not just your mind that is being affected here. It is the entire collective consciousness of the planet.

The collective mind is something we all share via the body and brain.

The brain can tune into whatever aspects of the collective that it is tuned into.

So, if you are experiencing emotional unrest that is because you are tuned to that frequency.

Question: How do I change the tune?

Answer: That is quite simple once you understand the mechanical aspects of doing just that.

Your brain is a transmitter/receiver.

It transmits a frequency and then receives that same frequency right back to it.

What you will want to do when you don’t like what you are receiving goes like this.

Close your eyes.

Take in a deep breath.

While breathing out see the number 3 in your head and repeat it 3 times.


While breathing out see the number 2 in your head and repeat it 3 times.


While breathing out see the number 1 in your head and repeat it 3 times.

Open your eyes.

Take a strong breath in. Hold it and exhale slowly.

Okay You Did It.

You just fine tuned your frequency receiver transmitter known as the brain.

Now go ahead and pat yourself on the back.

First Wealth is Health

Question: Are there any other ways I can do this?

Answer: Yes. Listen to some relaxing music. Something quiet and gentle. While listening to it, in a dark room, observe the flame of a candle. Just sit for 5 minutes and do this.

Instant fine tuning.

Question: What if I am driving or at work.

Then just breathe.

Focus on your breathing.

Breathe in, breathe out.

It’s that simple.

Question: What if I just drank a jumbo latte?

Answer: Stop doing that. You have more than enough energy to complete the day.

Coffee and other stimulants create major imbalances in your body’s natural rhythm.

Question: How do I kick the coffee habit?

Answer: As with any habit that involves eating, drinking, or inhaling the key is to offer it something in its place.

I would recommend chewing on a piece of licorice root for just the first few days only. If you use it any more than that, you just developed another habit.

Question: How do I get control of my life?

Answer: You stop things you don’t want when the momentum is at its lowest.

Money - $100

Question: I want to control my finances too?

Answer: In what way?

Question: I seem to have money, but not able to keep it.

Answer: Write down all the things you value in your life. Next identify how having money will help you to keep these valuable things in your life.

You see, money is an emotional issue. It’s not rational at all to you or me. So in order to “have control” of your money you need to attach positive emotion to having control of your money.

Question: I wrote down my list and I see I value having a working car, a home to live in, food in the fridge, money to play and have fun with.

Answer: Great. Now imagine having all those things taken away from you. How do you feel?

Question: I feel a sense of loss.

Answer: Great, now attach that emotion mentally, using your imagination to not having control of your money.

Question: Okay, it seems to be moving me in the direction of having control of money in my life.

Answer: Whenever the mind perceives a threat, in this case losing something you value, it will always, and I mean always move towards what you really want, even if you consciously forgot what it is you really value.

Also, remember you do have control of the money in your life when you recognize that this is your reality!

Why would you want a reality where you don’t have control of your money?

Question: I don’t know.

Answer: Sure you do. Somewhere, someplace, sometime you bought into the idea of not having control of money. Now, what you need to do is delete that from your head.

Question: How?

Answer: Just say it out loud. I delete that belief, I destroy that belief, I uncreate that belief.

What you are doing is clearing out your beliefs so that new empowering beliefs can replace them because you are indeed an empowered being. You just forgot that’s all.

Welcome to being a human being on planet Earth!

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