Ego or Spirit – Who Wins

Your ego can become an obstacle to your work. If you start believing in your greatness, it is the death of your creativity.” – Marina Abramovic

There is a battle going on inside of between the ego and the spiritual self.

When working in tandem these two seemingly opposing forces can create a very powerful and creative self.

The ego has a purpose of protecting the self who at times can create painful experiences.

The challenge we face today is that the ego has taken center stage in place of the self instead of becoming a powerful ally.

It's not me it's you

We inevitably will experience pain and loss in life

I know what to be from a spiritual perspective yet the ego is always close by to make sure that I save face.

You know the scenarios. Something happens and you over-react, someone offends you and you get pissed-off, traffic jams and over-drafts on our checking accounts and the kid spills milk all over the rug.

We re-act the same way based on how we previously programmed ourselves to respond the last time.

As if we would die if someone cut us off while we were driving or grabbed the last baloney sandwich at the supermarket.

From a mental level it can appear that we may.

We are constantly having an inner dialogue with ourselves.

Sometimes this can be negative and other times playful and fun. It all depends on our mental state of mind.

Mental states lead to emotional states and not the other way around.

How would you feel if you just found out that you lost your job and you are already behind on your bills?

Frantic, stressed, overwhelmed, angry and on and on.

These are the emotional states that come after our psyche has been crushed by our new reality.


We Must Fight In Order To Survive says the ego

I had spent many years in my life fighting this and fighting that and all that ever did was make me weaker and sometimes land me in hot water.

We are programmed to fight or flee through our genetic programming.

Can’t do much about that.

What we can control is the meaning that we give events and circumstances.

Stuff happens all the time.

It’s not the events that cause our suffering or pleasure but rather the meaning that we attach to events.

The majority of people spend their lives locked into the mind which is where the ego lives.

The ego is not real. You cannot access it through the five senses, but we all accept it as being real.

Ego causes wars, fights, political upheavals, lying and living a falsehood.

I remember when I read Eckhart Tolle’s book: The Power Of Now.

He was describing ego and his example was people having a Board meeting. “Lot’s of ego’s in there” he said.

Has anyone ever told you to get a backbone, stand up for yourself and fight.

This is someones ego speaking and not their spirit. What we fight makes us weaker therefore strengthening our perceived foe.

Remember the Rocky movies starring Sylvester Stallone?

How was Rocky able to win all of those fights? By beating up the other guy?


Whether it was Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang or even Ivan Drago he let those guys keep punching until they were worn out and then Rocky would come out swinging and deliver the final blows to end the fight.

Rocky wasn’t the biggest, strongest or fastest fighter but he knew one thing.

In order to win this fight he had to let his opponent wear himself out. Rocky also had to learn to be able to take some blows as well.

The point of this story is that our first reactions are often the wrong reaction.

We end up creating a bigger mess for ourselves to clean up when we react instead of acting. Rocky had a game plan when it came to winning his battles.

Without one he would have had to re-act to his opponent instead of having a pre-planned game plan.

Act as if we are the highest, most grandest versions of ourselves that we can imagine and we will have the respect from the one person that we need it the most from.


Don’t ever let anyone dictate to you how you should behave, how you should dress, who you spend time with.

This is your job and no one else.

Speaking of Rocky Balboa.

Did you remember he had a training coach named Mickey. Mike Tyson had Cus D’Amato who helped him to become the youngest heavyweight champion ever.

Andre Agassi hired Tony Robbins to help him win the Men’s Tennis Championship.

Many of us have raw skills and talent that are not being properly focused, managed and maintained.

You need to tap into your innate spiritual gifts and abilities and bring them forth into the physical world.

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