Ego and Self – Is it Time for a Change in Consciousness

If your ego starts out, ‘I am important, I am big, I am special,’ you’re in for some disappointments when you look around at what we’ve discovered about the universe.

No, you’re not big. No, you’re not. You’re small in time and in space. And you have this frail vessel called the human body that’s limited on Earth.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson

I am almost done reading 2012- A Clarion Call by Author Nicolya Christi and I cannot put this book down.

There are so many insightful chapters in this book and I wanted to share one more titled: Ego and Self.

I have written about the ego several times on this blog but Nicolya Christi nailed it in her book.

The ego is often spoken about as being the worst enemy of the true higher self, yet it is in fact our most loyal friend.

The ego is viewed as the enemy because, as adults, it often appears to keep us locked in illusion, powerlessness, lack, the need for security, and self-sabotaging and destructive patterns of behavior.

Whenever we make the choice to raise our consciousness and heal our body, mind, and emotions we will encounter the resistance of the ego.

The ego is concerned with survival and will attempt to overthrow anything that threatens its position.

However, let us not forgive the true purpose of the ego and how it serves us.  In early childhood, it is the ego that comes to our rescue.

As infants, we incarnate as pure soul energy and the higher self is most present.  This is true self is exquisite, undefended, and open.

The ego emerges at a point when the self is not responded to or met in its absolute purity, lovely gentleness, and infinite wisdom.

The ego is nothing other than the focus of conscious attention

To the child, the world is experienced as a hostile, which is reinforced and reflected through the behavior of its parents, caregivers, teachers, and authorities, as well as the dysfunctional systems of the wider community.

It is the ego that shields us from emotional/psychological or actual physical death as infants and children when the harshness and hostility of the world encroaches.

We could say that the ego is the warrior who serves the “king” or “queen,” the self that embodies pure unconditional love.

The ego steps into the role that the self would have taken had it been able to remain present, instead of retreating due to the harsh, threatening, and hostile environment.

So withdrawals, waiting for a time when the consciousness and vibration of the environment is more aligned to its vibration and when it can sense the exact up right moment to re-emerge.

This does not require that the whole world be in harmony with the self; it only takes one or more people of like vibration to call it forth.

Over the years, the higher self often remains withdrawn and the ego, which has taken over the life to ensure survival, eventually forgets about the existence of the self as a result of the layers of defense mechanisms it has put in place.

Ego is instinctual, not intuitive, and will react instead of respond.

The ego has a sophisticated set of strategies, which serve as rigid, set programs that keep us locked into survival mentality.

The ego will continue to create challenging life experiences, which in turn act as a feedback system to the program that is set to on survive, survive, survive.

The ego mistakenly comes to believe that it is the king or queen of the kingdom of the self.

Meanwhile the true regent, the self, with-holds from stepping forward to reclaim its throne until it feels it is safe to do so.

Self is pure expression of unconditional love and unity consciousness.

Self is all that is good and balanced, integrated and fair, wise and gentle, and evolved and enlightened within each one of us.

This never changes, no matter what takes place in our lives.

The fourteenth century philosopher Paracelsus said “Inside each one of us is a special piece of heaven whole and unbroken.”

Whatever our life circumstances, the self can be resurrected whenever we feel ready to heal and integrate the ego.”

Humanity is beginning to move away from suffering consciousness and into a consciousness based upon fulfillment and joy.

The self is the phoenix rising from the ashes of a past that is rapidly falling away to make way for a future of hope and freedom.  We could say that the past represents the ego and the future represents the self.

Ego is driven by fear and it specializes in defense and attack.

Forget what your ego says Let It Go

The Ego is the False Self

In psychological terms the ego is regarded as the “adapted” self and the true self is the “authentic” Self.  It is this adapted self that many people believe themselves to be, not aware that there exists another self, whose essence is pure unconditional love and peace.

The extent of our early childhood wounding and the hostility of the early environment for responsible for how disconnected we become from our true self by the time we reach of adulthood.

Many of us live active spiritual/religious lives yet remain disconnected from the true self.

This comes as a result of establishing identities that suggest to us that we are “over it,” “healed,” “above it.”

Such identities can play the role of defense mechanisms against confronting our excruciating pain/trauma or emotional/psychological wounds from the past.

Proof of this can be found in dysfunctional or contradictory conduct or patterns in our personal lives.

This does not mean that we are not spiritual, or not in touch with our sublime aspects.  But there may be a split between our ego and higher self.

When we are in true alignment, with an integrated ego, we express through the higher self, which connects us to soul, which gives us access to spirit

The first step toward self-healing and self-actualization is to acknowledge the role that the ego has played in our lives so we can appreciate how it has helped us to survive, even if the events we have experienced have caused great suffering.

There comes a point on the journey of any one who is exploring the truth of who they are when the self begins to prepare for reemergence.

At this stage, the ego becomes aware of the self.  In reaction, the ego devises many defense strategies.

An example is when someone whose heart is closed falls in love.

Ego views anything that will awaken the heart as a threat to its survival.

Self-sabotaging mechanisms come into operation as the ego begins to defend itself against the emerging self.

As self-awakens, it begins to communicate with and be influenced by the soul and to access ancient and higher wisdom.

As self begins its journey toward actualization it will encounter ego defenses, as shadow material, which will attempt to block its path.

Fear, shame, rage, worthlessness, lack, and pain are some examples of shadow material.

With wisdom and openness, insight and awareness, forgiveness and compassion, empathy and love, self is able to heal and transmute these shadow energies into its light.

How can we reclaim the throne as the true seat of the self?

If we learn to do this for ourselves and then encourage others to do the same, we can transform a world that currently mirrors the ego to one that reflects the values of the true self.

Source: 2012 A Clarion Call – Your Soul’s Purpose in Conscious Evolution.

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