Dr. Bruce Lipton Interviewed by Lisa Harrison

“Through consciousness, our minds have the power to change our planet and ourselves. It is time we heed the wisdom of the ancient indigenous people and channel our consciousness and spirit to tend the garden and not destroy it.” – Bruce Lipton

I learn a lot from watching YouTube Videos.

So I thought why not watch, learn, and share. Some of you may know of Dr Bruce Lipton from his famous book: The Biology of Belief.

The Biology of Belief is a groundbreaking work in the field of New Biology. Author Dr. Bruce Lipton is a former medical school professor and research scientist.

His experiments, and those of other leading-edge scientists, have examined in great detail the processes by which cells receive information.

The implications of this research radically change our understanding of life.

It shows that genes and DNA do not control our biology; that instead DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts.

Dr. Lipton’s profoundly hopeful synthesis of the latest and best research in cell biology and quantum physics is being hailed as a major breakthrough showing that our bodies can be changed as we retrain our thinking.

Bruce Lipton Nature Harmony Cooperation Competition


The Interview

Here are some juicy tidbits from the interview with Lisa Harrison. The video is a little under an hour-long but totally worth watching.

We need to break free from traditional beliefs about what we think we know about the human body. Dr. Lipton and Lisa do exactly that in this interview.

Environmental conditions control the fate of your cells and not your genetics.

The old belief was if your family has a history of cancer (genetics) than naturally you too would get cancer. Dr. Lipton has proven that this is not entirely true.

Dr. Lipton took a stem cell, (embryonic cell) and placed it into a petri dish all by itself and let it divide for a week.

After a week he had 50,000 cells, even though they came from the same parent (genetics). He then split the population into three different petri dishes and he changed the environment (culture medium).

The cells are like fish, they need to be surrounded by liquid to survive. In your body cells are surrounded by your blood.

So, what were the results?

In one dish the cells formed muscle, in another bone, and the last dish fat cells.

So here we have exactly the same cells, yet by simply changing their environment (the liquid), we get three different outcomes.

The cells were reading the environment and adjusting their genetics to compliment the environment.

Epigenetics is a new science or epigenetic control. Epi means above, or control above the genes.

So what Dr. Lipton is getting at is that the consciousness of the cells determines what the cells will produce or become. (My perception. Humans are cells, because of our food, drink and environment we, generally speaking, lack full conscious awareness at this time. Because of this, we are limited in what we produce or become.) 

Humans are cells (50 trillion cells) in a skin covered petri dish. In the human body, the blood is the culture medium (liquid).

When you change the chemistry of the blood you change the fate and actions of the cells. What creates the chemistry of the blood? Your brain.

What chemical should the brain release?

Whatever the brain perceives is released into the blood.

When you see fear images you release stress hormones, which we all know increases aging and disease in the body. When you perceive love, the brain releases Dopamine, the “good feeling” drug of the body.

This is common sense here. Why in hell would you want to place your body in an environment of stress and fear? This would basically be a suicide mission for your body.

Replace negative thoughts with positive results

Positive Thinking and its Effects on the Body

Positive thinking generates the positive chemistry (dopamine) for health and negative thinking causes the chemistry of disease and stress (cortisol).

The consequence of negative thinking is simple; disease and death.

Most of the diseases and illnesses we have in our world are not caused by organic issues with the bodies of the people on this planet, rather the stresses they have in “their world” that are causing the release of chemistry that is counter-productive to health.

The chemistry of stress shuts down the mechanisms of health; it shuts down the immune system. You get sick, and you die. I know, not a pleasant picture, but this is what happens when you stay in a perpetual state of stress and fear.

I always make this analogy. Take a before and after look at any U.S. President and see how much they aged while serving in office. Especially if they served two terms. I don’t say this to demean their service. But rather, the evidence is right before your eyes if you will have a look. Perpetual stress ages the body and creates disease.

Your health fate is not sealed. It is almost always created by your lifestyle. You choose your lifestyle. Does it serve you, or does it defeat you?

Besides health, Dr. Lipton and Lisa go heavily into the pharmaceutical industry, the education system, the aging belief, how we are being manipulated from cradle to grave, the collapse of our current 3D matrix, and the conscious and sub-conscious mind, (mind programming).

The interview starts off well and gets better as it goes along.

Humanity is at a Crossroads

We are currently faced with two choices:

  1. Stay on our current path and face extinction.
  2. Pull out of the system and create a new system that is sustainable for everyone and everything on Earth.

Millennials and Creating a New Matrix

Who will lead the charge for the New Earth Paradigm?

Dr. Lipton refers to them as the “Millennials.”

Millennials are the generation after the Baby Boomers. If you are forty or under you are a millennial.

A characteristic feature of Millennials is they have high debt from loans and education, no jobs, no future, many still live at home, and they feel despondent because they just can’t get ahead in this current matrix model.

Millennials make up 50% of the population and they/me/you will be responsible for creating the new Earth paradigm.

Millennials are not heavily invested in the current system and that is good news.

Because we are not part of the new system, we will not support it, and it will soon be transformed into a more sustainable system that serves the greater good of all, as opposed to the current paradigm that serves the few.

>>>You can watch the whole interview video here.

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