Don’t Be Afraid of the Word “No”

“No is a complete sentence and so often we forget that. When we don’t want to do something we can simply smile and say no. We don’t have to explain ourselves, we can just say “No”.

Early on my journey I found developing the ability to say no expanded my ability to say yes and really mean it. My early attempts at saying no were often far from graceful but with practice even my no came from a place of love.

Love yourself enough to be able to say yes or no.”  ― Susan Gregg

Can you handle it emotionally when someone says “no” to your request?

I know, we all want what we want when we want it. But one person saying “no” doesn’t mean that your request will not be fulfilled eventually.

Since being online for over a year now I get all kinds of business propositions.

The unfortunate fact is that some people (one’s I don’t know) try to be sneaky instead of just “upfront” about what they are requesting.

If someone wants to do “business” with me then they need to be upfront and honest about what they want.

I am extremely business savvy and I can smell when someone is using tactics that are less than honorable.

I will do business with anyone who wants to work with me but they need to be upfront about what they want including all the details.

If they wait until the last-minute to tell me what “the total package” includes than I will just end the conversation there.

Gold mask

Some online business proposals that went sour

Someone taking 30 minutes of my time who never read my blog to tell me all I have to do is pay $500 a month to become a host on their online radio station. Where do I sign up for that one.

People wanting me to add “do follow” advertising text links, (paid of course) when I explicitly stated that Google does not allow paid “do follow” text links.

People wanting me to sign up for their MLM business and getting extremely pushy for me to do it now. Can you believe the nerve of some people.

Being online exposes you to a lot of crap and I can see why Steve Pavlina makes it impossible to contact him.

I believe he said that 90% of the people contacting him are spam related, but don’t quote me on that.

On the other hand I love doing win-win situations with like minded people.

Collaborating on eBooks together like I am now.

Perhaps asking a fellow blogger to email their newsletter subscribers about the new eBook I am contributing to and of course I would do the same for them.

It’s all about give and take here.

And of course if I contact you about a business proposition and you decline I can accept it. I won’t try to be pushy or keep asking until you say yes.

And I certainly would never be rude to you.

I believe in being straightforward when it comes to doing business. I don’t like sneaky, underhanded tactics and I don’t like it when people don’t honor their word either.

But before this rant goes on any longer I want to switch gears to an attitude of gratitude since I don’t like being negative to begin with.

I have a handful of people that I consider online friends that I can count on and I want to say thanks to them. It feels good to know that I am building a group of blogging buddies.

How did I come up with this list? Easy.

I went to Steve Aitchison’s blog and checked the comments of everyone who voted for me in the Best Personal Development blog contest of 2011.

I am not just adding you because you voted for me.

I contacted almost each and every one of you to vote for me and you responded with a “yes” and for that I want to honor you by adding you to my online blogging buddies list.

Of course some of you on this list didn’t vote for me because I either didn’t know you then, or I didn’t ask you, but I know you would have voted for me if I asked you to.

Either way, you need to be comfortable with saying no, as well as receiving it.

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