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Your body is designed to heal itself. The ability of a body to maintain its health and overcome illness is, in fact, among nature’s most remarkable feats.” Donna Eden

My affiliate friends at Mindvalley have teamed up with energy healer Donna Eden to bring you her new program – Energy Medicine.

Humans are bio-energetic beings. The human body has meridian lines with energy running through it much like roads and highways have cars that travel through them. What happens when there is congestion on a road or highway? That’s right, we experience congestion and delays.

The same goes with your body.

In order to operate at your fullest potential the energy systems in your body need to be free and clear. This is where Donna Eden can teach you how to heal your body using Energy Medicine.

You can visit Donna’s YouTube page here and learn about Energy Medicine on Wikipedia here.

Donna Eden Biography

Donna Eden was born with a gift. That gift is the ability to see 9 different bodily energy systems. However, Donna never used these gifts until her late 20s. At the age of 27, She was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and could not move her muscles.

She was told by 5 medical experts that she was going to die. This was when she started to take matters into her own hands, and began experimenting with her body’s energies. She discovered that she can manipulate these energy systems, and slowly started to heal herself.

For the past 40 years, Donna has been relentlessly proclaiming, teaching, and demonstrating that our body is nothing but a collection of energy systems and that there are scientific means to naturally reclaim our health and vitality.

Donna shares her experiences with Energy Medicine in many of her books including the New York Times Bestseller: ‘The Energies of Love’. (Aff link)

Today Donna is the leading proponent of Energy Medicine in America, and together with her husband David Feinstein, Phd, (a pioneer in Energy Psychology), they run the world’s largest Energy Medicine school. They have trained more than 100,000 students (including physicians, nurses, and other mainstream health professionals).

Today, Donna is offering a free 60 minute class to my readers to show you how to use energy medicine to your advantage.

In This 60-Minute Masterclass, You Will Discover:

Simple techniques to tap into your hidden reserves of life energy. With these simple techniques, you’ll heal, restore, and revitalize yourself naturally.

Tool 1: Overcome an afternoon slump with an instant Energy Medicine technique. It takes less than 30 seconds, and you’ll instantly feel better EVERY time you do it.

Tool 2: Conquer stressful situations with two fun energetic shortcuts. Anyone can do this. You don’t have to be a healer. It also turns you into a person others secretly admire.

Tool 3: Choose the right food with just… Energy. Learn this unusual energetic testing exercise that’ll show you what to eat with shocking precision.

Tool 4: Heal yourself using a simple kitchen utensil. It can’t get any simpler than that! It could be surprisingly hard to dismiss the power of energy medicine after you watch this.

And so much more…

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