Do Spiritual People Get Angry and Show Other Negative Emotions

Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy.” – Arisotle

One of the reasons that I started my personal development journey back in 1997 was because I wanted to do something about my negative emotions.

I thought that emotions like anger and resentment were the bane of my existence and I wanted to get rid of them.

Hence my movement from personal growth to spiritual growth.

Spirituality is simply the understanding of your personal energy.

Your thoughts, your moods, your emotions, how you relate to the world you live in and other unseen Universal forces that connect us all.

Back to the question at hand. Do spiritual people get angry and express other negative emotions. The short answer is “yes.”

There is nothing more spiritual than emotions. Emotions are pure energy that we can use to propel us to action or make us have self-pity.

Emotions are neutral, it’s the meaning that we give them that causes us to either use them for our greater good or for our own demise.

Need a six month vacation twice a year

Running out of gas and feeling negative emotions

We have a tendency to put too much on our plates.

We have so many things we want to do and we want it done yesterday.

This is fine if you have a team to do the work for you but if you have to do it all yourself than you are sure to run out of gas and go down the emotional scale towards anger and resentment.

What do you do then? It really is all about work, play and rest and you can decide your schedule for doing that. All three need to be balanced for you to live a healthy and joyful life.

Too much work without play puts too much stress on the mind and body.

Too much play causes you to neglect the things you need to do which will result in overwhelm. Too much rest and dissociation will cause you to become detached from life and other people.

Balance is the key here. Having a natural tendency to work, work work I had to learn to cultivate the habit of more rest and play to balance out my work life.

Of course I resisted it at first but I am way more balanced in my work, play rest life than ever before.

This helps me to stay focused on who I want to be in life and what I want to create.

When we work so much without an equal amount of rest and play we “water down” our intentions and our results become mediocre at best.


Being Human and negative emotions

As long as you are in a human body you are well, human. You incarnated into a human body to get the physical experience of being human.

As you know, humans experience and express emotions from anger and hate to love and ecstasy. It’s all part of the human emotional spectrum.

As we get older and experienced more of the emotional spectrum we tend to prefer emotions that we associate with joy and pleasure.

But it’s still your choice, I am not here to tell you what to feel, think or do.

That’s your job and you can decide which emotions to cultivate by deciding who you are and what you came here to do and experience.

Changing the toilet paper

Change yourself to curb negativity

I became tired of experiencing negative emotions so I wanted to learn how to cultivate emotions like patience, kindness and forgiveness. Not only to others but to myself as well.

Cultivating these positive emotions opened me up to the realization that I can control my emotional state of being plus my experience of life Is a direct reflection of how I am feeling.

When I feel happy for example life is my oyster and when I feel stressed or worried life becomes dark, gray and burdensome.

There is no elevator to success

Program your mind for success before going to bed

One little thing that I do before going to bed each night is to set my mind for the next day. I say something like, “tomorrow will be my most productive day ever.”

Or “tomorrow I will focus more on being than doing.” “ Tomorrow I will look for ways to serve others.”

I repeat an internal thought or mantra for my next day as I am falling asleep. This takes a week or two of repetition but it does work as a way of reprogramming your subconscious mind for what you want to experience.

When we sleep we are totally immersed in our subconscious mind and we can look at our dreams to see what has been programmed into our subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is created through what the conscious mind has seen, done, and heard on a continuous basis.

It’s why repetition is the mother of skill.

Once you practice something over and over again you can basically do it with your eyes closed or subconsciously.

For the first seven years of our lives we are like sponges because our mind is set on the “record mode”/Theta level.

The Theta Level is achieved during meditation and light sleep.

This is the same brainwave level we are at before going to bed and that is why I suggest every night while falling asleep, while the conscious mind is more relaxed and open to suggestions, is to program yourself towards the life of your dreams.

Like, more financial abundance, harmonious relationships, an ideal job and so on.

Success is not easy or for the lazy

Study Successful People and do what they do

I always wondered how successful people were able to stay sharp and focused when they had 100 times more things on their plate than I did.

Their secret was a life balance that supports them instead of drains them of their energy.

Do they still experience negative emotions?

Yes, but not as often and certainly not as long as the average person. Another secret that I learned from studying successful people is that they find time to exercise almost everyday.

Exercise keeps your emotions up for several reasons.

One is that it helps blood flow in the body and oxygenates the body as well. When your body is fully oxygenated you will absolutely feel the vitality flowing through you like a surge of power.

Exercise strengthens the muscles in your body. When you feel strong and healthy you will think strong and healthy too. There has to be balance there.

You can’t be unhealthy and think healthy thoughts or vice versa.

“Be” first and the thoughts will naturally follow that are in alignment with your being.


Finally: A short story

The anxious student asked the Zen master how long to enlightenment. The Zen Master answered a long time, at least 10 years. The student said, “Well I will work twice as hard.”

The Zen master said, “Then it will take 20 years.” “No!” said the committed student, “I will work three times as hard.” “Well then,” said the Zen master, “it will take 30 years.”

Do you need to work at being spiritual? No. You already are spiritual. Do you need to work at being human? No. That’s just who you are.

The spiritual path doesn’t require us to get anything. It’s a process of opening to new dimensions of who we already are. It’s a process of awakening to our own truth. It’s a process of allowing ourselves to be authentic.

Anger, is a natural emotion, only lasts approximately 10 to 15 of your seconds, and is used for aligning yourself. When you then judge, it continues in another form. It is not anger. – Bashar

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