Parallel Realities and Your Higher Self

“Quantum computation is… a distinctively new way of harnessing nature… It will be the first technology that allows useful tasks to be performed in collaboration between parallel universes.” – David Deutsch

There are an infinite number of parallel Earth’s each of a different vibrational frequency representative of a different reality.

The vibrational frequency you tune to will determine what “Earth” you experience.

If you remember I talked about this in my post: Change The Projector of Your Reality last July.

All these parallel realities already exist at the same time.

By shifting your vibration whether higher or lower will determine what experience of Earth you have.

When you make these vibrational shifts people may leave your life as “new players” come into your life.

If you have any sense of awareness you have noticed this in your life before.

Maybe when you went on a spiritual quest some of your friends left your experience as new ones entered.

The higher self resides in a dimension that can see the entire timeline of your life experience.

It can see what will happen 10 years from now and will guide you to a place that will align you with the best possible future outcome for you.

Take Randy Gage for example.

Before he shifted his reality to one of prosperity and abundance he was a dishwasher and was once shot and left for dead.

Now Randy teaches a prosperity minded lifestyle to people all over the World.

Choose only hat brings you joy

You are always choosing your realities

Many of you are experiencing turmoil in your lives at this time.

We can even see it in the larger world as well with banks falling apart at the seams and Governments failing miserably.

Don’t look at this from a place of fear, look at it as an opportunity to choose something better.

What is happening now is that everything that was once hidden is coming to the surface for us to look at, to examine, and to ultimately transform into a better way of living for all.

The old way of living where you put your mask on and hide your true selves from each other and yourselves is over.

You need to become comfortable with all aspects of your being. No longer is it needed to hide your true wants and desires in life.

You are a unique individual who is part of the collective whole consciousness.

You didn’t come here to be exactly like everyone else.

You came here to be a unique expression of who you really are. So live it out loud.

Bad Day in progress


Why do bad things happen to me

How many times has something “bad” happened to you but in the bigger picture it was actually a blessing for you? It worked in your favor even though at the moment it felt like you were being punished.

If you would allow the higher mind to do its job and guide you with different synchroncities and events than you will be where you need to be when you need to be there.

The problem is when the physical mind gets stubborn and resists the information.

The higher self is constantly giving information/feedback to the physical mind.

The higher mind will never give up when it comes to giving information to the physical mind.

The physical mind is often times stubborn and resistant.

What you call “bad things” happening to you are actually a “wake up call” from your higher self.

Your higher self has tried to get your attention for some time and as a last resort when all else has failed a “bad experience” or accident may occur to get you back on track.

Everything that happens in your physical reality is based on what you believe to be true.

Nothing happens in your reality without you defining it to be true.

If a belief creates a certain unwanted consequence, wouldn’t you want to change that belief?

Higher Self

Shifting between Parallel Realities-Bashar via

There are infinite versions of reality.

There are infinite parallel realities, and they are all equally “real“, though you experience only one version at any given moment.

Shifting from one version to another is not really that unnatural or difficult, since you are doing it all the time anyway – billions of times every second.

So it’s not so much a matter of “making it happen“.

It’s more a matter of directing or “steering” which parallel reality you shift into – at any moment.

Shifting parallel realities is akin to films changing still-pictures 24 times per second, or video changing still-pictures 25 or 30 times per second.

It happens so fast, that it creates the illusion of smooth continuous motion.

When you shift to another version of reality, you become the “you” that already existed in that version.

And the “you” in the version you just left, is still “real” and still “there“.

Since everything is consciousness, and since you are everything, shifting from one parallel reality to another is like “closing your eyes” in one version and “opening your eyes” in another version.

Shifting from one parallel reality to another is like “viewing through the window of another you” and no longer “viewing through the window of the previous you“.

But keep in mind that this “new you” and the “previous you” are still both “real“, and have both always existed since you are everything and you have always existed.

So shifting parallel realities boils down to the you that is everything shifting the perspective or point-of-view from which it’s viewing a part of its everything self.

And sensing yourself as everything is not losing your identity. In contrast, it is expanding your self-identity to include everything.

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