Dealing with Depression – Try Being Confident Instead

If you don’t think your anxiety, depression, sadness and stress impact your physical health, think again.

All of these emotions trigger chemical reactions in your body, which can lead to inflammation and a weakened immune system. Learn how to cope, sweet friend. There will always be dark days.” – Kris Carr

If you are feeling depressed, don’t feel bad about yourself.

Everyone has experienced depression at some time or another in their lives.The word depression refers to a state of being under, or an area sunk below normal levels. Depression steals a person’s energy.

They become apathetic and lethargic, with little desire to do anything. If the depressed state continues for too long and becomes stronger, every movement can feel like it requires extra effort.

Depressed people often sleep much more than is really needed – often to avoid facing their life.

Depression can actually become a way of running and hiding some cases. It can be used to avoid having to deal with life and its problems. Facing issues is always much more difficult than running from them.

Depressed people have a knack for focusing solely on what is not working in their lives and gloss over the other 99% of their life that is awesome.

From my point of view depressed people have a sort of learned helplessness when it comes to facing their life. Maybe they saw this behavior in one of their parents and adopted it as their own.

The good news is that old behaviors can be removed and replaced with ones that serve you.

Confidence comes from discipline and training


Dr Robert Anthony’s Self Confidence Creator

At the core of depression is a devaluation of the self. That is where self-confidence comes into play. At one time or another you probably felt like a failure at something.

And unless you were able to overcome the challenge you may still feel like a failure. The key to overcoming failure, depression and low self-worth is – self –confidence.

Without confidence in your abilities, your actions and your mental capacities life will seem too scary to tackle. Confident people don’t have this problem.

I have a few PERSONAL questions I’d like to ask you…

Have you ever felt (or do you feel now) that you lack Self-Confidence in certain areas of your life?

Are you afraid to start a new business, change jobs or step out of your comfort zone?

Do you struggle with shyness?

Are you frequently indecisive, or do you procrastinate?

Do you have a fear of going on dates or finding love?

Do you find yourself at a loss for words when you meet new people?

Do you place other people’s opinions above yours?

Do you have trouble believing in yourself?

Do you secretly fear if you ask for what you want you will be rejected?

Do you have a fear of speaking in front of a group of people?

Has the lack of Self-Confidence ever made you worry that something might be WRONG with you… but you don’t exactly know exactly how to change it?

Do you secretly fear that no matter WHAT you do, your inability to be Self-Confident will hold you back for the rest of your life?

If this hits home, you are not alone.

But, imagine what it would be like to:

Feel more comfortable and relaxed in social situations.

Fearlessly step out of your comfort zone.

Feel confident about making the right decisions in your life

Be more powerful and persuasive with other people.

Not let other people’s opinions affect you.

Believe in yourself and achieve your goals.

Mark Twain Quote ignorance and confidence

What Has Been Stopping You?

Think of all the things you haven’t done YET.  As you think about those things, ask yourself, “What has been stopping me?”  The likelihood is that Self-Confidence is a major factor.

You probably already know that successful people who have high levels of Self-Confidence seem to be unstoppable at everything they do.

Have you ever watched someone negotiate a successful deal, walk up to a stranger and ask for a date, start their own business, entertain or give a speech in front of a large group of people?

Do you remember thinking, “I wish I could do that, but I’m just not that confident?”

Self-doubt, fear and lack of Self-Confidence can hold you back from achieving your goals.

But if you had Unstoppable Self-Confidence you’d naturally become aware that you can solve any problem and handle any obstacle on your path to making your dreams become a reality.

Introducing the Self-Confidence Creator

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This program is unlike anything you have seen or experienced before. The results are so quick you won’t believe it. You will experience higher levels of Self-Confidence IMMEDIATELY.

Until now, there has been NOTHING like it.

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