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“Space, time, matter, energy and biological life may be the result of a Source Field that is conscious and alive in its own unique way – on a scale far too vast for the finite mind to fathom.” – David Wilcock

In this video, David Wilcock  talks about the importance of Personal Spiritual Development and how by improving ourselves, we ultimately improve others.

I discovered David’s work over five years ago while searching for articles and videos about how we are connected through a Universal Field of intelligence.

David Wicock Divine Cosmos

David Wilcock

I’ve been writing articles online about UFO’s and forbidden science since 1996 – after I was fortunate enough to hear first-hand testimony that we are not alone in 1993.

I’ve also been writing my dreams down every morning since September 1992.

Although most people don’t think their dreams have any value, the last 18 years have proven to me that we all have a higher-self guiding and directing our lives, and ensuring that we meet up with whatever we create.

People always ask me what can I do to help my cosmic evolution along so I have some suggestions you may want to consider.

First of all, all spiritual traditions say that we’re here to learn love. I’ve seen abundant evidence in a variety of scientific studies that love is written into our genetic code.

For example Dr. Glenn Rein found that love actually causes conformational changes in DNA. DNA molecules can actually heal itself in the presence of loving energy that is sent through intent.

Another key point is service to others.

One of the philosophical texts that I’ve used extensively in my work is called The Law of One Series; five books that emerged in the early 1980’s.

The Law of One spells out the genetic changes in the galaxy that propel us into this new world which they call “fourth density.”

They also do indicate that the time period of 2011 to 2013 is when we reach a quantum leap in this transitional process.

Most importantly they say that fourth density is a realm of existence on this planet that is one hundred times more harmonious than what life on earth is like now.

In order to be ready to inhabit this new world, we must reach certain minimum requirements for what they call graduation.

Whose minimum requirements only involve having a 51% percent desire to be of service to others, rather than manipulating and controlling others, or what they call “service to self” in order for us to be ready for graduation.

When the same source was asked what is the best way to serve others they said, “To seek the heart of the self.”

Again I believe this refers to the fact that when you really understand your identity, it will not end at the boundary of your skin to the air.

When you begin looking into the faces of others and seeing yourself, for that same reason – why would you want to manipulate or control them?

To serve others is to help yourself.

This also seems to appear in the eastern mysticism through the so-called valve of the Bodhi Zafa. Where you say, “I seek my own enlightenment for the sake of all beings.”

There’s clear undeniable evidence that this Bodhi Zafa valve allows you to resonate an energy field that actually changes how other people think and feel.

Such as the so-called Maharishi effect, where a group of 7000 people in meditation actually exerted an effect on terrorism around the world to such a degree that there was a 72% reduction in the amount of terrorist activity that took place during the time that this group was meditating.

Another area that I really prefer to look at is our agenda as souls.

If you study the works of Dr. Michael Newton such as in his books: Destiny of Souls and Journey of Souls, he reports a process where he used hypnosis to repress people to the periods between their lives.

Not just the past-life regression, but an in between life regression.

When he did this, he found that everyone kept saying the same things about what they experienced in between lifetimes.

And he collected this data over the course of 20 years during which time it was remarkably consistent.

I was astonished when I recently read Destiny and Journey of Souls.

I found out that the words that were given in these books fit with this Law of One philosophical material from the early 1980’s so well, that it seemed as if both of them were talking about the exact same cosmology, as if everyone on the other side of the veil knows that these things are true.

The most important points that emerge in Dr. Michael Newton’s books are that every one of us has a soul, and that soul is clearly aware that it has a spiritual agenda it wishes to fulfill in each life time.

No matter how lost or confused we may feel that we are, even if we are homeless on the side of the street, or desperately wrapped up in the world of addiction and pain and crime.

We all know that we have job on this planet, and ultimately that job is to learn to love.

And if we don’t get in one lifetime, will keep coming back over and over again.

It’s seems that once we’ve done this enough times and we really get the point about loving others that we go through graduation.

This is what the 2012 prophesies are really about.

The planet itself moves through an energetic transformation, where if you’re ready you don’t ever need to reincarnate again in this human body, but you move into a new world.

Dr. Michael Newton’s books explained everyone’s soul energy must learn to balance itself within the physical body. The energies of the physical body have their own biases creating an egoic mind.

That mind is based on the experiences, the traumas, and the expectations that you’ve built up throughout one lifetime. You also have a mind within your soul.

It is working behind the scenes to transmute your ego mind and raise it to a higher level of evolution. Your soul’s mind works its magic and will ultimately integrate and transform your personality in order for you to reach enlightenment.

Another key concept that I would encourage you to explore is what I refer to as the “Fool’s Equation.”

This equation says; “That if I get “X” whatever “X” might be, then I will be happy.”

This is really silly because if you’re wishing for something that hasn’t happened yet, and you decide that once this thing happens that you’ll be happy in the future, than you’ve never claimed any happiness in the now.

So what I do is to turn that equation backwards.

If I am whole, happy, and peaceful now, then I will get “X” whatever it is that I want. Or as many others have said you create a loving space within yourself which then allows loving energy to fill it.

Another very interesting clue that can help us evolve spiritually at a rapid speed can be found in the archetype within the Tarot cards called “The Lovers.

Higher Self

The Higher-Self

These archetypes according to The Law of One actually represent patterns within the mind of the galaxy.

The galaxy itself has set up these twenty-two patterns of thought that we are meant to evolve through as we become enlightened.

The archetype known as “the lovers” features on the Tarot card – a woman, a man, and then over them an angelic being.

The deeper meaning behind this card is of a choice that we make within ourselves as to how we will approach our higher self. Do we see our higher self as a maiden, virginal and pure; or do we see it as a prostitute?

If we treat our higher self as a maiden than the idea is that we listen to what she wants and we learned to dance with her wishes accordingly in order to get what both of us want.

Whereas if we treat our higher self as a prostitute, we barge in the door and say, “this is what you’re going to do for me, and this is what I expect!”

Obviously by treating the higher self as a maiden, you actually learn to tailor your expectations from life so you’re not just saying to the universe immediately gimme, gimme, gimme.

You’re actually learning to listen to what your higher self may have as the agenda for you.

You may not need immediately realize why these things are valuable, but the more that you learn to adopt them the better off you’re going to be.

Another very important concept that really helps you prepare for this shift that were now moving through is what I refer to as the “original wound.”

I discovered a long time ago through deep meditation on the human condition, that we all have the same basically wounding at the core of our soul.

This wounding appears to be the root of all addictive, compulsive, behaviors that we would ever get stuck in.

This original wound is an illusion, but it becomes very compelling to us and buries deep within our subconscious mind at the point that we don’t even realize it’s there.

Then comes from the sense that the creator has abandoned us and we’ve been left exposed and unprotected on this planet.

This wound comes from the fact that we often see our parents as if they were gods when we were a little child.

Invariably our parents are going to disappoint us, and we’re going to have painful experiences where we feel abandoned, left alone, and our needs are not being met.

That nobody really seems to care about us.

And we invariably project that same disappointment onto the creator.

Karma easy knowing all the people I treated badly had it coming

The Wheel of Karma

This in turn leads to what I call, “the wheel of karma”; where we keep repeating the same painful experiences over and over again.

In fact what always seems to happen is that new characters keep appearing in our lives, fulfilling the same roles on a deep, archetypal level as our parents once did.

And we may not become conscious of this; we may not realize that that’s what’s happening to us.

We think that these people in our lives are different one from the other.

We start to notice that it seems like we have bad luck, or that there’s a theme that keeps appearing in our lives.

Why is it that I always end up here in the same spot, the same things keep happening over and over again isn’t ever going to change?

Well, believe it or not in my estimation, the universe is here to teach us love and forgiveness. And there’s a very essential statement made within the Law of One series where it says, “In forgiveness lies the stoppage of the wheel of karma.”

The wheel of karma represents this rotating series of experiences that we keep going through over and over again until we meet with the result of what we’ve created.

But it’s only once we’ve learned forgiveness that the wheel actually stops rotating when it reaches the top. And we don’t have to keep collapsing into the dark night of the soul as it’s called, over and over again.

Our lives become increasingly blessed, magical, and the experiences that used to make us seem so overwhelmed, no longer have an effect on us, and therefore they don’t need to happen.

It’s also extremely important to recognize that you have a higher self and to learn many of the practical tools that are available to you that will allow you to access that higher self.

One of the basic beginner ways to access the higher self is to use various forms of divination such as tarot cards.

These types of divination work because as you hold the cards or whatever they are in your hand, you actually put an imprint within them from what I call the Source Field.

This blueprint of information that’s written into our DNA and is written throughout the consciousness of the universe.

You now have encoded that card or that object with a particular message.

So then when you’re holding the cards in your hands, and you close your eyes and tune within, and ask the question from your subconscious mind which is guided by your higher self, influences you to grab the right card at the right time.

You can look up the meaning of the card in the book, and sure enough the message is going to be a direct answer to your question.

As long as you don’t over indulge in this, and only use it when you need the information and when you feel it’s important, you can actually get very valuable messages from that. (Tarot Cards).

Another very central element of our evolution is in dreams.

This is why every time I do a weekend workshop I have an entire section devoted to sharing dreams from the audience and interpreting what they say in terms of symbolism.

Our higher-self uses dreams not just by accident, but to convey symbolic information that gives us clues to the issues that are affecting us in our lives right now.

The big secret of dreams is that the entire environment is a reflection of yourself.

That means every character, every object, every event, represents some aspect of your own being in symbolism.

Many people have had dreams where there is doom, or apocalyptic events on the earth, and they mistakenly believe these dreams are prophecies that say that the earth is about to be destroyed.

But remember, the dream is not of the world.

It’s only of your world within your own mind in your own psyche.

Therefore when you see someone having these apocalyptic dreams, don’t be dragged into the idea that this means something like that is going to happen in the world, especially if these dreams are happening to you.

You can reframe them to understand that what you are witnessing is a prophecy of the inevitable death of your ego.

This is a part of your mind that has been clinging to this reductionist, scientific, skeptical belief you’re all alone in the universe, and that once you die that’s it, there’s nothing more to who you are.

It is only once the soul comes in and transforms this egoic mind such as through the bounty of information that I’m sharing with you, and as many other sources do as well, that you’ve will begin to experience a true awakening.

The key to life be patient positively learn forgive honestly

Let Go and Forgive through Meditation

You can let go of that part of yourself that doesn’t want to forgive.

You can let go of that part of yourself that criticizes others and feels the need to protect the body, and its own interests, above all else.

You can recognize that by helping others, you are helping yourself, and this is very “key.” In my opinion the best evolved way to access your higher consciousness is through meditation.

By stilling your mind and moving into that state of perfect peace, you are able to reach that place where the thoughts within your mind are increasingly the thoughts of your higher-self.

One of the interesting facts that most people do not realize is that you do have thoughts within your mind that come from the higher-self all the time.

The key is that those thoughts are often being obscured by the fact that you are pulled into the past through guilt, and pulled into the future through fear.

If you can get past those influences and be here now, what begins to happen is that you awaken to the love that is present in this moment.

You don’t need to be so preoccupied with how you look, with what other people think about you, because the haters are always going to want to hate.

People are always going to want laugh at you, but it doesn’t mean that you need to see yourself in an unloving way. It’s also important to remember that there is no right way to meditate.

Keeping your back straight is important you may have a mantra that you choose to repeat out loud or in your mind. You may also see particular visual images or something else that you like to concentrate on in your head.

But the real trick is too slow your mind down to the point where this constant; chattering of what we call the ego has been subdued. Your mind becomes pure and empty from many of the thoughts that would normally preoccupy.

This doesn’t mean that you never have any thoughts in your mind, they will always be there.

But what it does mean is that the thoughts that come through your mind are increasingly coming from cosmic consciousness.

Within this state you can seek answers to problems that you may have in your life and you can gain clarity.

Of course, all of these various teachings have a firewall; it will not allow you to reach your higher-self unless you can punch through it.

The firewall I’m speaking of is forgiveness.

This ultimately is the key that everything else stems from. True forgiveness is an acceptance of others, and by accepting others you have forgiven and accepted yourself.

The reason for this is ultimately your mind is the cosmic mind, and the cosmic mind is your identity, and that means in truth there’s only one of us here

Ultimately we may come to discover that the galaxy itself is an intelligent being. Our human lives might not be so separate and isolated.

It may not only occur on this one planet. The human template maybe written through the fabric of the galaxy itself, and will emerge again and again on any given plant where it can.

Each one of us and our minds may be like cells in the mind of the galaxy.

But until we awaken to the fact this mind exists, and that we are a fundamental part of it, we may have completely lost track of who we are, and even more importantly of who we can become.

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