David Icke – Breaking the Spell & the Full Magnitude of Who We Are

I found this David Icke video by jay4louise2 on You Tube. Read on to discover what David has to say about the nature of reality, the control system, and what we can do to escape it.

“Humanity is mind-controlled and only slightly more conscious than your average zombie.” – David Icke

We’re moving to this point where the irresistible force- the vibrational change– is coming face to face with what thinks it’s the immovable object; the control system. But it ain’t.

And we’re starting to look each other in the eye, and we’re going to see more and more of this- the control system is gonna come under more and more challenge, and more and more pressure, and more a more questioning as we move through this period.

As the new energy, the new information epoch becomes more and more impacting upon human society, human perception, and the world in which we live.

There is a change in the ocean of energy that we are living in and decoding, it’s a new flow and it’s getting faster.

And we have a choice here of getting in the canoe, or the air bed, and lying back and enjoying the adventure where’s it going to go and how the world’s going to change, and how our perceptions are going to expand.

It’s going to be an amazing world were moving into.

Or we can try to hold the status quo, at a time when the energy status quo is changing and the information status quo is changing.

And if we do that we’re going to be using more and more energy just to stand still and hold on to life as we think it should be.

And eventually the flow is going to get so symbolically quick and fast, the people call it the quickening. It’s the quickening of the vibration that it’s going to do this to the control system -wash it away.

We’re going to become aware of many other levels of ourselves many other levels of reality where we can access insight, and inspiration, and intuitive knowing.

And the world in our heads is changing as a result of all those people who are waking up.

David Icke

David Icke: The control system – the Illuminati loves to use this phrase for their “new order” or a “new dawn.”

Well there is a new dawn, and it’s not what they think it is. It is a new order, a new dawn of human consciousness.

We have gone through this process where we once were connected to a wider awareness, we’ve seen this control system moving and now we are going to see the reverse.

As we awaken and return to the true nature of the human being as we move further into what we call the future. A human being that today’s human being would not even begin to recognize.

When you expand consciousness from the five-sense body mind level, and this control system is being dismantled vibrationally through information; it is going.

We’re now in this wonderful period where humanity is standing up more and more, and stretching itself and breaking the chains that have held us in servitude all this time.

As Einstein said, “you cannot solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them.”

And through this epoch of suppression that we’ve been through in control, we’ve had a level of consciousness that has created problems, and then some other people have come in with the same level of consciousness called “another political party” or “another religion” or whatever.

It’s still the same level of consciousness with a different name and they have not solved the current problems, they’ve made them worse.


Because it’s still the same level of consciousness.

We are now at a time where a new level of consciousness is emerging.

So instead of saying it’s impossible for every possible problem to solve, no they aren’t, most of them are manufactured problems and the rest are caused by the ignorance of reality itself.

As we move into this expanded state of awareness, what we call “impossible problems to overcome” will be gone.

And it’s not that we have to find enlightenment, we’re already enlightened, and we’re already all that is, has been and ever can be.

What we’ve done is allowed barriers of belief systems and preconceived ideas to keep us vibrationally from connecting with that infinity that we already are.

And that means breaking the spell, breaking the spell on the human psyche, because that’s what it is a spell that’s been cast upon the human psyche to keep us in a hypnotic trance so we forget who we really are.

Copperhead Snake_opt

The Reptilian Brain is Always Anxious

So the first step of freedom is to disconnect ourselves from the perception- manipulation that we’ve been undergoing.

To disconnect ourselves from this matrix of control. And fundamentally to disconnects ourselves from the massive influence of the reptilian brain has on human behavior, perception, and reality.

What is the basis of the reptilian brain?

Its survival, it’s based on fear, when we’re in states of fear we go into the survival response reptilian brain. It gives us insecurity because the reptilian brain is always insecure, because it’s always looking around for the next danger.

So when we go into the reptilian brain level of perception or “reality reading,” then we go into states of insecurity, because that is what the reptilian brain does. It’s always on alert for the next big threat, or danger.

Look at the anxiety that people have, you can feel you have anxiety and not have any idea why.

You can feel anxiety and think to yourself, “My life’s going fine, why I am I feeling anxious?”

Because this is talking to us all the time, the reptilian brain is always anxious, it’s always looking, there’s always a problem to find, always a danger to find.

That’s its whole mechanism, its whole system, and therefore when we go into the reptilian brain state of reality we are going big-time into the control systems collective mind, but it’s there to turn their mind into our mind.

And so overriding the reptilian Brain, the reptilian brain does not think, it does not work things out, it reacts, and that’s what it does.

So when we fall into behavior responses where we are reacting to situations, take a deep breath, think it  through, let’s have a look at this calmly. That calm response disconnects us from the reptilian brain and its impact on our behavior response.

When you get angry try counting to ten instead of reacting, even better, count to twenty.

This delays the over-reactive reptilian brain from panicking.

Take a deep breath, count to ten, and observe what is happening or what is being said, and respond in a calm manner.

This is panic; this is the genetic version of panic, the reptilian brain.

So the more we calmly think things through and not react, not react with emotional immediate responses, we disconnect from that impact on your behavior.

That reptilian brain, which is the microchip through which the collective mind of the control system speaks to us and creates this monopoly, which is this society’s way that goes round and round and round and round as we react to respond incredibly predictable ways.

The reptilian brain responds just like a computer.

You program the computer to do something, hit enter, and it does what it is programmed to do every time.

The same goes with your reptilian brain. Something happens, someone says or does something, hit the enter button on the reptilian brain, and you get an automatic response from it.

Belief’s and preconceived ideas are just like a computer program because it reacts the same in its reality.

This is why you can talk to someone with a preconceived idea or a really strong belief, and they literally don’t hear a word of what you are saying.

I saw a television program where there was a man and a woman who we’ve having big relationship problems, and they’d both had preconceived ideas about each other, in other words programed  perceptions of them.

What they did then was get them to talk to each other while they were being filmed. Next, they took them away and they asked them what their partner said and in what tone they said it.

Then they played the original talk back to both of them, and they were shocked that how they received what the other one said, and how they said it, was often nothing like what was actually said.

How many times have we said to someone, “I never said that?”

A gift of truth is the gift of love David Icke

Free yourself from Belief/ Editing your reality to fit your belief

Once you believe something you are in a box.

As long as you can believe rigidly in something then you have immediately reduced your ability to expand consciousness and read reality in an expanded way.

Religion is mind that’s what it is.

If you can tell me what you believe you are in a prison, because belief when you give them names, take on identities.

When you say you are a Christian, then okay that means you must believe this or you’re not a Christian. Or if you say you are a Muslim that means you must believe this or you are not a Muslim.

So once you say “here’s the name of what I believe,” the walls start appearing and the rules and regulations appear. And people say you can’t say that or you’re not a Christian or you’re not a Muslim.

We’re infinite possibility, we’re infinite consciousness and once we go into “the box” of belief, we cease to be anything because we are disconnecting with the all that is aspect of us and become fragments of mind.

A group of people at a hypnotist show, who had been hypnotized, even though they’re not, to believe that they’re all evangelical Christians.

It’s a mind game, you can make people do this, and they’ll read reality like that and therefore not be all possibilities.


Worshiping people, places, and things

I am all that is, has been, and ever will be and I am worshiping?

And I am looking up to something as if it is bigger and better than me. We are all the same, one consciousness.

And that one consciousness needs to look itself in the eye, not out there. We can respect people, but giving our power away to them, worshiping them. Once we go into that mode we’re saying, “I’m little me and they’re up there.”

We’re all one infinite consciousness, bar none.

These are prisons of the mind, prisons of consciousness that keep us away from consciousness. We call them religion, politics, race, the biggest one is self- identity that holds us into servitude “to little me.”

When we see life through the tunnel vision of preconceived idea and rigid belief, we’re never going to:

  1. Express our true magnificence.
  2. We’re never going to understand what we’re part of or what we’re doing here.

Scientific experiments have shown when you have a rigid belief system, whatever it is, and the neurons in the brain fire off in a certain pattern. And in doing so they are reading reality to fit the belief.

And therefore if we think in any belief system or perception system in the terms of limitation and “little me” and what we create are the prison walls that put us in positions where we live lives of “little me.”

Not because we are, because we believe we are. “What can I do, I am just little me?”

What are you going to do with your life; nothing! Why, because you don’t believe that that’s possible.

I’m infinite consciousness- all that is, has been, ever will be.

Now I can come from that level instead of “little me” and I can do things that “little me” mentality would never do, not because I’m better than “little me” but because I don’t believe I’m “little me.”

So if we open our minds and let the demons out, the demons of programming I mean, and get this blank sheet of paper going. I’m not going to read reality on what I’ve thought up to now, I’m gonna let the information be my guide.

If it is at odds with my religious belief system, or my political belief system, or my cultural belief system, then that’s fine, but I’m going to go with information.

And when we do that it makes such a fantastic difference in our lives in what we can do, achieve, and make happen.

It’s time to choose between whether we’re going to be dominated by the head, particularly the left brain, it’s perception of reality with its limitations, structure, everything apart from everything else. You can’t do this, that’s not possible, that’s impossible.

Or are we going to open the heart vortex that connects us with the intuitive knowing of the infinite consciousness?

Open the right brain and let its ability to see things connected to impact on our understanding of reality and who we are.

The process was described really well in the Matrix movie, the first one.

The first thing is to realize the situation that we’re in. It is what it is. You are a slave Neo. Get out of the denial of this pseudo freedom that we think we have.

And then, having realized the situation we’re in, to choose freedom over continued slavery, whether it be blatant slavery or subtle slavery.

And when we make that choice to be free, and when we’re prepared to go with what life then brings us as a result of that decision, then a transformation starts.

Our state of being, our mental emotional state, our “self-sense” of perception, is being broadcast constantly as a vibrational pattern. And that vibrational pattern is drawings to us energy fields that “sync” with what we’re putting out.

We call these energy fields- people, places, ways of life, jobs, and locations. And so we create a life experience based on what we’re putting out and what we’re drawing in, what I call vibrational magnetism.

When we go through this transformation that I’m talking about, where we say that I can see the situation I’m in, I choose freedom.

Then there is a change, often dramatic, not always, in our vibrational broadcast state, because we have changed our attitude, we have changed our sense of perception.

What happens then is, what we were pulling in before changes because we no longer “syncing” with that. And what can happen in these transformational periods, is people go out of your life because you  no longer connecting them vibrationally, locations change, jobs change, what you do changes, lifestyles change.

Everything can change once you change because we are creating that reality by drawing it in. And this is why the control system wants us to believe I am “little me,”  “I have no power” because when we believe that, we are putting out a vibrational pattern that says, “I’m little me and I have no power.”

What do we draw into our lives?

Manifestations of “little me” and I have no power. So that’s why they are trying to program us with that because they know that we will create that in the holographic reality.

We need to change our perception from “little me I’m just a human” to I am infinity having an experience as a human.

NO MORE LITTLE ME- no more control system because one depends on the other for their existence.

This is the fork on the road at the start of the day. Are we going to be consciousness, or are we going to be mind? Are we going to be all there is, or are we going to be “little me?”

And if we choose all there is or anything like it, then the control system is over.

Escaping the Box – Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance:

  1. the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

First of all stop lying to ourselves us, because that is how we escape the box.

There’s this thing that they call cognitive dissonance. And what that means is that you have a belief system, and you come across an experience or information that puts a challenge on that belief system.

And you go into an uneasy emotional state because there is a difference between your belief system and the information or experiences you had.

And they call this uneasy state in psychology- cognitive dissonance. This is a good thing if this causes us in light of new information or experiences to look again at our beliefs systems.

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