Conversations with Satan – A Candid Interview with the Dark One.

To me, Satan ultimately represents rebellion.” – Marilyn Manson

I was inspired to write this post based on the book: Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch. I read all three of the books in the series in three days; it was that good.

If you haven’t read Conversations With God, what are you waiting for?

Having a humorous mind, I thought to myself, “Instead of having a conversation with God, let’s have a conversation with Satan”.

Let’s get a point of view from the dark side so to speak.

Most of the material for this post are from the dozens and dozens of books, blogs, websites and videos that I have read or watched over the years.

I am not saying anything written in this dialogue is the absolute truth or true at all and as with any information you read or hear use discernment. Depending on the popularity of this post, I may write a follow up to it. Without further ado, here is the dialogue.

 Black Sabbath – “War Pigs”

Generals gathered in their masses,
just like witches at black masses.
Evil minds that plot destruction,
sorcerer of death’s construction.
In the fields the bodies burning,
as the war machine keeps turning.
Death and hatred to mankind,
poisoning their brainwashed minds…Oh lord yeah!

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to the poor

Time will tell on their power minds
Making war just for fun
Treating people just like pawns in chess
Wait `till their judgement day comes, yeah!

Now in darkness, world stops turning,
ashes where the bodies burning.
No more war pigs have the power,
hand of god has struck the hour.
Day of judgement, god is calling,
on their knees the war pigs crawling.
Begging mercy for their sins,
Satan, laughing, spreads his wings…Oh lord, yeah!

Conversations with Satan: An Unusual Discussion Chapter one:

Justin: First off, let me thank you for the interview.

Satan: No problem.

J: My first question for you. Are you the same person as the Devil or Lucifer?

S: No.

J: Could you elaborate on this?

S: They are not me, they are themselves.

J: So, you’re telling me that Satan, the Devil and Lucifer are not the same person.

S: Yes.

J: Are you the worst of the three?

S: No. I am the best.

J: The best how?

S: I am the best manipulator, the best controller, the best fear creator. The other two are a bit “soft” for my taste.

J: Soft how?

S: They are not fully committed to being purely evil like me.

J: What do you look like?

S: Right now, I am simply stunning.

J: Are you human?

S: Sometimes I am, sometimes I am something else.

J: Like what?

S: A shadowy mist.

J: A shadowy mist – explain?

S: Your reality is very dense because of all the fear, chaos, confusion, and so on. It’s like swimming in a thick soup just being here. It’s easier for me to move around as a shadowy mist.

J: What do you do when you “Move Around”?

S: I create problems for people.

J: How?

S: I do this through the mental aspects of humans. I send negative thought forms into their mind.

J: So you’re the one doing this?

S: Yes. I also send negative thought forms through your media outlets too.

J: You mean like the news and movies?

S: The news, movies, television shows, music, the internet, newspapers, magazines, cell phone towers and other hidden means.

J: I already know the mainstream media is controlled by a group called the Illuminati or The Cabal. Are you their boss so to speak?

S: I wouldn’t say I am their boss, I prefer the word “Commander”.

J: You command them? How?

S: Yes, through a type of hive mind system.

J: I know what you mean by hive mind, but could you explain to the readers what that means.

S: Certainly. You understand that bees use a “hive mind” to sustain their colony as an organized cohesive unit. You do understand they don’t use words or language, rather they are all wired together as one mind instead of hundreds or thousands of individual minds.

This is how I operate and control the Illuminati as you call them. They don’t have the complete ability of free thought or free will as most humans do. They do as I tell them to do, or suffer the consequences for not.

J: Is this how they can make such distasteful movies, music and television shows?

S: Yes. My job is to destroy anything that would bring people together. I thrive on division of human consciousness using negative polarity.

J: I notice the media tends to give a lot of attention to things that are racial, political, or religiously polarized as opposed to important things like feeding hungry people, repairing the income disparity, or saving the planet.

S: My media is a form of mind control that I use to do your thinking for you. The last thing I want is individual thinking.

And yes, feeding hungry people, fixing the income disparity, or saving the planet would bring unity to all people regardless of race, religion, class, or geographical location. This would be bad for my business.

J: Wow, this makes a lot of sense to me. First you use the media to do the thinking for the viewer and you also purposely feed the public news that would cause division among people?

S: What do you think?

J: I know I see people get all up in arms over things that don’t matter, and on the other hand things that do matter, they don’t seem to care about at all.

S: You humans are so easy to trigger. So reactive, so easy to control and manipulate. It’s really a lot of fun for me.

J: A lot of fun?

S: Yes, I feed off that negative emotion. I eat it, I drink it. It fills me up.

J: So it’s a sort of sustenance for you?

S: Yes.

J: What would happen to you if people stopped fighting with each other, if they stopped separating themselves, if they stopped hating each other? What would happen if they chose love and unity instead of fear and division?

S: I would cease to exist in this reality. But that will never happen.

J: Never?

S: Yes never, because humans have forgotten who they really are.

J: Yes I know.

S: Most people believe they are the color of their skin, or their religion, or their income bracket, or their geographical location.

J: That’s what we have all been taught to believe we are.

S: You are no more your physical body than you are the car you drive.

J: But what about the person I see in the mirror?

S: That is the character you are playing in your movie.

J: Okay, can you explain more?

S: Have you ever been to a funeral?

J: Yes.

S: Was there a lifeless body in the casket?

J: Yes.

S: Well how can you be your body if your body dies?

J: Well obviously I can’t because I believe we are eternal beings.

S: Yes, eternal beings that are sometimes physical and sometimes spiritual. You will only be Justin in this lifetime and never again.

J: But what about people who are caught up in believing they are their race, or their religion, or their income bracket?

S: I own them.

J: True that.

S: Yes, true that.

J: Are you as powerful as God?

S: If you mean the “All That Is” – No.

J: Then why do you get away with all the bad stuff you do? Why isn’t anyone trying to stop you?

S: Who says they aren’t?

J: Who is trying to stop you?

S: He would be known as Micha-el in your language.

J: Archangel Michael?

S: Yes, but not as you’ve been taught to believe.

J: What do you mean?

S: Michael is part of the God Force or the “Good Guys”. It is not a him, but a them. It is indeed a legion of Good Guys that disgust the shit out of me.

J: What do they do?

S: They incarnate into human bodies and they destroy all the chaos and confusion I create.

J: Right now the illusion is wearing off. We no longer completely trust our money, our governments, our police, our doctors, lawyers or anyone.

S: Yes, the illusion can no longer be contained because of the Army of Michael. They have been steadily breaking down the illusion, especially over the last 25 years.

The things I was once getting away with doing can no longer be done without major repercussions.

J: The Army of Michael is on Earth? How many?

S: I don’t know because many of them are cloaked. One day they’re John Q Public and the next day they are destroying my work.

J: Are they being activated?

S: More like woken up. Like I said, the Earth reality is very thick. All humans, except a few, have complete amnesia when they are born. They have absolutely no recollection of who they are, where they came from, or where they are going.

J: Who wakes them up?

S: They wake themselves up. It starts with a mind expanding experience like seeing a ghost or U.F.O., or perhaps taking a psychedelic. They don’t know why they are driven to wake themselves up, but they eventually do.

J: What about repeating numbers, like 111, or 333?

S: No that is your mind vying for attention. It is saying, “Look, I keep seeing repeating number, it has to mean something.” It means nothing.

Maybe initially the repeating numbers were a trigger, but after a while, it just became a habit to look for them. The truth is, the more you keep seeing repeating numbers the more “locked” into the mind you are. The mind is my domain, and the mind is where I control you.

J: I had read that repeating numbers were a “wake up call” to lightworkers.

S: Who do you think thought up that idea?

J: You.

S: Yes.

J: So you’re telling me that the more I see repeating numbers like: 1111 or 222 or 666, I am really just locked into the mental aspect of myself.

S: Yes, because when you are in your mind, you are not fully present in the moment, and when you are not fully present in the moment, I can access your body without you knowing about it.

J: Access it?

S: I feed you thoughts, images and ideas that are not your own, nor are they for your best interest.

J: So being distracted with thoughts is a bad thing.

S: For you humans – yes.

J: What if we are completely grounded while thinking?

S: That would be fine except most of you wear rubber soled shoes.

J: So what?

S: You are electrical beings; rubber is an insulator for electricity.

J: So that is the reason most of us seem to “short circuit” so easily.

S: One of the reasons.

J: So being barefoot would be a good idea?

S: Yes, and perhaps creating shoes that have a sole that is made of a natural, organic material that would allow for better grounding.

J: Thanks for the idea – maybe I will invent a pair. What do you do for fun?

S: Create misery.

J: Like what?

S: Anything that will constrict your free will. I love creating endless laws, wars, traffic jams, perpetual road construction, political divisions, diseases, financial depressions, poverty and droughts just to name a few.

J: That sounds like our current world structure.

S: Yes, I did a good job didn’t I?

J: No. The world is way too controlling and restricting for my taste.

S: Exactly.

J: We live in an abundant world, yet so many people go without.

S: That’s because I implanted in your minds the idea of scarcity and lack.

J: So even though our eyes can see there are plenty of resources, we live in a world that has a lot of haves and have not’s.

S: Yes, that is because the people with the largest scarcity mindset seem to have the majority of the resources. So yes, there is more than enough to go around.

J: So people starve to death every day for no reason.

S: Yes.

J: Did you create money?

S: Not initially, but I got in on the act in the beginning because I saw a huge opportunity for control.

J: How?

S: By creating the flow of money. With control of the flow of money I have the control of the people. By keeping money scarce, I keep labor cheap. This is how money rules.

The truth is there is more than enough money on Earth for everyone to be a millionaire. However, via my banks, I constrict or “dam up” the flow of money – only allowing a small fraction of it for public consumption.

This is why there always seems to be an illusion of money scarcity when nothing could be further from the truth.

Remember, you humans only tend to value things that are in short supply and hard to get. So that is why I make money appear that way. If you value money, you will want it – you will ultimately become dependent on it – which you are.

Most of you work and live to enrich my banking system in one way or another. Most people work the first two and half days of the week to pay off the bank, even if they have no debts. Not only do I dam up the money supply, I also parasite off of it via taxes. Everything is taxed and that is why almost all money ends up back in my hands.

Whenever you earn money, or buy something, there is a tax involved. Look at your paycheck and see how much of it actually ends up in your pocket.

It would be the equivalent of ordering an 8 slice large pizza, yet only receiving 4 to 5 slices of it. That is why it seems you never have enough money, even when you earn more than you were previously.

Not to mention what artificial inflation does to the value of your money, but that is for another time.

So ultimately, money is the primary way I control your world, then I use my media sources to control your perceptions of what to do with that money – among other things.

J: Yes, I realize I can’t eat or drink money, yet it is as essential as air for functioning on this planet.

S: Yes.

J: Tell me more about money because it is such a huge concern for people.

S: Okay, money lesson here. Money is just worthless paper, or just a bunch of numbers on a computer screen. It doesn’t have any value or worth.

But, you need money for the most part to do business on your planet because you can’t barter or trade to pay your bills.

Money was initially swapped for gold as a means to get something you wanted. Instead of carrying around a bunch of gold coins or other metals to pay for something, you created money as an equal value to your gold.

This is where the term – As Good as Gold comes from.

What happened was I created more paper money, but didn’t have equal amounts of gold to equal the amount of paper money. So what, who cares, no one will know anyway right?

In order to print more money, you have to create more debt. No debt, no new money.

To this very day, this is how your banking system works.

We give you almost worthless paper or lend you money to get a new house, and yet you have to be able to pay that money back plus interest, usually by your labor.

The money that is created has never and will never exist. It’s a bad deal for you but a great deal for me.

J: So people drive to jobs they hate, in cars they are still paying for, to pay back money that doesn’t really exist?

S: Yes. It’s totally corrupt isn’t it?

J: That’s enough about money. Tell me about your plans for Earth?

S: Total enslavement on every level. You will all suffer immensely.

J: Sounds great.

S: It sounds great to me.

J: Can anyone stop you?

S: No.

J: What about the Army of Michael?

S: They can try, and believe me they are – Bastards!

J: Easy. I wasn’t trying to get you all stirred up.

S: I’m not mad at you.

J: Thank You.

S: You are welcome.

J: You have manners.

S: I am a classy guy.

J: So you say.

J: Okay, next question.

S: I’m all ears.

J: Are you trying to destroy the planet?

S: No, because it takes a very long time to make a planet habitable. So it wouldn’t make sense for me to want to destroy the planet. This is the reason why you haven’t seen the use of atomic weapons in a long time.

J: You are not destroying the planet?

S: I parasite off of it, however I am not the one currently destroying it; you humans are.

J: Well, your minions are doing that to earth, not regular citizens.

S: Not true. All of you are destroying the planet each and every day by the choices you make.

J: Like What?

S: The cars you drive, the chemicals you use, the waste you create every day and dump on some remote land on your planet.

J: So we are all responsible here?

S: Yes.

J: Well, I for one am all about eliminating artificial products made out of chemicals. My thinking is if it isn’t made of natural organic materials – then it isn’t good for our planet.

S: And you would be correct.

J: What about genetically modified food?

S: What about it?

J: What is the intent behind it?

S: To create a superior product that is disease and insect resistant.

J: Geez, you sound like you should be a salesman for the stuff.

S: Well, you asked, and I told you.

J: Let me rephrase the question?

S: Okay.

J: Will G.M.O. foods have a negative impact on the human body?

S: It can.

J: Will genetically modified food create a genetically modified human since we are what we eat?

S: No because you eat cows and you do not become a cow, you eat chickens and are not a chicken.

J: Yes, but when we eat chicken or beef we are ingesting not only the animal, but we are also ingesting whatever foods that the animal ate too.

S: What’s your point?

J: If G.M.O. foods have chemicals in them, then we are ingesting chemicals, and we already know that chemicals create havoc in the human body.

S: So what?

J: Then we would be killing our body by eating them.

S: Exactly!

Angel of Death

Conversations with Satan – Chapter 2

J: Next question.

S: I’m all ears.

J: What about sex?

S: What about it.

J: Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

S: It depends how you use it.

J: So sex doesn’t have any inherent meaning or value.

S: No.

J: Then why is it so demonized when everyone does it eventually?

S: Good question. Because I like to take anything that is natural for a human to do and make it bad. It screws with your mind because you know sex feels good, yet when you have it, or when you even think about having it there will always be some sort of shame or guilt associated with it.

You all want to have sex because it feels good, yet often times sex can be your downfall. It is both a blessing and a curse and that is why most of you have mixed emotions about sex.

J: Touché

S: Yes, I know.

J: Did you create the Earth?

S: No.

J: Who did?

S: It was created a very, very, very long time ago by beings that are no longer present on your planet.

J: Who were they?

S: They would be what you would consider “Creator Gods” – yet not God in the sense you know.

J: Yes, I sort of get it. It’s like when I create something like a painting, it’s like God created it because God is in me, as well as in everyone and everything else.

S: Yes.

J: We are all a piece of God.

S: Yes – Love, (Yuck, I hate that word) is all there really is. God and love are synonymous.

J: You hate the word love? Why?

S: It reminds me of everything that is sweet and wholesome, even though the way I mean love doesn’t have to do with sweet and wholesomeness.

J: What does love mean?

S: Love is all there is. It means that love is creation. Love is power, love is compassion – love is the absence of fear.

J: Love without condition?

S: Yes, that too.

J: I thought you would be more evil.

S: More evil than what?

J: I don’t know, more wicked, more cruel, more sadistic.

S: You should see me when I get angry.

J: I’d rather not, thank you very much.

S: Thank you very little.

J: If you left, would the world be a better place?

S: What world?

J: Earth?

S: In what reality?

J: This reality.

S: You mean your reality?

J: Uh, yeah!

S: Your reality is a holographic projection. It’s not even real.

J: Not real, please go on.

S: Your quantum physicists already know this, yet the majority of the dreamers – the people still asleep, give more attention to reality TV, Sports, Gossip, and other distractions, then they do to understanding their reality.

J: This is by your doing?

S: Well yes, however I can’t make them pay attention to things that do not serve them – that is their choice.

J: Because of the whole “Free Will” thing?

S: Yes. There are certain rules in this dimension that I still have to play by.

J: Rules, you make it sound like a video game.

S: That’s a good analogy and not too far off from the truth.

J: Is any of this real?

S: If you mean the world you live in, the answer is yes and no.

J: Please explain?

S: The Movie the Matrix was not too far off from the truth. Your brain is a receiver/transmitter that decodes reality. Your body is tuned to a frequency in which your brain decodes that reality. This is why when you are in a fearful state, more fearful things keep showing up.

J: And you like us to be in a fearful state.

S: Absolutely because when you are in a fearful, contracted state you cannot access higher-wisdom and discernment.

J: I thought so.

S: However, you can also fine tune your body to a higher frequency to decode a reality that would match what you want.

J: You make it sound so easy.

S: It is.

J: But you want to keep our body in a low frequency range so that we are always fearful, sick and tired and full of complaints.

S: Yes.

J: And you do this how?

S: Oh, where to begin. I put poisonous fluoride in your public drinking water, I make children get 30 toxic vaccinations before the age of two, I make artificial, chemical laden foods, I put salt and sugar in every product, I create G.M.O. foods that create a G.M.O human, I spray your atmosphere with toxic chemicals, I put dangerous Tetra Towers near schools and I especially love to cut down rain forests that would normally filter your air and drinking water; the list goes on and on.

J: So basically the human body is under constant assault from toxins, and unless we detox our body on a regular basis than more than likely we will get some kind of disease?

S: Yes, this is true.

J: You’re a sick dude.

S: I know.

J: Tell me more about Earth?

S: The Earth used to be a more beautiful place than it is today. It’s been negatively impacted by meteors, comets and wars among other things.

J: What did it look like in the past?

S: It used to be cooler, but not colder. Warmer, but not hotter. There weren’t seasons like you have now.

J: Sounds like paradise to me.

S: It once was.

J: I want to restore Earth back to its glory days.

S: Good luck.

J: There are lots of environmentalists trying to make the Earth healthier.

S: And I will do everything I can to stop them.

J: How.

S: Making their lives a living hell.

J: That sounds like what you are trying to do on Earth.

S: I am.

J: Who hurt you so bad that you have to be a destroyer?

S: No comment.

J: Was the Earth a living library?

S: It still is. There is a lot of history on your planet, the majority of it is not known to most humans.

J: What makes it a living library?

S: We touched on it earlier. The Earth was created by light-beings. They were androgynous and they were very docile. They created so much of what is still on your planet and yet, almost no one knows about this.

The majority of you have been taught that a bearded God created this. The truth is, the Feminine aspect of divinity created this.

The mere act of creation is feminine. Any time you are being creative you are invoking the energy of the feminine. I know you have been taught to associate feminine with female and masculine with male, but forget that for a while.

When I speak of feminine creation, I am speaking of energetic vibrational frequency, which is sexless.

J: So the Earth was initially a feminine creation?

S: All creation is feminine.

J: Women create babies, is that why we think of women as being feminine?

S: That is why you associate women with feminine, however the female body is the host for the fetus, but not the creator. As you know, it takes a fertile egg in the host mother, and a fertile sperm from the father to create a child.

J: Yes.

S: As you can see the creation process is actually done by both the man and woman, even though the woman has to be the host for the developing fetus.

J: Yeah, and most women will not let us men forget that.

S: Would you want to carry around a little parasite in your belly for nine months?

J: Absolutely not.

S: I didn’t think so. Do you know that all fetuses are born female?

J: Actually I did, but could you enlighten the readers about this.

S: Certainly.

J: There goes those manners again.

S: Fuck you.

J: Alrighty then.

S: As I was saying, all fetuses are females and this is why males have nipples even though they serve no real purpose.

Sometime during the first trimester a chromosome is activated which decides whether the fetus will remain a female, or switch to a male.

J: This fact throws sexism right out the window.

S: You are right. There cannot really be sexism when everyone is female.

J: But, I bet you use this slight difference in human anatomy to play sides against each other.

S: You bet I do.

J: Is it true that you want to depopulate the planet from 7 billion to 500 million.

S: Where did you hear this?

J: Online.

S: Not everything you read online is true.

J: Okay – is this is false?

S: Yes, it is false. It’s more like one billion people.

J: Why?

S: There are way too many of you on this planet at this time and I can’t keep track nor control all of you.

J: So you want to kill us.

S: Yes, by your free will of course.

J: What do you mean?

S: Well let me see. You will choose to go to wars for me. You will choose to kill other people during these wars, including innocent civilians. You will still eat foods and drinks that will kill you. You will still choose to breathe the air that will kill you. The list goes on and on.

J: Enough.

S: This is my game – I am just letting you all play because I want to.

J: Game?

S: Yes, game.

J: If this is a game, then it is not real, it’s at least not permanent.

S: It can be if you get stuck in the reincarnation Merry-go-Round.

J: So you’re telling me that people are getting recycled back to Earth again and again.

S: Some people do and some escape this place.

J: How do they escape it?

S: They realize what is going on and they choose to go somewhere else when they die.

J: Like where?

S: Another dimension, another reality that suits them better.

J: Do you stop them from going?

S: I used to stop them – now I don’t care.

J: New Question.

S: Shoot.

J: Do political leaders really run their countries? Are they really in power to make key decisions?

S: No.

J: Elaborate.

S: Do you watch Football?

J: Yes.

S: Do you know who the head coach is?

J: Yes.

S: Do you know who the General Manager is?

J: Yes.

S: Do you know who the Commissioner is?

J: Yes.

S: Aren’t they the ones you most often see speaking in front of the camera’s and newspapers in regards to their respective team and league?

J: Yes.

S: Do they really call all the shots when it comes to their respective team and League?

J: No, the team owner’s do.

S: Exactly.

J: So you’re telling me that Presidents and Premiers of their respective countries are not really in charge of them?

S: No, they are the frontmen or spokesmen, the face of the organization. There are people and group’s in the shadow’s that are really calling the shots. These people and group’s in the shadow’s are never elected and very few people even know about their existence.

J: Then why bother with the whole election thing if the elected leaders are not really doing the will of the people?

S: To give you the illusion of choice, power and control.

J: Well that sucks.

S: Yes it does, doesn’t it?

J: Why?

S: I can’t let humanity know that they are being controlled openly so I give them the illusion of control through voting. I always make sure the two people that I want to win are left in the election.

Whether you pick candidate A or candidate B; I still win because I control both of them.

J: So you’re telling me that the elections are rigged from the get go?

S: Yes, for the big political jobs especially.

J: Do we have any real freedom left?

S: Yes, you can still breathe the air for free. Well, at least for now.

J: Wow, you really do have total control on this planet.

S: I’m working on it.

J: Was the internet built for mass surveillance?

S: Yes and no.

J: Elaborate.

S: The internet was initially created and used by your Military. Your Military currently has technological tools that are at least 40 years beyond what consumers are using today.

The internet has given me an easy way to get to know the majority of the people. Their beliefs, their tastes, their hobbies, their political views.

Also, people were getting sick and tired of marketers calling their homes and sending piles of junk mail to their homes daily.

So I created the internet as another, new, yet clever way to sell stuff you may or may not need.

J: So the internet is two-fold. One you can keep a track on us and two you can sell us crap we may or may not need?

S: Well, it’s more like three-fold.

With 7 billion people on the planet I need my people to be able to keep an eye on all of you, and yes, the internet has opened a big avenue for generating income and creating even more debt slaves.

In addition to using the internet to get to know more about you, it is also becoming a great tool to let others get to know more about you as well.

Haven’t you seen all the new websites popping up that let you look up other people’s arrest records?

J: Yes, I have seen them.

S: You can also look up a whole lot of other information about people to including marriages, divorces, what kind of licenses they hold and a whole lot more juicy information.

J: Wow, so much for personal privacy, even though I knew we were headed this way a while back.

S: Do you use them to get to know more about people you know?

J: No, it seems rather invasive to me.

S: You would be surprised to know how many people use those sites to get some dirt on other people. However, the internet is becoming a big problem for me because of all the truth seeker websites.

J: Truth seeker websites?

S: Yes, they are the ones that keep exposing my plans and actions on this planet.

J: Oh, the websites that people label as conspiracy theorists?

S: There are way too many of them and more are popping up each day. The disturbing part is more people are tuning into them instead of my own mainstream media outlets.

J: Are you the one instigating the idea of censoring and restricting the internet?

S: Yes.

J: I thought so.

S: The truth is bad for me. I have to keep everything in the dark, I need to twist the facts or my cover will be blown.

J: I wouldn’t worry too much just yet. On YouTube it is common to see a Pop Star video get millions of views while a very popular truth seeker video get less than one hundred thousand views.

S: People still prefer mindless distractions instead of the truth. Point for me.

J: It seems sad to me.

S: But happy to me.

J: Whatever.

 Skeleton Grim Reaper

Conversations with Satan – Chapter 3

S: Ask me another question.

J: You said the internet was three-fold. What is the third –fold all about?

S: Do you know what a parasite is?

J: Yes, it is something that takes life-force from its host, yet gives nothing back in return.

S: Well, let’s just say I am able to send parasites through computer routers and directly into you?

J: What?

S: Yes, not every computer and not every person gets infected by my parasites however the internet has been a very useful tool for attaching my parasites to many human hosts.

J: Why would you do that?

S: To infect and control your human body. Much like what a virus does to your computer once it’s infected.

J: So these parasites hack into, or slow down, or control the human body?

S: Yes, to make it weak and controllable.

J: That is beyond belief.

S: I know, who could even think such a thing was possible?

J: What is the goal for these parasites?

S: Some just drip-drip energy from you and others can burrow into your chakra system eventually completely taking over your body.

J: What happens to the human consciousness already in the body?

S: It’s still there, only it is almost completely powerless and holds no authority over the body anymore.

J: Kind of like the spell that Saruman had put on King Théoden from Lord of the Rings so that he could control him?

S: Yes.

J: How would someone know if they have a parasite attachment?

S: All of you do, it’s just to what degree they have power over you.

J: Can they be removed or repelled.

S: They hate positive energy, they hate salt, they hate happiness, they hate nature, and they hate joy.

J: Hate-filled little buggers aren’t they?

S: Yes, I made them didn’t I?

J: So changing the way we feel, being out in nature, adding some salt around our homes, computers and bodies can do the trick?

S: It will do the trick.

S: Next Question.

J: Why are you answering them anyway?

S: Because no one will read this. They are too busy with their mindless distractions, petty dramas, and personal addictions.

J: I concur. Even if people did read this interview, learned the truth, I don’t believe they would know what to do about it.

S: Probably riot, call someone in their political district, or just bitch about it.

J: It seems people don’t really know how to respond to facts that go against their beliefs about reality.

S: Respond? Like I said, they would either react negatively further ensuring more problems for them or they will just bury their heads in the sand and ignore the truth.

J: How would you respond?

S: I would empower myself and stop giving my power away to people, groups, and organizations.

J: How do you do that?

S: I would insist on self-governance. I would act as a sovereign being making sure not to violate anyone else’s freewill. I would live in harmony with people and my environment including the Earth. I would follow Universal, Natural Law.

J: Wow, could you imagine if everyone lived that way?

S: Yes, that would be paradise for you and hell for me.

J: I thought you like hell?

S: I do for humans, but not for me.

J: Oh, is that how it is?

S: Yes.

J: Is hell a real place?

S: Yes.

J: Where is it?

S: Hell exists as a frequency range. You would have to be at a very, very low vibrational frequency to experience it.

J: And that is why you are doing everything you can to keep humans at a low frequency range?

S: Yes. I love to see you suffer. I like to keep you all in a very small box – I hold you captive in my matrix. I want to keep you limited; I don’t want you to expand your boundaries.

J: What do you mean?

S: I prefer you to be unnatural. I do this in many ways. I use your parents, your peers, your education system and your laws against your natural free will. I create structures with very limiting beliefs to keep you from expanding yourself.

J: How?

S: Have you ever seen a shepherd tend to his flock?

J: Yes.

S: Do you know how he does this?

J: Yes, he uses a sheepdog and the other sheep to keep each other in line.

S: Exactly.

J: So you have human sheepdogs and human sheep to keep each other in line or inside the box as you say?

S: Yes. I don’t have that many people in my group on this planet so I need some extra hands to help me out. I use your military, your police, your teachers, your governments, and I especially use regular humans to keep the flock in line.

J: Wow, sounds like more control and less freedom for humans to be their natural selves.

S: That’s right!

J: Do psychopaths run this world?

S: Yes.

J: Why?

S: I can’t have normal, everyday people in charge because that would take my whole game plan off course.

J: Were they born psychopaths or did you make them that way?

S: They were born that way. I like to put people in charge who have questionable pasts so I could use it against them at a later time if they choose to go rogue.

Remember, positions of power; regardless of the genre, attracts pathological personalities. It’s like a magnet to the corruptible.

My psychopath puppets are the perfect corporate machine to run and rule your world. They are without conscience – they lack empathy, compassion, respect and courage.

For them, lying is as easy and natural as breathing. All of you have an “inner psychopath”, but you also have a conscience which keeps it in check. But my puppets do not have a conscience for the most part.

J: Wow, that’s scary.

S: That’s the point.

J: It sounds like you are creating a horror movie here on Earth.

S: More like a psychological thriller.

J: I would prefer a Hallmark movie version myself.

S: So would the majority of you. But that’s not going to happen.

J: What’s the deal with “Big Brother”?

S: You mean my mass surveillance agenda?

J: Yes.

S: It’s not so much about watching you as it’s about controlling your behavior. When you know you are being watched you tend to act unnatural. You start to behave as if you are being watched instead of just being yourself.

J: Isn’t that a smart thing to do?

S: Yes it is because you will cease to act as an individual human and instead act more like a robotic being which is exactly as I want. I want to get rid of the individual being and instead create beings that have no real free thought. I want people organized into groups rather than individuals because it’s easier to control a group of people than individuals.

J: So the cameras and other means of spying are to control human behavior?

S: Yes.

J: Wow, I never thought of it that way. I just thought the “Big Brother” stuff was all about seeing what we are up to.

S: Nope. The last thing I want is a planet full of individuals, thinking as individuals. This would make it very difficult to predict what you are going to do, and this is why I program your mind from cradle to grave about what to think and about what to do with your life.

J: That sucks. Are we at the peak of human evolution?

S: During this run, yes you are.

J: What do you mean?

S: Humans have had highs and lows for tens of thousands of years. You have almost destroyed your planet many times before.

J: What happened?

S: Humans are extraordinarily greedy and get into things that they don’t have the slightest clue about.

J: Like what?

S: Your earlier humans back in Atlantean times stumbled upon energy technology. They were fascinated by it, captivated by it, and they took it too far.

It’s as if the energy they discovered possessed them. The Atlanteans went from spiritual minded beings to greedy materialistic beings overnight.

They were about to destroy your planet until “they” showed up and stopped them.

J: Who are “they”?

S: They are what you would call, “Guardians of Gaia,” others refer to them as “The Watchers”. Even though you have free will on your planet to do whatever you want, there is one caveat.

J: So basically we can do whatever we want except destroy the planet?

S: Yes. What many of you fail to realize is that whatever happens on your planet, for better or worse, affects everything else in the Universe including other planets and the civilizations upon them.

J: Why can’t you stop the Guardians of Gaia?

S: I do my best, but even I have my limitations.

J: You do?

S: Yes, but don’t tell anyone.

J: Uh, I won’t except for the thousands and thousands of Mazzastick fans.

S: Oh, alright. But remember, you humans are too caught up in petty things than to give much credence to our conversation here.

J: I wouldn’t be too sure about that. Many people are waking up to the realization that most of the entertainment out there is to dumb us down and keep us distracted.

S: How come that “Leave Britney Alone” video has over 47 million views?

J: No shit. Man, we really need to wake up collectively.

S: Actually, you could do a lot more damage to me if you first wake up individually.

J: Really?

S: Yes, once you get into group consciousness your individual personal energy gets infected by other people’s energy.

J: Go on.

S: The majority of you are broken, fragmented beings and that is by my design. All it takes is one bad apple to spoil a bunch. You’ve seen this in your sporting teams. One bad player is like a cancer in the locker room or on the field as you say.

J: I’ve seen football teams fall apart and become divided by these types of people. They sort of have a way to get people to turn on each other and destroy the team chemistry.

S: Exactly.

J: What about Extraterrestrials? This subject is still very taboo?

S: Yes, I want you to fear the idea, and of course, you do.

J: It’s true. I am a very open minded person, I’ve read a lot on the subject of ET’s, yet I still feel weird talking about it.

S: I don’t want you to know about them.

J: Why.

S: You would give your power away to them instead of giving it to me.

J: Oh, so that is why ET’s are such a taboo subject.

S: In a nutshell; yes.

J: But there are ET’s in our Universe.

S: Yes.

J: Do they come here and visit?

S: Yes.

J: Wow, don’t give me too much information here.

S: I don’t want to.

J: I have to ask you what do the ET’s look like?

S: They are humanoid like you with some slight differences like height and skin color.

J: How tall and what color?

S: Some are seven to eight feet tall, and some have bluish color skin. Others look like slight variations of the humans you have on Earth.

J: Are they mean?

S: Some are and some aren’t much like you humans.

J: Okay. Do you still have more time to answer some questions?

S: I have eternity to answer them.

J: I would like to ask you about healing the body; both physically and emotionally?

S: The human body is comprised of many complex components. To put it simply, I would suggest you look towards sound frequencies to heal your body, mind, and spirit.

J: How?

S: Many of you are currently working on a type of contraption that would allow for spontaneous healing via sound wave technology. However, my people are doing everything they can to prevent this from happening.

J: Why?

S: I need you all to be hooked on my medications instead of using alternative healing modalities. There is a lot of money to be made in the pharmaceutical industry because we don’t cure people; we prefer continuity instead.

J: Yes, I know that. It seems like almost every pill to help with some type of physical problem comes with a host of side effects.

S: Yes, that is because the majority of ingredients in most pills are made of natural ingredients.

J: That’s a good thing.

S: Well, in a business sense it is not. In order for me to be able to patent a pill it must include something that is artificially created. Since I cannot patent nature I need to add something to the pill that I can patent.

J: Which is?

S: An artificial ingredient, a chemical.

J: And that artificial ingredient, that chemical is what causes all the negative side effects?

S: In most cases – yes.

J: I am a big advocate of freedom and I absolutely abhor factory farming of animals. Especially the farms where animals are kept in cages their entire lives never experiencing the taste of freedom.

I don’t even own pets because I believe it is not fair for the animal to be brought into this world just to be someone’s pet.

S: Ah yes, one of my better creations. You see when animals, or anyone for that matter suffers, the entire planet suffers too.

When animals are kept “locked in” whether in factory farms, zoos, or even as pets, it creates a low energetic frequency that plagues your planet.

J: Plagues it how?

S: Low vibrational energy is contagious; it will eventually affect each and every one of you causing you to feel the same feelings. On the other hand, freedom is natural to you, but I do everything I can to eliminate any type of real freedom.

J: I read that vegetables emit a toxin into their leaves once they are removed as sort of a defense mechanism. Is this true?

S: All life on Earth has a natural, built-in defense mechanism that ensures its survival; including plants.

J: But fruits, those plants that produce food on their stems, aren’t toxic?

S: No, because fruits want animals to eat them so when they defecate the seeds will be laid into fertile soil allowing further reseeding.

J: So basically fruits are okay, while vegetables emit a toxic substance when picked or tampered with?

S: Think about it; pretend you are a plant. You can’t run away from animals that stop to dine on you. You can’t snarl to scare predators away. You can’t wander around to meet other plants and reproduce. You can’t brush off ants that are nibbling on you. You can’t swat away insects that stop to eat you.

Plants have built in defense mechanisms that act as a type of sophisticated chemical weapon. That is why many of you are naturally inclined to stay away from most vegetables.

J: Well, score one for the meat-eaters.

S: Yes!

J: Let’s talk about religion?

S: Let’s.

J: What’s the purpose of religion?

S: The initial purpose for religion, which was created by what you would call “Druids” was for like-minded people to come together holistically.

J: Then what happened to religion, why is it considered one of the main sources for today’s problems?

S: Like-minded people still do make up today’s religious groups, however the like-mindedness that most are sharing would be considered negative.

J: Negative how?

S: I’m sure you have been around so called religious people, groups, and institutions haven’t you?

J: Yes, I have.

S: Would you consider them positive or negative?

J: I would say a bit of both.

S: You are correct in a sense; however, many of them, especially the higher up in the ranks only have one agenda.

J: What is the agenda?

S: It is self-serving instead of serving the whole.

J: I can see that. I was surprised to find so many people calling themselves Christians beings somewhat greedy, especially with their money.

S: Somewhat of a dichotomy isn’t it?

J: It sure is. Was Jesus a real being or was he a fabrication?

S: He was real, and he stirred up things a lot for me when he incarnated.

J: Because of his kindness and caring attitude for life and others.

S: Not only that, but he was a real, and I mean real big problem for me because he insisted that life could be lived in a much more harmonious way.

J: Was he a rebel.

S: He was an extremely passionate man.

J: Did you have him killed?

S: Let’s just say I got into the heads of the people who were responsible for his crucifixion.

J: A little devil’s advocate type of thing?

S: Satan’s advocate – Thank you very little!

J: Is he still around on Earth at this time?

S: Yes, but in spirit form through his DNA.

J: What?

S: He had children, they had children, and alas, Jesus’s seed spewed out all over the world.

J: Do they know they are related to Jesus?

S: Some do, but most don’t.

J: How would they know if they are part of Jesus’s bloodline?

S: They could walk into a room and instantly change the atmosphere for better or for worse. Also, they would have the same blood type as Jesus; which was Rh negative.

J: Rh negative?

S: Rh negative blood is not originally from your planet and for now, I will leave it at that.

J: What did Jesus look like?

S: There is a very good likeness of him on the cathedral wall at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C.

J: I’m getting close to the end of my questions here.

S: Why, we are just getting started.

J: Perhaps another interview in the future.

S: Perhaps.


To be continued?…

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