Conformity is a Killer for Personal Growth

The human race is a herd. Here we are, unique, eternal aspects of consciousness with an infinity of potential, and we have allowed ourselves to become an unthinking, unquestioning blob of conformity and uniformity.

A herd.

Once we concede to the herd mentality, we can be controlled and directed by a tiny few. And we are”. -David Icke

The definition of conformity according to Google is: Compliance with standards, rules, or laws and Behavior in accordance with socially accepted conventions or standards.

I am not advocating social rebellion or anything similar, but I do offer the idea of displaying your true, natural, authentic self in all situations.

How many of you realize that you live out the majority of your lives conforming to the expectations of others?

Where did we learn this and how did it start? Why would others need us to live by their expectations of us? What is the payoff?

These were the thoughts that have gone through my head many times before.

For most of us, conforming to the expectations of others is an automatic response.

I’m not asking you to become a rebel and never cooperate in life but what I am asking is that you must realize that you still have a conscious choice to be who you really are.

It’s easy to get lazy and go “unconscious” and just go with the flow. But is that the best course of action? Cooperation is an important factor in any relationship in order for it to succeed.

Conformity Quote

Cooperation is not conformity

Cooperation is the process of working or acting together creating harmony and balance.

When we have cooperation in relationships, magic can happen.

When we don’t have cooperation, we will experience hindrance and obstacles, and this will cause the flow of your life to be dramatically limited.

I am pro-cooperation for the record when both sides agree to the set terms and conditions.


Emotional stress from conformity

One of the biggest emotional stresses that we face today is trying to meet the expectations of ourselves and others, especially our parents, relatives and friends.

Much of it begins with a lack of love and affection from important people in our lives, and the feelings of not being good enough or lovable enough will continue throughout life.

This can cause people to try to achieve in things that society deems important like being famous, degrees in college, a professional career, getting married, having kids, buying a house, and so on.

Being not who you are, but what others expect you to be, creates a life of in- authenticity.

The result will be an unhappy existence until you finally decide to change. You will be at a crossroads.

Do you stay on the same path or do you become the person who you are really meant to be?

If you could go back into time and see yourself as a young child, maybe two, three, or four years old, you would see a more authentic person than the one that you are displaying now.

There is no law in existence that states that you have to conform to other people’s expectations.

We do it because we believe that in order to feel safe, protected, accepted and loved in life, we must conform.

You will never know real freedom until you live an authentic life free from the oppressive expectations of others.

If you drove a Lamborghini off-road it wouldn’t last twenty minutes, because it is not designed for that.

Energetically, most people are not designed for what most of them do, because they are trying to be something that they are not.

If someone has a very sociable, outgoing, friendly demeanor, they wouldn’t be well suited for a solitary desk job with little to no contact with other people.

If someone is energetically sensitive, they wouldn’t last long as a litigation attorney.

Yet many people put themselves in these positions in order to please someone else, or themselves, based on expectations.

Where would society be if everyone conformed to the norm? We wouldn’t have any real growth and society and her people would stagnate.


Famous Non-Conformists:

  1. Martin Luther King Jr.
  2. Mahatma Gandhi
  3. Rosa Parks
  4. Bill Hicks
  5. George Carlin
  6. Benjamin Franklin
  7. John Adams
  8. Copernicus
  9. Nikola Tesla
  10. Jesus
  11. David Icke
  12. Michael Tsarion

Conformity is a killer for intellectual and spiritual growth, and is the leading cause of unhappiness in the world from my point of view.

If we are not flowing with our own energetic truth of who we are, then we will ultimately flow with who we are not.

Denying our true self creates blockages in our energy field and soon physical disease will follow.

One of the first physical symptoms that I see in many people is neck pain.

The energy in the neck area has literally stopped or is being seriously minimized at best.

This is where we get the expression that someone or something is a “ pain in the neck “.

Finally we must be able to balance being cooperative and authentic in order to create harmonious and lasting relationships.

If we compromise either one of these, then failure will be imminent.

“ If you are going to fill your mind with other people’s’ thoughts, then what’s the sense in having your own”?

“ Happiness does not come from doing what you want, but wanting what you do.”

For many of you being overly concerned with what others thought of you has been ingrained in your head since childhood.

Parents told us this to try to control our behavior.

I invite you to stop caring what others think of you and be who you really are.

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