Celiac Disease – Symptoms and Causes

Always talk with your Primary Care Physician before making any changes to your diet. Also do your research and investigations before implementing any dietary changes.

Celiac disease is the body’s intolerance to a protein in gluten. Some consider Celiac Disease to be a food allergy.

Gluten is a protein found in foods like crackers, bread, pastas, and even beer. With Celiac disease your immune system will attack the gluten and harm your small intestine when you ingest these types of foods.

This makes it harder for your body to absorb essential nutrients. Malabsorption of vitamins and minerals can interfere with the body’s handling of neurotransmitters that regulate mood.

Gluten is found in grains like rye, wheat, barley, and even medicine and vitamins. Untreated Celiac disease can lead to lymphoma, osteoporosis, and anemia.

Celiac disease passes on through genetics and is not contagious. There are also psychological consequences to having Celiac disease.

In children, they may become conspicuously quiet, turned in, often weepy, discontented or surly, and a lack of joy for living.

Psychotic episodes and delusions are present in adults and children. Celiac Disease may even attribute to feelings of anxiety and panic in people as well.

With the body’s inability to absorb nutrients properly due to Celiac Disease, other physical and psychological problems can occur.

Celiac Disease can cause hypersensitivity in most children and adults.

This is due to the lack of  essential B vitamins being properly absorbed into the body. B vitamins are responsible for maintaining a healthy nervous system and immune system in the body.

When your body is lacking B vitamins it may feel like your nerves are shot. You will feel weak and vulnerable both mentally and psychologically.

Being strong saying

Below are some symptoms of Celiac Disease.

Physical Symptoms

  1. Weakness.
  2. Gas and Bloating.
  3. Weight loss.
  4. Extreme fatigue.
  5. Changes in bowel movements.
  6. Vomiting after eating gluten.


Other Symptoms

  1. Daydreaming.
  2. Anxiety and depression.
  3. Difficulty finishing sentences.
  4. Speech delay.
  5. Seizures.
  6. Poor memory.
  7. Temporary dyslexia.
  8. Visual and auditory delusions.
  9. Obsessive compulsive disorder.


Treatment for Celiac disease

I would avoid eating all foods containing gluten including beer.

There are healthy food sections in most grocery stores that carry gluten-free products. Also you may want to avoid cow’s milk and foods that made with it. Check the label if you are not sure about it.



Do a tryout of no gluten consumption for at least one week. See if your moods, sleep, skin, or cognition abilities improve. You may very well be predisposed to Celiac Disease and not even know it.

We can now see how important it is to become conscious of what we put into our body. Many foods and drinks that we eat do more than just cause us to gain weight.

They affect us on many insidious levels that we are not aware of. Most disease in the body and mind are lifestyle driven.

Consuming too much toxic substances will ultimately affect our well-being. Take baby steps if you have to in the beginning. But I promise you that your natural well-being will return, once you opt for a healthier lifestyle.


Gluten Free lifestyle results

  1. Improved ability to learn/ intelligence.
  2. Improved interest in outside activities.
  3. No more meds for depression and anxiety symptoms.
  4. Improved moods with less crankiness.
  5. Improved intellectual skills.
  6. Easily meet daily challenges.
  7. No more brain fog.
  8. No more missing work or obligations.


Tryout for me

I am going to remove gluten from my diet for one week and test out the results.

I believe that Celiac Disease is more wide spread then first thought to believe. I urge you to go gluten free for 7 days and see if you notice any improvement in your health. Please be sure to let me know.

Also, be sure to let your Doctor know that you will be trying this experiment before you actually do it and find out what he or she thinks about it.

Update: I’ve given up all flour products, even gluten free one’s since August 2016. I’m certain I will never intentionally eat flour again. My next health challenge is to give up sugar.

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