Camping with Bigfoot True Story

This is a guest post by Justin Harmon.

I did. I did see Bigfoot when I was a kid and I still believe it to this day. I saw a big furry man outside my window. It’s not funny! It was real.” – Barry Watson

I wasn’t sure how I was going to start this story. I’ve always been one to embrace the superstitions in life. When I was growing up, my uncles would tell my brothers and I stories.

Stories of how someone who they knew had spotted Bigfoot at the north end of one of the state parks we used to go to.

I always thought about that. Thought about going to the north end, where there were trees so thick that at the brightest part of the day, nothing more than a foots distance could be seen in front of you.

I imagined being brave and venturing into the forest to find the Bigfoot.

Never actually did of course, but probably would if I ever found my way back. Anyway, this may or may not have had an effect on what happened on the camping trip I am about to tell you about. I just felt it might be worth mentioning.

One thing is certain. If it did, it happened to all of us.


We set up camp around noon on a nice late summer day. One of our cousins came with my brothers and Uncle on this trip. It was her first time camping with us.

I’m not sure how old we were at the time, but I think I was around 10 or 11.

My two brothers, one likely 13, the other 7, as well as our cousin 13 were all stoked to get to our destination. We loved the sense of adventure when with our uncle.

He used to pick out various spots deep in the woods to camp with us. Some of our best times as kids, were hanging out and camping with our uncle. This spot in particular, we had been to once before with no eventful occurrences that I can recall.

We usually started out the day by finding kindling to add to the wood my uncle would chop for the night’s fire. Shortly after arriving and picking up as many sticks as our little arms could carry, my cousin said something which I immediately responded to.

She said she felt like someone was watching her. The hairs on the back of my neck were already standing up before this, but after she said it, I got a little scared. We went to meet with my brothers to investigate.

We looked around camp, searching for signs of other people, houses, animals, yet nothing. Nothing was there. We were in the middle of nowhere, 3+ miles from any road.

The day moved on, but something didn’t feel right. I remember feeling like I should have looked over my shoulder constantly. I was getting a bad vibe, something I knew wasn’t right.

Sure, my cousin having said something earlier didn’t help, but why was a “sixth sense” seemingly telling me something?  I just didn’t know what it was.

After setting up camp, we all decided to go for a walk down this trail that was very close. After walking for about 10 minutes or so, we came to this clearing.

The trail basically stopped and opened into a large field with a single red barn on top of a hill.

This was very odd as there were no houses, let alone roads for a few miles in any direction. The strange feeling returned and this time, it came to all of us.

After some deliberation of whether we should check it out, we decided to head back to camp.

For the rest of the day, we hung out by the fire and just talked. As night approached and the sun finally set we stuck close to the fire and started to forget.

Forget the notion that something strange was going on.

Bigfoot 1

Then it happened!

My uncle was partially standing/sitting on the hood of his car when he felt it move. He said that the front felt like it was dropping. I remember him thinking it was his brother, trying to sneak up on us.

Our other uncle was the only one who knew about this particular camping spot. It happened again! This time we could easily see the car dip. It would have taken 3 or 4 men to make it drop that far.

The hood was hitting the dirt and my uncle slid off.

Not knowing what to do, we heard thuds of something running behind the car. We were frozen with fear. There was nothing we could do, the only weapon we had was an Ax, which was laid next to a tree somewhere back there.

Suddenly – the most frightening moment of my life was before me.

A HUGE dark figure appeared behind the fire. Still froze with fright we could only look on as this strange creature stared at us with some of the biggest reddest eyes we have ever seen.

I can remember the only visible features on this creature, were its red eyes and white hair on top of its broad shoulders.

As quickly as it appeared, it was gone. We could hear trees falling as it ran into the dark night. It was moving fast. That’s when we started to move faster. We grabbed what we could with our hands, shaking with fear not knowing if it would return.

We jumped into the car ready to tear away like something fierce. At that moment, the worst case scenario happened. The car didn’t start. Uncle tried again, still didn’t start. One more time, yet nothing.

After the fourth attempt, the small Cavalier finally started and we were gone.

We made it back to my Uncles house around 4 in the morning. We tried to make sense of what happened but could only agree that it had to be Bigfoot. There was nothing else that the creature resembled.

After day break and no way to fall asleep with the phenomenon that had happened, we decided to go back for our tents and equipment that we left.

When we arrived, everything looked intact. Searching around the perimeter, we found our cooler tipped over and emptied with soda and an open loaf of bread scattered across the dirt. One of the tents was on its side.

To confirm what we heard that night, there were a number of trees knocked over, that were clearly standing the day before. We gathered everything up without incident and left.

Many years have passed and I have told the story to only a few people. To this very day, not myself, my brothers, or cousin have returned to that spot, deep in the woods.

My Uncle went by himself a few years later without any incident.

The supernatural disturbance that could only be defined as Bigfoot still lingers with me. To this day, when I hear a strange story or scary phenomenon, I think of that day and wonder.

Was it Bigfoot? Or was it a correlation of events that happened that day, which made an average animal appear to be something more? I guess we will never know.

 About the AuthorJustin Harmon writes for Unplugged Recreated. He believes everyone deserves fulfillment in life. We can do it by changing our world. Justin also helps people make changes in their own lives which echo into the outside world. Be a part of the journey to Recreate, Restructure, & Redesign Our World.

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