Breaking Free From What Binds You – Free Yourself

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” – Abraham Lincoln

In order to be free and truly experience life as it was meant to you must relinquish the desire to control outer events.

Nothing outside of you is real even though your experience of it is very real.

Fear is not real.

It is a body/mind reaction that creates stress hormones in your body which feels very real but isn’t.

The biggest cause of distress to human is not fear but lack of control of outer circumstances. Lack of control causes you to feel the very real need to control. This is the mind at work.

Be free

Free Yourself

You see consciousness takes life as it is, it takes it in stride, but your mind does not. You should know that your mind is not you,

The mind is merely a tool, a way to be able to perceive how things happened and to also focus yourself in physical reality.

You cannot use your mind to know or understand how or what is going to happen in the future. It can’t because it is not designed to do that.

You see, you operate on many different levels of awareness and the mind operates only on this level of 3 dimensional awareness.

Your higher self has the ability to see what lies ahead and if you have a strong connection to the higher self you will always be safe and guided correctly through your life.

The higher self is mission control and you are the man on the moon.

Without having mission control to see the big picture the man on the moon would not know what to do next and would feel like he was lost or stuck.


Higher Self

How to connect with the higher self

Take off your shoes and socks and lie on the floor. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly three times. Do this for at least three breaths.

As you are lying on the floor open up your crown chakra located just above your head.

The easiest way to do this is to simply relax your head. If you can’t do that than think about something funny.

The key is to relax and not tense up your body.

What you are trying to do is make a connection with your higher self.

Think of yourself as a cell phone  on a particular frequency range. What you are doing is trying to make a connection with your higher self who is also on a cell phone with a frequency range.

Tune your mind into the cell phone of your higher self and make the call.

Once connected ask for guidance. Open up to receive it, become a real receiver of information from your higher self.

This like anything else in life takes practice, but it does work if you want it to.

What kinds of questions would you ask your higher self? Anything that is a concern to you. It could be a small question like; “should I take this job” or a question with a larger impact like; “should I move to another town.”

The higher self is your mission control center, use it or end up letting some other perceived authority figure guide you through your life.

You may be asking yourself what if I get information that I do not like.

Don’t take it then. You do have free will you know. Learning to trust the guidance from your higher self is an act of surrender.

It takes real courage but what other choice do you have?

You see, your higher self is you. If you cannot trust your higher self than who can you trust?

We can talk about different levels of reality and where exactly the higher self is in the next post.

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