Brain Evolution System Review

Brainwave Entrainment is a harmless and powerful method of soothing the activity in your brain so that you can attain a state of total relaxation together with mental clarity.

Are you looking for a brainwave entrainment program that does what is says it will?

Are you looking for a brainwave program that will help with your daily meditation practices?

Are you looking for the best brainwave entrainment product on the market?

Are you curious if brainwave entrainment really works?

Brainwave technology programs like the Brain Evolution System are one of the best ways I found to effortlessly change the way I feel in a matter of minutes.


Brain Evolution System or Brain EV for Short

I was contacted through my site last May of 2012 by a company called Inspire3, who were promoting a new brainwave entrainment product called – The Brain Evolution System or Brain EV for short.

They asked me if I would be interested in trying it for free and signing up as an affiliate partner.

I was a little skeptical at first because I get lots of offers from people online to try a free version of their product in exchange for a review.

Also, the representative of the Brain Ev asked me to send him my address and he would mail me a physical copy of the product. So after a few hours of mulling it over in my mind I decided to just go ahead and give him my address.

Next, I went to the Brain EV affiliate sign up page and put in all my particulars.

If you are interested in promoting the Brain Evolution System or the other products that they have like the Sleep Salon and the Brain Salon, you can sign up here and get started promoting their products today.

About a week later the Brain Evolution System arrived at my home.

The Brain Ev comes with 6 CDs/ 6 sessions that are recommended to be listened to using headphones while sitting in a comfortable chair and not doing anything else.

In addition to the physical version of the program I was also sent an MP3 version that I downloaded onto my computer so I could easily listen to it from my laptop.

Each session lasts 30 minutes which feels like an eternity for the first week or so but the mind and body adjusts to this rather easily once you relax into it.

Each session is to be listened to six days a week for thirty days while taking one day off for reflection. If for some reason you miss several days or even weeks, no problem, just pick up where you left off from.

Chief Developer of the Brain Ev, Michael Kelley sends a video email at the beginning of each month to discuss the current level you are about to listen to and what to expect from it.

The support and the product itself has been one of the best that I have ever experienced, bar none.

You can watch and learn more about The Brain Evolution System on their Youtube Channel here.


Brain Evolution SystemBrain Evolution System Review

The Brain Evolution System has been designed as a training gym for the brain – allowing you to command the abilities that professionals and geniuses utilize every single day.

The progressive audio technology helps you to reach lasting, positive change in your life – simply by listening to a cd recording.

Every state of mind has a distinct electrical signature that can be detected in the brain.

These signatures are known as “brainwaves.” Using specialized equipment, these waves can be measured and recorded.

Using the exclusive 3-Point dynamic entrainment audio process, this 6 level program combines inaudible audio pulses with lavishly orchestrated natural sound environments.

As you listen to each disc, the subtle audio effects stimulate the brain to create brainwaves that match a variety of beneficial states of mind, like relaxation.

However, The Brain Evolution System does not use hypnosis or subliminal programming.

Instead, it helps to improve what the brain does naturally – “training” your brainwaves to ensure they operate at peak performance all the time.

Methods of influencing brainwaves were initially discovered by German scientist H.W. Dove back in 1839, And the very first brainwave recording, obtained by scientist Hans Berger, was released in 1924:


History’s first brainwave recording, obtained by Hans Berger in 1924.

  So, we know that the brain operates in frequencies – and that some sounds can influence it.


The idea of using sound to induce meditation is nothing new

For over a thousand years, sound has been used for healing and transformation.

From the chanting rituals of ancient shamans to Tuvan throat singing, from Gregorian chants to moving classical symphonies – sound and music has long played a central role in the shaping of our human consciousness.

Think about it: You already know the effect some sounds can have on you.

Just close your eyes and consider sounds that fill you with peace and relaxation.

Sounds like the gentle crash of an ocean wave, the pitter-patter of raindrops, or the sound of a cool breeze rushing through the trees.

The secret behind why these sounds move us – lies in their frequency.

As you know, sound is vibration; it is a composed of frequencies.

The brain also carries its own vibrations too – and these frequencies are known as “brainwaves.”

Brainwaves are electrical signals given off by your brain, and the 100 billion neurons that make up the nervous system.

All of your senses communicate via these neurons – including your memories, your habits, and your emotions.

Each cell creates a tiny electrical charge when “activated” – and using specialized equipment, such as an EEG machine, we can detect this activity within the brain.

This electrical activity occurs in “waves” – hence we can record the patterns of such activity as “brainwaves.”


Brainwave Entrainment



Now here’s where the Brain Ev comes in

The Brain Evolution System is a cutting-edge audio program which essentially plays special frequencies into each ear.

When the brain hears these frequencies, it attempts to follow those frequencies. This is a natural process known as “brainwave entrainment.”

It’s what happens when you listen to the sounds of waves, or gentle rainfall.

The brain follows the calming frequencies and influences your brainwave patterns, helping you feel more relaxed. The sounds change your state of mind.

The System uses this knowledge to play special frequencies into each ear – bringing about states of mind associated with IMPROVED BRAIN FUNCTIONING.

It helps activate “peak performance” states – such as deep meditation, razor-sharp focus, and a sense of well-being, increased creativity, heightened problem solving, total relaxation, and more.

Now, initially, the effect of brainwave entrainment is temporary.

However, brain dexterity acts like a muscle. And, just like any other muscle, by continuing to practice, greater strength is built up over time.

Within a short period, you’ll be able to tap into advanced levels of peak performance brainwaves – literally on-demand.

The six different levels in the Brain Evolution System provide a virtual gym for your brain, helping steadily build your brain into a powerful, high-performance muscle – that operates at peak performance, all the time.

That’s how sounds affect brainwaves – and how the Brain Evolution System utilizes frequencies to help safely and positively change your state of mind.


Get your copy today!

I started the Brain Evolution Program in the middle of May 2012 – and I just finished the program this month.

If you are serious about personal growth, then I highly recommend you use the Brain Evolution System.

I can definitely feel the difference on the days that I listen to the BrainEv and the days that I do not.

I feel less emotional and more aware when I use the BrainEv and my sleep is way better too.

So instead of reaching for food, alcohol or drugs to change the way you feel, try this approach instead.

The Brain EV does what drugs and alcohol does without the side effects.

Drugs and alcohol changes brainwave patterns, and that is why people feel different when they place them in their body.

Why not try an approach that is a lot more safe for you and your body, plus you only have to buy the Brain Ev once to get the same benefits that perpetually buying drugs and alcohol does.


What the Brain Evolution System did for me and does it really work?

Do I normally sleep better when I use the Brain Ev system? Yes!

Am I less “reactive” emotionally when I use the Brain Ev System? Yes!

Am I more easily able to find creative solutions to daily challenges and problems when using the Brain Ev system? Yes!

Do I become more logical and less irrational when using the Brain Ev system? Yes!

Does my eye hand coordination improve when using the Brain Ev system? Yes!

Does my memory improve when using the Brain Ev system? Yes!

This is why I recommend the Brain Evolution System to my readers who are interested in fine tuning their mind and body in order to be all that they can be.

Since it’s a gradual procession for training your brainwaves the effects are not immediate. What I did notice however is that once I stopped using it I became less focused and more “scattered brained”.

For one, the creators of the Brain Ev do not want you to become addicted or dependent on the product.

So, I made sure that I wasn’t becoming that way either.

I stopped using the Brain Ev beginning this Summer around June.

It is now September and I am eagerly anticipating using it again.

I am a “type A” personality and often have trouble focusing and concentrating on one task at a time – which the Brain Ev helped me with tremendously.

Also, I am a naturally creative and imaginative person, and yes, the Brain Ev helps me with that as well.

Just like lifting weights only works for your muscles when you are doing it, the same can be said about the Brain Evolution System.

It’s perfectly fine to take a break from using the Brain Ev, which I did this summer, but to be honest, I can feel that I need to start devoting time each day again to retrain my brainwaves to function at maximum capacity.

All emotional states of are created first by mental states of being. You won’t know what works for you unless you try something new.

Just a friendly reminder. Not all results will be the same when you use the Brain Evolution System so I recommend keeping a daily journal so that you can record your progress.


>Click here to get your copy of the Brain Evolution System Today.

>Click here to try out a free demo. Just add in your first name and email in the box on the right side and the makers of the Brain Ev will email you a demo to try out. They will not share your personal information, nor will they spam you.

You may also be interested in trying out a free demo of the Brain Salon, and if you need help with focus and concentration try out Nitrofocus, Also if you are having trouble sleeping at night, the Sleep Salon can help with that.

I am an affiliate for the Brain Evolution System and I will earn a commission for each sale. 🙂

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