Blogs Aren’t Free Rant

There’s no such thing as a free lunch” – Milton Friedman

It has come to my attention that many people are not valuing things that are free. What I am talking about here more specifically is in the blogosphere.

Many bloggers are spending a great amount of time writing quality content for little to nothing in return.

Internet users have grown accustomed to free information without giving anything in return.

I’ve certainly been guilty of it. Maybe a website owner will get lucky and someone will click an ad, but most readers have ad blindness and simply ignore them.

My concern is that many bloggers are considering charging for their content.

This will remove the free information that many readers enjoy so much. Personally, I have found so much useful content while surfing the internet.

What can you do

Most blogs have a donate button somewhere on their homepage, or at the bottom of their blog post. How about you actually take the time and give back to the writer; for all of their hard work.

The amount of the donation is up to you to decide. Consider it blog support.

It is much appreciated by me and the no good deed goes unnoticed.

What if every person that visited a blog would give just $1.00 via a PayPal donation. Could you imagine what kind of value you would be providing for the blogger.

I would have earned 40k last year as a result of $1 from every visitor.

If I was being supported by donations I would take a lot more time writing content on my blog.

It would afford me the ability to research new products, like books and audio programs. In return I would share with my readers what I discovered.

I enjoy providing useful content to my readers, and that is why I decided to start my own blog. I consider myself an infopreneur, someone who researches and shares information.


Blogs aren’t free

It costs money to own and run a blog. It also takes up a great deal of time, writing and researching topics, answering comments, social networking obligations, contributing to forums on other websites, tweaking your theme design, and much more that escapes me at the moment.


Most people have a PayPal account right? If not just sign up for one; it’s free, easy, and safe. Place some money in your PayPal account, say $ 50.00, use this strictly for donating.

For every blog that you consistently visit, I want you to donate money. If they don’t have a donate button then be sure to tell them to add one.

If you cannot donate at the moment, then there are other steps that you can take.

You could also share the blog with your friends via the Facebook like button, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Google +, and a host of other social bookmarking sites.

The point that I am trying to make is that you must give back what you take. You take energy in the form of information and you must give energy back in any form you choose.

If you are a blogger and you have used ‘ free plug-ins’, then be sure to give money to the author. Most authors have a donate button when you use their plug-in.

If every person could set aside a little money each month that was strictly for donating, just think what we could do.

Some people will be getting back tax return money soon. How about taking $ 50-100 and using it for donating. What I am doing here is getting people back in touch with how money is supposed to work.

Money is a system of energy exchange, I place my energy writing a blog, in return I expect to receive energy back in the form of money or some other type of energy exchange.

When you go to blog and just take, take, take, without even leaving a comment on the blog, that is being extremely selfish.

How about purchasing a product from your favorite blog? All products come with a money back guarantee.

Start giving now in any way that you can; money in, money out, money in, money out. Energy in, energy out, energy in, energy out. Give and take is the basis of any solid relationship.


I just donated some money to the plugin author for Quick Adsense as well as 5 other plugin authors. And I have also donated to blogs as well. Usually around $6.00. 

I also donated some money to a couple of my favorite websites too.

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