Good Blogging Questions

I’m coming up on my four-month blogging anniversary and I have some questions that I need answered.

How come people who use comment luv when commenting on other blogs don’t have it on their own blog?

What is the desired length of a blog post? I generally shoot for anywhere from 700 to 1000 words. Is this too long for most people? What word-count do you prefer to read? This blog post is 695 words.

What about bloggers that don’t show their real name or face? The ones that use aliases or cute little nicknames. Do you take them seriously? Would you ever buy anything from them ?

During some of my commenting sessions I have come across blogs like these. If you are to be considered a serious blogger should you add a picture and your real name in your about page at least?

I understand if you have a personal blog, or if you do not intend to monetize or profit from your blog, that you may want to go incognito.

Do you like blogs that post videos? I generally don’t have the patience to sit there and listen and watch a video on someone’s blog. Do you? However I do like blogs that have at least one video of the blogger so I can get a better feel for them. This way I know what they sound like and I can see their body mannerisms and such.

I will actually do this on my blog maybe on my home-page. A little introductory video welcoming my readers or something along those lines.


Podcasting and blogging

Does anyone podcast anymore? Are they beneficial to a blog or are they dead? I have checked out different audio equipment for producing audio products and future podcasts.

Do you subscribe to comments? Do you go back and revisit your comments later? I bookmark all the blogs that I comment on. I often go back and see if my comment was replied to. The answer is almost always yes. Sometimes I even answer a second time.

The only time I subscribe to comments is if it is my first time commenting there. If the blogger hasn’t responded or approved my comment in at least two days then I delete them from my bookmark and move on.

Do you use a free WordPress theme or did you buy yours?

Is your blog a do follow blog? If not then why? No follow was created to eliminate spam but if you use askimet or other anti-spam programs you won’t have to worry about spam.

My blog is no-follow by the way.

Do you ever buy anything from blogs that you have followed for a while? Do you have issues with people who monetize their blog? I know weird question right. Some people get uppity about blogs that “always” try to sell them something. Well duh, that is how bloggers receive compensation for all of their hard work.

How do you feel about PayPal donate buttons? I have one on this site but haven’t received any donations yet. Hurry and be the first one and I will advertise your blog for a week on my sidebar.

Have you ever donated money via PayPal to plugin authors? I have, two of them in fact. Quick Adsense and All In One Seo. It was three dollars each if you are wondering.

Do you like when a blog post has relative pictures added to it? I started adding a relative picture to my blog as a type of experiment.

What is your number one monetization source for your blog? I’m still experimenting with this one but if you are a seasoned veteran your input would be greatly appreciated.


Let your opinion be heard about blogging

I know there are a lot of blogging questions here so don’t feel obligated to answer them all unless you want to. Just answer the one or ones that most resonate with you or feel free to ask your own question in the comments section. This is strictly a personal opinion thing and I will not hold it against you. 🙂


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