Beneath the Wind

The strangest animals on Earth are the humans (they are also the most dangerous). There are many examples of individual greatness yet collectively the value of the human species might seem debatable. While claiming to be rational they have long acted mainly upon the basis of uninformed emotion of the basest kind, and their collective actions have been so far from rational as to indicate some kind of mass insanity, especially in the last hundred years.” – The Gods of Eden

I was fast asleep in my bed when all of a sudden a bright, blue orb, about the size of a baseball emerged in front of my eyes. It was moving around my room erratically and then it stopped right in front of my face.

Next thing I knew the ceiling in my room opened up like a portal, and I could see outside clearly.

My body was paralyzed, but my eyes were wide open. I perceived my body being elevating up through the opening in my house. Next thing I remember was waking up lying on a metal table. To my right was a door which had opened up. In walked a man and a woman, human looking to my eyes, but much taller.

They didn’t speak to me, yet I could hear what they were thinking.

Eventually they spoke to me verbally. The man, who looked to be in his mid-thirties introduced himself as Me’ir, (pronounced Mier) and the lady accompanying him was his daughter – Eair’tha (pronounced ear-irth-a). I knew this because I heard their conversation in my head.

Me’ir walked over to the table I was laying on a reached for my hand. I quickly pulled away from him. He looked at me much the same way a chess player ponders over his next move.

He looked me directly in the eyes and said, “You are here because you asked to be here.”

I became increasingly uncomfortable as I tried to dissect what Me’ir just said to me. “Why would I want to be here?” He told me that I had been chosen and that his people had contact with me in my dream state.

Allegedly when we are asleep, our unconscious self, our soul takes over, in which I agreed to help with Me’ir’s mission. What mission I thought to myself?

Extraterrestrial Contactees have a reincarnational lineage that leads back to past lifetimes, even as an entirely different physical being.

Me’ir explained to me that he is from another Star System very far away from Earth. Meir began to explain to me who he is and what he represents.

In our galaxy there are many councils. Groups of beings from 139 different star systems that come together and discuss what is going on in the galaxy. It is not a political body. What we have been recently discussing is the tyranny in our future, 337 years from now, because that affects everybody.

Apparently what they have done, through time travel, is that they have been able to figure out where the significant shift in energy occurred that causes the tyranny 337 years in our future. They have traced it back to our solar system, and they have been able to further track it down to Earth, Earth’s moon and Mars – those three places.

Unfortunately for humans, more than half of the star beings represented in the council chose not to help Earth and the humans on the planet.

“Why, I asked him?”

Me’ir explained to me there were several reasons for this. For one, many of the star races were just so far away from earth, about a million light years in fact to even give a hoot about earth and her people. Secondly, the star races that knew of Earthling’s, thought that we just don’t seem to respect ourselves, each other, or the planet that we call our home.

For the record, we do not see you as many separate races on earth like you humans do. We see all of you as humans and label you as such.

Now, look at the human condition from the eyes of outsiders, Me’ir explained. You kill each other; you allow your own kind to go hungry, to go homeless. You parasite off one another either through physical energy (using other people’s energy for one’s own gain), or parasiting off each other monetarily.

You have gotten so weak, so low, so lost, that almost everyone on your planet is trying to get energy from sources outside of yourselves.

The Star Beings belief was that humans have little to no value because of our level of consciousness and because of their actions or lack thereof.

However, there were about 30 star system council representatives that really wanted to intervene and help out our situation now so that we don’t create a future tyrannical scenario that could reach deep in the cosmos in the future.

“Wait one second, back up here,” I said. “What do you mean we humans don’t respect ourselves, each other, or the planet?”

Meir explained, You humans are very much in the dark so to speak, about your dark, shadow sides.

“Dark shadow sides I asked?”

Yes, many of you are living with just a small fraction of light consciousness. Most of you exist in the dark, going through life without actually seeing yourselves or each other fully. It would be like driving a car at night with your headlights off and only having a dimly moonlit sky to guide you.

You can’t see the damage you create or why the damage even occurred, because your consciousness lights are either off or severely dimmed.

“What can we do to turn on our lights?”

Magnificent question”, Me’ir said.

First, you can start with simple things. Eat natural, organic foods, drink only clean water, move your body daily just by simple walking, take nutritional supplements, daily meditation, laugh a lot, be of service to others, get plenty of rest, attract good people into your life, and wean yourself off of your addiction to fear.

“Fear addiction?”

Fear is an incredible tool when you want to get people to do something. It’s an extremely useful manipulation tool that has been in use on your planet for a very long time.

Fear is so common on your planet that you have a part of your brain called the Reptilian Brain. Reptiles are associated with being cold-blooded, so much so that most abandon their newborns almost instantly after birth.

The R Complex known as the reptilian brain is where you receive your fight or flight territoriality, hierarchical structure of power, control, ownership, wars, jealousy, anger, fear, hostility, worry, stuck or frozen with fear, aggressiveness, conflict, extremist behavior, competitiveness, cold-blooded, dog-eat-dog beliefs, might is right, and survival of the fittest.

In your time and space, the expression of fear will be a challenge to you all. For any of you to be in fear, you lack a clear understanding of most situations. We have observed that your world is at a most confused point in your history and evolvement.

We understand your remarkable drive and commitment to being alive. We, however, are not in understanding of your need to create tools of death, expecting that they will keep all in a space of understanding and peace.

We observe that you build, create and plan in a space of fear, not in a consciousness of love, so your “defense positions” of institutions that create and employ, are always in a state of unraveling and disintegration.

We share this because they drain you and your earth of energy, both spiritual and material. Fear always has to feed. Fear does not create itself. The fear we observe is difficult to understand. It depletes you of your focus on the original intent, and is a very secretive energy.

Fear withholds love. This is most saddening to see and feel. How can you share understanding and love, when so many of you are withholding from self and each other? One of your original intentions in creating your physical reality is the idea of creating and learning to manipulate and express yourselves through physicality using your consciousness.

It is your consciousness that the Is-ness has given you, and in fact all things that bear spirit. It is this gift that has been clouded, and most importantly, clouded by fear. This creation is completely irrational to whom all of you are.

We have come to understand that withholding love only creates perpetual disintegration. We have discovered in our own galaxy the ruins of vast races, achieving recognition, that have ceased to exist. They destroyed themselves simply because they withheld love, and drained the very life force out of their intent, and imploded and destroyed their self-creation.

The first projection of fear is denial, an emotion of incredible restriction. Denial and fear result in the complete opposite of the reality it claims to be. Fear is based, from our perspective, on a misunderstanding of one’s own worth and security.

We have discussed this amongst ourselves, about your race, and we have formed a perspective based on your history. Many of your religions have helped and hurt this process. Many of your world’s beliefs have many convinced they are “simple creatures of nature”. Your science teaches that your physical form is a “pool of chemicals thrown together by accident”, so that you are all “an accident”, living meaningless lives of chance…”

“What is my part in all of this, why me?”

Meir stated that I along with thousands of other humans have volunteered at some point in our lives to help with the galactic mission of ridding ourselves of self-defeating behaviors and channeling our creativity inwards to create better selves.

He said that being a positive example to the world would be a good start. “You are here to lighten up the world along with your human brothers and sisters that have also volunteered for this mission.”

“Tell me more”, I said.

Your planet is severely compromised. You have slowly been regressing as humans even though your technology has been moving forward at lightning like speed. You humans are no better off, even with all your toys, gadgets, and gizmos.

I want you to remember this; when technology far surpasses spirituality, that particular race, in most cases ceases to exist. Spirituality drives technology, not the other way around.

The human race has been stuck in a cycle of doing the same thing over and over again, and getting the same mediocre results over and over again. The reason it’s being created anyway is because of apathy. People don’t care because you are so busy “surviving”. Well, you are going to have to try and make room for more than just “survival” in your life. You’re going to have to do this.

“But Meir, what can we do to create a more idealistic society”?

The key to creating an idealistic society is an individual evolution of each individual’s consciousness.

Human society is not harmonious because each individual is divided inside, and his divisions are projected onto society.

Humans are continuously either preparing for war or fighting a war. You do only two things; either fight or prepare. There is no time for anything else; no time to love, no time to sing, no time to dance, no time to meditate – no time for any of the higher values of life.

You are all living in a reality loop. You get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, drive to work or take your kids to school, you get off work, go home, or pick the kids up, eat dinner, prepare lunch and coffee for tomorrow morning, watch TV, brush your teeth and shower, go to bed and do it all over again the next day.

And you call this a life?

My dear humans, this is not how life is supposed to be for you. You are much more than a cog in a machine. You need to wake up and demand from yourself, a much better life. Just remember, almost everyone on your planet is experiencing a similar reality loop as well.

“Why are we so divided as a species?”

There is indeed an outside force at play here. I’ll call them regressives. The regressives want to divide you against each other so that they can control you. You see, when one divided group sees another group as a threat then the regressives will come in with the solution – their solution which only serves their interests, not yours.”

There is a movie I recommend you watch titled: Needful Things. This movie will give you an idea how these regressive’s control you, manipulate you, and get you to turn against one another.

“Is there a way we can create a reality that serves the greater good?”

Yes, my understanding is that it all comes down to intent. If each individual person holds a particular intent which they freely have created, and 10% or more of the planetary population holds that intent at any given time, you literally pull that reality to you.

It all focuses on intent; and that is something that you are all individually responsible for. The cost of freedom is responsibility. You humans have not paid enough attention to creating reality. The majority of you are caught in the idea of just experiencing it.

“Too bad we haven’t learned this from a young age. Why aren’t our school systems teaching this? Why not parents?”

The children here are learning nothing. They are not learning how to think for themselves. They are being taught what to think, to spit out facts and belief systems, and to consume. This process puts the idea, the intent and the emotion outside of themselves instead of inward where their true power is.

The reason so many humans have difficulty with being stuck at a desk in school, or being at work from 9-5 is because it is unnatural to your humanness. These artificial systems removes you from your natural state of being, which is a highly advanced hunter/gatherer to put it bluntly.

“Why can’t we all just get along? Why is there so much darkness on this planet?”

There are both “good” and “bad”. You live in a duality, and you have to take responsibility for both, and you have to live in the midst of both. You need leadership and people with ideas on how to fix problems, starting with yourself, your family and the local level.

You are the leaders, and you are going to have to stand up and take responsibility. I am not talking about “going out to save the world”, but I am talking about families. Be a hero to your family, and to yourself.

The whole idea is to find balance, which is in the middle. You are all searching for that.

“What is happening on the planet now? Why does it seem like everything is falling apart?”

Your planet is going through a shift, an awakening. Just like waking from a dream, you humans are waking up from the collective consciousness dream. Look at your Hollywood, look at your politics, look at your religion; look at you banking?

What do you see?

You see all sorts of revelations coming out; you are finding corruption at all levels of these institutions. Is it because these institutions are inherently bad? No, it is because these institutions attract people who want to take power from you because they lack their own power.

They attract people who are broken on the inside; they attract people who are almost of a demonic nature because they have no soul.

“What happened to these people in power? Why are they behaving in ways that cause pain and suffering?”

You’ve heard the saying, “Misery loves company”- yes?

“I have.”

For the record, not all people in these professions are behaving this way; it’s just that there are a lot of people in these professions that do act this way.

Back to my point; these individuals are under a spell, a self- created spell.

They are so convinced in their own lack, even if they are wealthy; they believe that lack in one area of themselves makes them unworthy of abundance in another.

This one belief is all that it takes to put someone in a negative reality loop causing pain and suffering to themselves and others.

“Can they fix this issue, can they heal themselves?”

On my planet if someone were to behave in a manner that was detrimental to themselves or others they would be brought to one of our healing centers. In our healing center the first thing we do is scan the body to make sure there isn’t anything wrong with the physical body, this includes checking every organ, checking the blood, checking the spine, checking the brain, checking the hormones, checking the  lymphatic system and also checking that the individual has the proper amount vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in the body.

If all that check’s out well then we move onto step two.

“What’s step two?”

Step two involves “hacking” into the mind. We have technology that allows us to access traumatic life experiences in the individual. Once we find the root cause of the individuals negative behavior we work with the mind, all parts of it to accept the traumatic experience and to see it as a valuable life lesson.

“How can anyone see value in a traumatic life episode?”

The mind has a natural tendency to divide things between good and bad, wanted and unwanted. Having to many unwanted experiences in the mind causes a type of damning of energy so to speak. When this energy damns up because it has nowhere to go; it then becomes stagnant.

And you know what happens to stagnant water on your planet; it becomes dark, muddy, dirty, and full of insects, parasites, and other creatures who continue to dirty the water.

When we get the mind to allow the experience it causes the damn to break and allows the energy of the mind to sanitize itself, to become clean and flowing freely once again.

This in turn heals the individual who was traumatized and allows them to behave in healthy ways once again.

“How long does this take, what are the side-effects?”

It is a process of healing, it takes time, just like when you detoxify your body from unhealthy foods and drinks – there is a withdrawal effect.

We need to stop this conversation so you can wake up back in your bed.

“Will I remember this conversation, or are you going to wipe my memory clean?”

You will have full conscious recollection of our meeting and of future meetings.

“What should I tell people, what should I do when I wake up back on Earth?”

You need to reconnect back to your heart, to your center of being. Too many of you humans have lived above the neck. You are more than a head on a body. You are a complete, whole being and you need to stop being so divided, stop being so splintered so when you wake up on Earth you need to begin to peace yourself back together.

Peace in yourself will create peace in everyone and everything you come in contact with. An individual with positive, focused intent is more powerful than 50,000 daydreamers. Many of you are not fully present in your body. You need to fully integrate yourself into your consciousness once again.

I know life is drab on your planet but the only way to fix this is with self-responsibility. Become responsible for yourself. Stop waiting for someone to rescue you because if someone does, it becomes disempowering to the self.

The paradox on your planet is the more responsible you become for yourself, the more power you will have. The more you shun your responsibility to yourself and your creations, the weaker you become.

Be the leaders that you are. Your planet has created too many followers; on my planet we teach every one of our children to become leaders of themselves. On my planet our children learn everything that we know because we know that a well-educated individual is a powerful individual.

“One more question “Me’ir?”

Yes, how may I answer your final question?

“When will we meet again?”

You will know our next meeting will occur when you hear then wind blowing above your bedroom at night before you fall asleep.


Alex Collier –

Alex Collier – Earth Transformation Japan 2007


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