Being The CEO of You – Act as if You Are a Business

“Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” – Andy Warhol

It doesn’t matter if you are employed or self-employed.

It doesn’t matter if you work at McDonald’s or Microsoft. Whatever you do for a living you need to represent yourself well.

What I mean is that you are the CEO of you.

You need to be sure that when you are showing yourself to the world that you are bringing your “A” game.

Too often I have seen employees and even business owners neglecting that their image is constantly being displayed to the world.

It is of such importance that you show yourself to the world as a person who is heavily invested in your own image, your personal growth and your contribution to the world.

Don’t let your job title or what you do for a living dictate how much you are willing to contribute.

If you really want to make it in the business world you have to become someone who people are willing to line up for just to get a piece of you.

I know, perhaps you are jaded in your current job or career.

You can either step up your game in your current job/career or you can begin taking the necessary steps to get into a job/career that is more in tune with you and your abilities.

Believe me, they do exist.

Business Hours

Countless times I have seen company vehicles with their business logo splashed on the side of it and the driver is totally disrespecting their company image by driving like a maniac.

This happened to me when I was taking my family to Fort McHenry for a day trip.

I was driving down I-83 when I noticed a truck behind me that was right on my bumper, I’m not kidding you. I immediately switched lanes to let the truck pass me.

There were two more company trucks following that one and they were driving like they were on a mission from god.

From my business point of view they were displaying a bad image of their company by driving like that.

What are the chances of me ever wanting to do business with them?

Zero I tell you.

This doesn’t just matter in the business world only.

I see people behave professionally in their business lives but once they are “off the clock” they seemed to have let go of it.

You have to be “on” when you are participating in the world.

This is not about being perfect. Keep this in mind the next time someone falters in your presence and show them some humility instead of pointing out their mistakes.

Maybe someone will do the same for you someday.

This is why I highly recommend that you invest in your own personal growth.

You can do this by reading books, buying products, taking courses, hiring a personal coach, or how about starting your own blog.

The truth is that once you start making investments in yourself, your esteem and courage will grow with it.

I have spent thousands of dollars on my personal growth and I intend to invest in it until my last breath on Earth.

When we are growing as human beings we feel alive. When we stagnate we feel dull and lifeless.

In case you haven’t noticed the World is heavily influenced by money and business.

It is the directing force of the world that we live in. It’s the only game in town so to speak. That is why it is crucial to see yourself as a business, because you are.

There is no use in condemning it, fighting it or rejecting it unless you choose not to participate in it. If you want to live off the grid, farm your own food and not deal with money than this post will not be for you.

But for the other 99% of people you need to get this message right away.

  1.  Share your talents and abilities to the world. (Try to be humble about it :))
  2.  Whenever you are doing something that will be viewed by others remember to bring your “A” game.
  3.  Show kindness and compassion to others when they falter from their “A” game because they/you probably will.
  4. Always be willing to be of service to others, especially when you are dealing with customers.
  5. Watch the TV show Shark Tank to view how business people think and behave. I learned a lot about business from watching Shark Tank. Especially about company branding and product distribution.
  6. If you are in a job/career that you can barely tolerate than stop fighting it. Let go, allow for your new career to come to you. Get quiet and describe your dream job, write it out on a piece of paper.
  7. Become a calculated risk taker. No guts no glory.
  8. Life can be stressful at times so you need to plan to be able to handle it. I listen to the Brain Evolution System daily to keep my brain relaxed.
  9. Whatever you do, be consistent with it.
  10. Treat yourself and your life as a business.

Your business is to contribute to the world and to allow yourself to receive for your contribution.

Don’t block yourself from either giving or receiving.

Imbalance is at the root of all evil.

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