Become Passionate about Being Passionate

My definition of passion: An intense enthusiasm for a subject or activity.

Pretty straightforward right?

What makes you feel passionate in life?

Passion is the fuel that can help you turbo charge your manifesting skills. Without passion your life will seem like a mundane mess.

The secret to living with passion is to become passionate about being passionate.

That’s it.

Just make being a passionate person your number one priority every day, all day.

Passionate people are driven at every level and every stage of their lives.

It’s not really that hard once you get the ball rolling.

You can become passionate about anything. Grocery shopping – check, paying your bills on time – check, doing work you already enjoy – check.

Passion is the secret sauce to life.

Look at passionate people and observe how they always outdo their competitors.

Take two people and give them a restaurant with the exact same tools and resources.

I promise you that the more passionate of the two will be more successful.

How interested are you in changing your life?

Your behavior and your actions are the key to transforming yourself.

I know you heard the phrase, follow your passion right?

This means whatever makes you come alive with excitement and vigor is the right path for you at that moment.

Let’s say making and baking brownies is the most exciting and passionate thing you do.

Now let’s say you’ve been making and baking brownie’s everyday for a year and now you’ve lost your passion and excitement for doing this.

Now what?


Live with passion

You are no longer a passionate person because that thing you were passionate about no longer makes you feel that way.

What to do, what to do?

Good, you just realized it wasn’t the thing that you were doing that you were really passionate about.

In fact, what you realized if you were paying attention is that what made you feel passionate was your passion for life.

It was never about the thing itself, it was about what you were feeling within your body that made you excited.

You are passion and when you don’t feel passionate about your life you blame it on outside circumstances.

The truth is you decide whether or not you start your day off passionate or not.

You get to decide, it’s your choice.

Once you learn to make passion a priority I promise you that your life will reflect that to you in positive ways.

What kills your passion?

Without a doubt the number one passion killer is negative beliefs and definitions about who you are and what you can become. Beliefs at their core are just thoughts you keep having again and again and again…and again.

The only difference between you and Donald Trump are passion and beliefs.

He believes he can do anything and maybe you do not.

You must exhibit passion in order to create passion. That’s the secret.

Whatever you are doing, be passionate about it. That’s it – it’s not that difficult to understand.

Here’s you assignment.

Everything you do after reading this post, do it with passion. And then go ahead and do it tomorrow, and the next day and the next day and the next day, and then keep doing it.

You must exhibit passion in order to create passion!

So, let’s say you are feeling stuck in your life. You can’t manifest change to save your life.

The secret here is to begin moving and acting in a passionate way. What happens when you do this is that you outer world will change according to the state of being you are projecting outward.

Remember, this is the mirror or reflection technique. What the outside world is displaying to you is just a manifestation of your inner world.

Change your inner world, change your outer world. Keep moving and acting in a passionate way.

You can’t give up here, you can’t quit. Live with passion as Tony Robbins so eloquently states.

Go ahead and do it now! Be hungry, be driven, be obsessed with living with passion so you can create the necessary vibrational state so you can attract what you really prefer into your life.

Do it now!

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