How to be Yourself and Not Somebody Else

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” -Bruce Lee

I want you to shed all beliefs that you are currently holding about yourself. This is the freedom that you have looked for your whole life.

Being yourself should come natural to you but like most of us we were conditioned in childhood to be what others expect us to be.

I invite you now to let go of the expectations of others and become once again who you really are.

You are an individual creation that is as unique as a snow flake yet society and family has placed you in a box just like them. I want you to break free from the box and express and be who you really are.

Your mind has a built-in memory system that stores beliefs about who you think you are.

I would begin by paying close attention to thoughts you have about yourself that you believe to be true. Most likely they are all a bunch of bunk.

The mind/ego needs something to believe in or hold onto to function. The problem with this is that the mind will hold onto belief’s that are not true.

These beliefs were either thought up by you, or transferred by someone else.

Either way the mind believe’s that it is true. The mind does not know the difference between thoughts/ imagination and reality. This can cause the body to receive false advice from the mind.

National Sarcasm Society

Your thoughts about yourself

Every thought about yourself that comes up you must consciously challenge it.

Thoughts also manifest as feelings in the body. Even if you cannot access what kind of thoughts that you are having, you certainly can feel what is happening in your body.

You may be wanting to be a politician, businessman, author, actor, or whatever is on your list. Thoughts and feelings will appear in your mind and body causing you to hesitate.

These thoughts and feelings are relaying a message to you that you cannot do it.

Of course, these beliefs are false. You will not know what you can do, until you do it.

This is what happens to most of us when we want to try a new direction in life.

We imagine ourselves taking action, and then when we begin to go ahead, we get stopped in our tracks. This will have a negative effect in your life, and will stunt your growth and experience.

We are only here experiencing life for a very short while. If there is something that you have wanted to experience for a long time, do it now.

If not, you will get to the end of you life and wish that you had more life experiences.

Maybe you have wanted to travel more, learn new things, meet and become friends with people who you normally wouldn’t have.

I often do the rocking chair experiment. I imagine that I am ninety years old and somewhat still healthy. I begin to reflect on my life and things that I experienced.

I see if there were some things that I regret not doing or trying.

I reflect to see what kind of life I could have had. I see how many imaginary fears that I carried with me that never happened.

The rocking chair experiment allows me to fast forward in time and see what chances and opportunities that I let pass me by.

Now I can go back to the present and act on things that I want to experience, but didn’t because of fear and doubt.

Let your spirit take over and do not let your ego or anyone else’s get in the way.

How to be you

1. Get out of your head. Society starting with school is all about keeping you locked in your mind. The mind is a tool the same as a computer is. It is something that you use and not who you are.

You are pure conscious energy and you are more powerful than you believe you are.

2. Get grounded. Walk outside barefoot in the grass. Play in a sandbox, go to the beach. Grounding is about keeping your connection with the Earth. Rubber heeled shoes disconnect you from the Earth.

3. Use your right brain. The right brain the feminine creative side of the brain. Draw, paint, redecorate your house. Use it or lose it. Society in general is set up using the logical left brain. We need to balance both hemispheres of the brain in order to get the full experience.

4. Practice spirituality. Forgive, forget, get over things quickly. You no longer need to carry around emotional baggage with you.

5. Accept yourself fully with an open heart. Say to yourself, “I am perfectly imperfect and I love myself unconditionally.”

6. Go outside and enjoy some nature. Go for a hike, swim in the lake, climb a tree. Remember to have fun with your life. It’s too short to waster time doing things you don’t enjoy.

7. Start journaling or even better start a blog. Writing is one of the best ways that I found to reconnect to my true and authentic self. If you are interested in starting a blog contact me above and I can tell you how easy and fun it is.

8. Be Social. Go out with your friends, go to a cookout, catch a ball game. We are social creatures and we need to socialize consistently.

9. Laugh a lot. I love to laugh because it helps remove any clogged energy in my body. Yes we do become emotionally constipated at times and laughing is a perfect antidote.

10. Be easy on yourself and others. I know how powerful it can feel to be hard on others and ourselves but this does not equate to being your true self. A little kindness towards yourself and others will go a long way.

What these 10 tips are meant to do is get yourself back into alignment with who you really are.

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