Be Yourself – Create Yourself – Be Free – Be Unique

The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.” -Walt Disney

I believe humanity is entering a new phase of awareness where being “phony” and not unique will no longer be tolerated.

We are leaving a phase where we needed to keep our masks on to hide our true selves and nature.

The time is now to create yourself again as you really are. To be the unique you that you were intended to be so that you can once again feel free.

We’ve become a nation of zombies whose main motivation is to earn money, eat food and interact with some form of digital media. Is that how you honor your creator?

Be free


Be Yourself and Feel Free

I know, life can become too much to handle at times and what you really want is the space to do the things you want to do in life. Start now and in no time you will have created the life you had always dreamed of.

Don’t let others “suck you” into their dream though unless that is part of your dream too.

Decide right now exactly what it is you want to create with your life and move towards it through emotional attraction.

Emotional attraction is the act of using your thoughts to imagine desires, and then allowing your energy to pull those things into your life experience.

The stronger your desire, the stronger your emotion, the stronger your intent, the quicker it comes to you.

Yes, you still need to move but it does not take as much effort as you think.

 Time is becoming almost non-existent so you need not worry about it.

Take steps regardless of how small or insignificant it may seem to you. Each step will take you closer to your dreams.

Many, but not all souls are waking up at this time and remembering who they really are.

You don’t have to feel obliged to wake others up anymore.

There are enough realizations going on for each person and many will choose to ignore the truth and  continue to live life of the “old world.”

What do you want?

What desire has burned inside of your for far too long?

Stop for a few moments and think about this question.

What desire within has burned inside of you for far too long?

Trust me, you have a burning desire inside of you. You’ve been distracted for too long with other people’s desires that you lost the connection to your personal desire.

You need to regroup yourself, you need to re-align again with who you really are and get out of the collective consciousness trap.

You are a unique piece of creation, you have unique talents that are to be expressed through you. Do you know this to be true?

Everyday in every way you must stretch yourself as far out of your comfort zone as you possibly can, and then stretch some more.

Do this day in and day out and watch how your life transforms right before your eyes.

Everyone will be asking you what your secret is. Tell them that your life began outside of your comfort zone.

Ditch the TV, turn off your computer and silence your cell phone.

You need quiet to hear your soul. Your soul does not speak in words, it speaks through feelings. Can you feel it? It’s talking to you every minute of every day.

The question is, do you create quiet time to listen to it?

Your soul has more wisdom than 1000 personal growth guru’s combined.

Stop, get quiet and listen to the soft rumbles of its message.

Your mind will try to interrupt you as it always has, don’t resist it for that will only make it stronger.

Rather focus on being present and grounded in your body.

Take off your shoes if you need to. Relax, let go, enjoy the scenery, hear the sounds of nature. Be free of worldly things for a while and reconnect with the All That Is.

As we enter a new age on our planet shed the skin of who you believed you were and step into who you really are.

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