Bashar -The Three Aspects of You

Circumstances do not determine your state of being. Your state of being determines your circumstances.” – Bashar

Bashar: Many of you have been taught to believe that your physical mind is in charge.

That it’s supposed to control everything, and figure out how everything is supposed to happen in order for everything to work.

This is not your job description. Your physical mind is not designed to understand how things happen.

It is only designed to perceive how things happened. It is not designed to perceive how things will happen because it is only designed to perceive what has already happened.

The higher self, that level just above physical reality that is also part of your personal being is the level of your being that has the ability to understand how things happen.

And that’s why you heard me say and “The Secret” say you don’t have to worry at all about the focus on how something will come about.

There is no way for you to know, it’s not within the capacity of your physical mind to know that.

It’s only within the capacity of your physical mind to see how it did occur, but not how it will occur. The knowledge of how it will occur comes from your higher-self not from your physical mind.

Pay attention – very crucial, the higher-self conceives, the physical brain receives, the physical personality mind perceives. The physical personality mind does not conceive of anything.




The physical mind is not capable of generating an idea; not one. Any idea you have ever had, has never come from your physical mind.

Not one idea.

It can only perceive the result of the idea that was received by the brain from the conception of the the higher-self.

Beginning to understand this relationship will allow you to begin to have a better relationship in an open line of communication with the higher-self, and will allow you as physical minds, to allow the  “you” that is the higher self, to do its job.

While the physical mind goes about doing the job it was designed to do which is to simply focus you here in physical reality so that you can perceive an experience the results of what you conceived from the higher self.

To be representative of your natural truth and joy.

This knowledge, and this understanding, and this relationship, can allow you to relax and not feel like you have to do so much.

It’s not your responsibility in that sense as a physical mind to generate these things and figure out how it’s all going to happen.

As we said last night of your time we recognize that the physical mind, if it is taught to think it’s in charge, can get caught up in the idea of attempting to repeat how something did occur.

Thinking that what it is perceiving is actually how the next thing needs to occur; when in fact it’s not.

The idea of attempting to do that will only cause a repetitive cycle, a repetitive loop, that will simply allow you to remains stuck in one particular manifestational level and it won’t advance until you allow yourself to make the leap.

Let go of how you think it needs to happen, and let the higher-self show you how it can happen, and then let your physical mind simply receive, perceive, how it did happen.

So you don’t need to carry those bags, you don’t need to carry that luggage, because it’s too heavy.

You weren’t designed to carry it. If you keep carrying it, you will be exhausted very quickly, you will start dragging, you will say, “life is a drag, this doesn’t work, I’m not having any fun why not?”

Because you’re doing too many jobs. You’re not doing the job you were designed to do only.

You’re also attempting to do the job of the higher-self. The higher-self is the you that is on the mountain top, that has the big picture, that has the far view.

The higher-self can look down at the physical mind in the valley and say, “the road is this way, I’m telling you turn left, I know that you think you’re supposed to turn right because you think you’re in charge, but I’m telling you to turn left.”

Pay attention – pay attention – pay attention, you don’t have to know how turning left is going to get you to where you want to go. I can see that it is because I am on the mountain top

You do not need to know. All you need to do is trust me, that I’m telling you the truth. Why would I do anything different because I am you?

When you understand that your higher-self is truly an aspect of you, maybe you will be willing to start listening instead of thinking that your physical mind has been taught to think it’s in charge thus doesn’t trust anyone else’s two cents.

Instead of thinking that your higher self is trying to deceive you, trying to trick you, telling yourself that you can’t listen to that guy, that girl, what does he know, what does she know about being down here in the valley?

A lot!

Because you are also it and it is also you.

What we are simply saying is this is the complete person higher self, receiver brain, physical mind, this is the complete persona.

And when you compartmentalize yourself, you are not functioning literally, not functioning as a complete person.

You are shunting responsibility, and the load of the job, to only one portion of your personality, only one portion of your persona, the physical mind.

And expecting it to take up the slack which it is not designed to do.

You’re putting too much weight on it, too much emphasis on it, and it is going to wear the physical you down to the point where it won’t matter what the higher-self says about taking this road or that road.

You’ll just be too exhausted to move, “just can’t do it sorry”.

The idea is that when you allow yourself to let the higher-self pick-up the slack by doing the job it was designed to do, your load will be lightened, you will be energized,  you will be enlightened, and you will feel freer.

You’ll feel like you have more energy than you ever imagined possible.

You will be able to move in the direction the higher-self is suggesting because you will then not be weighed down by things that you don’t have any business carrying with you.

And it will make you feel free, and you can run down the road. And that means as soon as you give up the job that isn’t yours, things will accelerate.

If you think you need to lug all this luggage down the road it is going to be slow going.

When you drop what isn’t yours, things will speed up because now you’re not carrying extra weight. Things will accelerate.

The paradox here is that because the physical mind has been taught to think it’s in charge and has to figure out how everything is going to happen it actually slows things down.

Even in the face of wanting things to speed up.

It’s doing exactly the opposite of what it actually really wants to have happen by taking on too much weight.

By letting that go and allowing yourself to function as the whole being, and trusting the “how will things happen” to the higher self.

And not thinking about it, not worrying about it in the physical mind is the “how” you’re going to get

where you know you want to be.

Then you will allow there to be balance on all levels of your being things will slow in that positive direction representative of your natural self because you will be behaving as your true interconnected holistic natural self.


Letting go by surrendering

When people talk about the idea of letting go or the topic of the idea of surrender, this is what they’re talking about.

Simply surrender to being who you actually are instead of who you’ve been taught to think you’re supposed to be.

This is what you are now realizing in this new age of transformation on your planet; that you’re not alone.

That the compartmentalized you, that you until now thought was the totality of your being is in fact nothing but a small piece of it.

And that you actually have other portions of yourself that you could be using, that you could be allowing to carry some of the load with, you but which you have refused to believe can happen.

Because of the way your personality mind, your physical mind has been taught to think about what it’s supposed to do, about what its actual responsibilities are.

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