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Annunaki are somewhat bigger, sometimes even having what you would call bluish casts to their skin and now and then some other different tones or casts to their skin, but in that sense still relatively what you would recognize as your own kind.” – Bashar

Questioner: Let’s touch on ancient extraterrestrial visitation on this planet?

There are paintings on cave walls that seem to depict flying craft and descriptions in the bible of what suggest flying craft. And in 1897 a 300 foot long air machine was reported doing cattle mutilations.


So it would seem that Earth has been visited for a great many years, millennia at least.

Bashar: Millions of years actually.

Questioner: Were the flying machines described in the bible of extraterrestrial origin?

Bashar: Some, Yes.

Questioner: Let me ask a few more questions here?

Was Moses led by an extraterrestrial craft?

Did an extraterrestrial craft part the red sea?

Was the manna that fell to the Israelites dropped by an extraterrestrial craft?

Was the wheel within the wheel that was described by Ezekiel an extraterrestrial craft?

Bashar: Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes is the short answer.

Questioner: So did the extraterrestrials actually interact with humans during those periods?

Bashar: More than they do today. Being different than the extraterrestrials interacting and observing today. Being more what you call the” progenitors” or what has been referred to as “Annunaki”.

Those that gave of their genetic material to create the humanoids on earth to begin with.

In that sense your true forefathers and foremothers.

They had a different bond with humans in that sense and could interact in a different way than we can interact with you at this point in your evolution.

Questioner: How was that bond different and why could they interact?

Bashar: Because in that sense you were literally their children at that time, you are not in that sense our children per se. (The Annunaki are human in appearance as where Bashar considers himself a hybrid/future human who resembles more the “Gray ETs”.

We do not have the same kind of relationship with you and are coming into interaction with you later on in your evolutionary period when it is obviously important to have more of a hands-off policy to allow you to make your own choices and evolve without absolute interference.

Questioner: And in certain respects since you are hybrids based on human DNA, you are our children in some sense.

Bashar: Yes.

Questioner: I’m wondering for planet earth now there’s the “freak out factor” where humans might freak out if they saw extraterrestrials and obviously they do in some cases and our government fears that.

Was this freaking out factor really not part of the ancient civilizations with whom the Annunaki interacted?

Bashar: It depends on how far back you go. Early on no, not at all.

They were used to seeing these beings all the time, and again remember that in that sense being off-shoots of their genetic material the Annunaki looked very much like you or you looked very much like them.

There were some differences, but not so much that you would as you say in your language “freak out”.

They are (Annunaki) what is referred to however in some of your ancient literature as the “Giants of those days, men of renown”.

Questioner: So they looked a lot like humans, but a whole lot bigger?

Bashar: Somewhat bigger, sometimes even having what you would call bluish casts to their skin and now and then some other different tones or casts to their skin, but in that sense still relatively what you would recognize as your own kind.

Questioner: Okay well I’m trying to get a sense of their size – are we talking about basketball player size?

Bashar: As we understand that term, yes. Seven to eight feet was not uncommon. Although also to some degree a little bit larger in stature as well.

Questioner: Okay broader.

Bashar: Yes.

Questioner: And what gave rise to the blue color of their skin.

Bashar:  Simply the idea of some addition in their blood matrix of copper and other elements.

Questioner: Okay so it would be an oxidation of copper?

Bashar: Yes.

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