What Happened to Atlantis

What Happened To Atlantis the Ancient City

According to my research, the Ancient City of Atlantis was once a technologically advanced society that was completely destroyed about 10- 12,000 years ago, by a cataclysmic event. Perhaps by the biblical flood?

Atlantis is indeed one of the great unresolved mysteries of the world today.

Many questions people have about Atlantis are:

  • How did Atlantis sink?
  • Is Atlantis Real?
  • Where is Atlantis located?
  • Facts on Atlantis?
  • When did Atlantis Sink?
  • Did Poseidon Rule Atlantis?


Where is Atlantis located

Atlantis, “where is it,” is one of the most commonly asked questions from curious seekers of the once great and powerful city. Atlantis possibly stretched from the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean, to the Canary and Azores Island’s, near Western Africa and Spain. Also the British Isles are remnants of the Northeastern part of Atlantis and this is why the small islands of Britain are such a powerful and magical place.

Also I believe that the Island of Bermuda is a remnant of Atlantis. Look at all the strange occurrences that happen in the Bermuda Triangle. This may be caused by some still functioning technology submerged underwater.

Atlantis is believed to be the size of Libya and Asia combined. Atlanteans were mystical and a very powerful society known for their engineering and architecture.

Aztecs, Mayans, Vikings, North American Indians and North Africans all have stories of a continent that disappeared after a great flood.

Plato was a student of Socrates, he wrote two dialogues, Timaeus  and Critias around 355 B.C. which specifically refers to Atlantis. Plato learned about Atlantis by a Greek political leader named Solon. Solon learned about Atlantis while visiting Egyptian Priests.

Edgar Cayce, known as the “Sleeping Prophet” in 1938 predicted the discovery of Atlantis  during one of his self-induced sleep states. Cayce had the ability to place his mind in contact with all time and space.

He could access the Akashic Records, which is like a Universal Library of  everything that has ever been thought, said, or done.

The Bimini Road was discovered in 1968 in the western most part of the Bahamas. Is it possible that the Bimini Road was once part of the continent of Atlantis?

Some researchers believe that it is a man-made road, while others believe that it is a natural beach rock that happened to fracture. Edgar Cayce referred to Bimini as one of the mountaintops of Atlantis.

Many of the people of Atlantis had forewarning about a possible attack on their continent. Many fled to different parts of the world including North America, Central and South America, Africa, Spain, and Great Britain.


Underwater Diving helmet

The Mayans and Atlantis

The Mayan civilization was located in Southern Mexico and Guatemala.The Mayans had met a man named Kukulcan around the time after the sinking of Atlantis, who had taught the Mayan natives about government, agriculture, medicine and astronomy. The Mayans viewed Kukulcan as a god because of his vast knowledge and authority.

Also in Egypt, kingdoms were being established along with all the same teachings as Kukulcan. The movie 10,000 B.C. gives you an idea of what was happening around this time in Egypt. Pyramid building is synonymous with Atlantis.


Native Americans and Atlantis

I believe that Native Americans are a hybrid race of indigenous people and  Atlantean survivors. Native Americans are synonymous with spiritual wisdom, pagan rituals, and connection to earth and Mother Nature. Perhaps all contributions from their Atlantean ancestors.

Some believe that Atlanteans were an extra terrestrial race of beings from Mars. Mars once had an atmosphere and terrain similar to earth but a cataclysmic event made Mars uninhabitable.

So the people of Mars came to Earth for relocation purposes, and set up their civilization on a continent in the Atlantic Ocean and on Mt Olympus in Greece.



Atlantis was founded by the sea-god Poseidon, and was named after Poseidon’s first-born son Atlas, is the popular belief. According to the scholar Alan Alford, the name “Atlantis ” translates into the daughter of Atlas. It is derived from the root ‘ tlao ‘, to suffer or to bear. Literally ‘ A-tlao ‘ to bear or suffer together.  Now apparently there was some type of war between Atlantis, (Poseidon) and the Athenians in Greece (Zeus).

It may be possible that Zeus used a weapon of mass destruction to destroy Atlantis. Zeus was known for throwing thunderbolts which was probably a metaphor for nuclear power or an atomic blast.

We tend to believe that now we reached a height of civilization that has never been touched. This is not true, civilization has reached higher advancements than where we are now. Do you really believe that workers were able to build the pyramids using ropes and pulleys.

I say during the building of the Great Pyramids, an advanced civilization had constructed the pyramids using superior technology than we have today.

Did you know that the head on the Sphinx is not the original. If you take a look at it you will notice that the head is too small for the body. The head of a much later Pharaoh was carved out of the original head of the Sphinx.

This was probably done around the beginning of the fall of Egypt. The original head of the Sphinx was of a Lion, because it was built during the age of Leo the Lion. The three great pyramids and the Sphinx were built using Atlantean technology.

Most of Atlantean people, culture and technology got absorbed into nearby areas after the cataclysm. Crystals were widely used during the time of Atlantis. Here is a list of common uses for crystals:

- Healing, childbirth, crossing over
- Meditation, awakening, increasing psychic abilities
- Increasing mental capacity and clarity of thought
- Science and technology
- Dematerialization – teleportation – telekinesis
- Magnetic force fields
- Libraries – storing records and other knowledge, much like a computer
- Botany and agriculture
- Weather Control
- Huge crystal tower power generators

It is believed that ancient pyramids would have a giant crystal on top of it to harness the energies of the sun, moon, stars, and earth. A crystal can be recharged by placing it in the sun for at least several hours. The larger the crystal the more power it will have.

I have carried a charged crystal in my pocket several times to see what effect it would have on people. What it did for me was it increased my vibration and gave my body a stronger output signal. I noticed when people came up to talk to me, that on some level they could sense the crystal too.

They seemed as if they were enjoying the energy coming out of me. What they were really experiencing was the charged crystal that I was carrying.

Crystals and Atlantis

A crystal is also a useful tool to attract negative energies in a room. I leave one in my truck to absorb my negativity while I am driving. It is very easy to get frustrated while driving and a crystal can be a handy tool to absorb those negative energies.

When you decide to clean your crystals of accumulated energy just place it in a window where it can get the sun. Or soak it in sea salt water for an hour. You can also bury your crystal in the earth overnight to ground the energies back into earth.


Halloween celebration and the Atlantis connection

Halloween is actually a commemoration of the day before the destruction of Atlantis.

The vibrations of the people of Atlantis became very polarizing so to speak. Because of the polarities in spirit it is only natural that physical destruction would occur as it did.

Even though there were many natural cataclysms throughout Atlantis’s history the one that dealt the final blow was an asteroid that caused massive tsunamis that wiped Atlantis off the map.

There are actually remnants of the asteroid that wiped out Atlantis on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Caribbean Islands as well as the British Isles are the remnants of what was once the continent of Atlantis.


Coming Back Full Circle

Many many Atlanteans are re-incarnating at this time particularly in America and Europe. They are giving themselves an opportunity to decide if they want to continue to go the same way (destructive) or will they go a new route.


Source: David Icke – Human Race Get Off Your Knees







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