Ashayana Deane – Ascension Mechanics Project Camelot Interview

Millions of people throughout the world take tranquilizers each day to combat depression but this does not tackle its root cause which is found in the basic state of the internal energies of the psyche.

Basically the energy of the psyche needs to change from low states to spiritual ones.

It requires inner observation, the destruction of the egos, and alchemical transformation.”  – Belsebuub, Self-Knowledge for Spiritual Awakening

A commenter on my blog named Caitlin informed me about this interview.

I have watched about a dozen videos on Project Camelot but I have never heard of Ashayana Deane before.

So being an open-minded person I decided to check it out.

I waited until October to write about this interview because I thought the material would be more appropriate for Weirdo October Month.

First let me tell you the video is in 3 parts and over 7 hours long, and Ashayana is like a machine giving out information that I have never even heard of before.

I took notes about ideas that I resonated with, but I do recommend that you watch the video to get all the information, because she uses many charts and graphs in her presentation.

As always – with any information you read, see, or hear be sure to use your inner guidance system before you believe something to be true, or before you totally dismiss something. Information just means – in-formation.

Grey Alien ET

The Interview with Ashayana Deane

Ashayana Deane is an American author and speaker who specializes in the subject of Human Ascension.

Ashayana claims to be in contact with a group of inter-dimensionals called the “Guardian Alliance” – a group of ETs who protect the secrets of ascension and the star gates on this planet and others from what they call the self-interested Intruder races.

She has contact with them not through channeling – but rather electronic data-streaming inter-dimensionally also known as Keylontic Transmission.

Ascension is evolution it’s really about re-evolution.

The Guardian Alliances call it re-evolutionary determinism, there is a predetermined framework of creation within where creation occurs – but you have freewill within that framework.

And you start out as part of the whole – they refer to it as the God Source Consciousness Field.

And from that place you can enter into material experience (descend into physical matter) that is all taking place within that God-Source Consciousness Field.

There is no place outside of God. All of this takes place within the body of the Consciousness of the God Source.

This is in alignment with my beliefs about who we really are.

We came from a Source known as “God”. We broke off into separate beings (physical humans) yet we are still connected energetically to God. Unfortunately, we don’t consciously live this way every day.

We are still suffering from “who we really are” amnesia.

Sho Na Net Field Earth


The Earth’s Energy is a Food Source

When I heard this part of the interview I was reminded of something I read in David Icke’s books.

Icke claims that interdimensional beings that live in the lower fourth dimension use the Earth as a food source.

Apparently where they live there is no real food or energy source.

They basically live in a black hole that is lifeless. It’s a dying system that is on its last leg and these beings are desperate not to let that happen.

Ashayana makes a similar claim in her interview. The beings that reside in the black hole system “parasite” off the Earth’s energy grid system.

The Earth is “quantum food” for them.

All living things in our Universe have a system in place that allows energy in and energy out – including planets and people.

These negative beings have harnessed energy from the Earth system to send back to their black hole system. Its total survival for these beings, it’s not personal.

These beings no longer have emotional bodies, you can’t rationalize with them. Ashayana says that the collapse of their black hole system is inevitable. It’s just a matter of time before it backfires on them.

Take Responsibility for your energy

Anchoring Positive Energy into the Earth Field

We are energetic beings and we are always anchoring energy through us.

Some knowingly do this daily by opening up their hearts and the other chakras to let the good energy in.

Some people even have the “genes” that unknowingly do this without even knowing it.

Unfortunately the majority of people are anchoring negative energy into our world.

Negative states like fear, stress, worry and hurry all allow for the human body to anchor in negative energy that doesn’t serve you or the Earth, but it does feed the negative beings system.

They should send you a “thank you” card.

It’s so important for humanity to make the “shift” from being grounded in a fear based “lack” society, to one of love and abundance.

If we don’t make this shift we could experience real problems on Earth.

You don’t have to spend all day being positive, rather just start out by taking mini breaks during the day to quiet your mind and be still. Say out loud or write down 5 things you are grateful for.

Take a nap, go for a walk. Whatever it takes to make you feel positively aligned.


Our DNA and Why We Have No Recollection of Who We Really Are

The Sho-Na Net Field is a containment net or harness around the Earth.

It’s a torsion field that constantly circles energy in on itself, but does not have a connection to anything outside itself except what it can feed off at its center – its core.

All of these net systems according to Ashayana are plugged into the HAARP system.

The net systems are responsible for literally wiping out the DNA of humans.

Science has proven that DNA is sensitive to radiation and electromagnetism. You mess with the DNA and you mess with the memory and health of that being.

Just like the net is blocking the natural and current flows that should be coming to the planet.

It also blocks the energy and memory that should be going through your DNA. This is why you are basically born in a state of amnesia.

You can watch Part 1 of the video here.

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