Are you Being Fairly Compensated for your Work

When your self-worth goes up, your net worth goes up with it.” – Mark Victor Hansen

Self-worth comes from one thing – thinking that you are worthy.” – Wayne Dyer

Do you have a well paying job?

A well paying job would serve your well-being. So first you would have to define an amount of money that would work for you in support your well-being.

I like to use the example of needing to receive 10 times the amount of my outgoing monthly expenses.

So, if your monthly outgoing expenses is $5000 a month you would need to be earning $50,000 a month in order to support your well-being.

This may seem like a stretch to your mind but believe me there are many people on our planet who experience this kind of lifestyle.

Money was created as an alternative to trading your energy in order to get something that you want.

Before the use of money people would trade a beaver pelt for a hunting knife or I’ll help build your barn if you give me corn for the summer as an example.

This is all that money really is, a medium of energy exchange between two or more people.

So much month at the end of the money

Money is being devalued because people are devaluing themselves

Yes, this is true.

People have steadily been devaluing themselves over time and as a result, we have devalued our money.

Value, yourself.

Know your value.

Do you know your value?

Think about it, your are worthy or you wouldn’t exist because “Creation” doesn’t make pointless things.

Money - $100

Money is used as a medium for exchanging energy

There was a time we used heavy coins as a substitute for trading (something that we value), but that became too burdensome so we opted for paper money or a note as a means of exchange for goods and services.

We had to come up with something physical to take the place of energy which is in spirit or not made up of matter. That’s where paper money comes into play.

Every dollar that touches your hands has the energetic imprint of everyone that has ever touched it. That’s a lot of energy going around.

You can now realize that paper money is not valuable; your energy is where the real value is.

You’ve heard people talk about “flows of money,” but what is really flowing is energy (life-force).

If you could view money as it really is, you would see that money is a metaphor for energy that someone spent doing work as in a career, job or service.

One of the problems that I noticed when you get a “job” is that you seldom are paid enough for the amount of time and energy that you put in.

It’s usually a pittance and barely enough to pay the bills, and heaven forbid actually create some kind of lifestyle for yourself.

It’s also shocking to me how much physical jobs are undervalued considering how much energy one exudes when working.

If person A contributes energy in the form of work for person B, then person B can either reciprocate with his work or balance the energy interaction with money.

If this exchange does not take place in a fair and balanced way, someone is giving out more energy then they are receiving.

This is common in the workforce today unless you are a higher-up in the company as in a CEO.

I have never worked for someone else and felt that I was being fairly compensated and once you consider how much time, energy, and thought, that goes into your job, it can become all-consuming.

I remember a particular conversation that I had with a co-worker a few years back: she said that she schedules her whole life around her job. What has become of us?

I’m not suggesting that you don’t contribute to the world in meaningful ways but we need to re-consider how much we are to being compensated for our efforts.

Most jobs start you off on a mediocre salary or hourly rate (the minimum that the employer can get away with) and after deductions you are left with very little for yourself.

This leads to general apathy and under-performance in the workplace to say the least.

Some jobs offer commission which causes the over-zealous salesperson to do whatever it takes to make the sale, it’s even worse if they are on a 100% commission job. Think insurance agents.

The NFL is experiencing a lock-out due to the dispute between players and owners.

The players think that they are not being fairly compensated and the owners want to add two more games to the schedule.

Both parties are making a fortune compared to the rest of the world but neither one believes that the money exchange is fair.

It’s more fair and balanced compared to the rest of America’s working class.

Happiness is a choice

Loss of choice because of lack of money

How often are you denied what you want to do or where you want to go because you don’t have the money?

This is a common experience for most people now a days. Your life, the box you live in keeps getting smaller and more limiting.

You Don't have to be crazy to work here_opt

The work system is outdated

The current work system has been in place going back to the eighteenth and nineteenth century when workers were needed during the industrial revolution.

There was a high demand for hard-working and disciplined people that are good at doing what they are told.

There were even children working until laws were passed to prevent that.

What happened as a result of child-laws was that the school system was set-up exactly how a workplace environment would be set-up.

School is a way to program your children to be an obedient work slave for someone else.

The principal is the boss, the teacher would be the manager, and the students are the employees. Getting sent to the Principals office is the same as getting called to Human Resources.

The general theme is the same. Crazy isn’t it?

You are being conditioned to be an employee the minute you start going to school.

This causes children to be conditioned early on and prepared to go out and work for someone else. No wonder more parents are beginning to home-school their kids.

 Change your beliefs

Expect to be fairly compensated for your time and energy

We didn’t incarnate here on earth to spend the majority of our time, and more importantly our energy, in a job that causes us stress, anxiety, and worry.

Every good entrepreneur understands the importance of valuing their time and themselves accordingly.

You would think that wealthy people would be giving their time away for free.

This is not true.

That is why many ex U.S. Presidents and other already successful people are earning anywhere from $10,000 to $300,000 or more just to speak in front of an audience.

They know their value and they expect to be paid accordingly!

I had always thought that getting a traditional job was a bad idea unless it involved freedom and promoted independence.

Most jobs do the opposite.

I’m also sure that there are some awesome jobs out there with great work environments and good benefits.

There have been many documentaries on t.v. about how businesses are offering exercise rooms, massages, beds, cafeterias and other in-house benefits to their employees in order to keep them rejuvenated.


Google comes to mind as an ideal work environment, at least according to the movie: The Internship starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

At least this is a step in the right direction if you like being an employee.

 Henry Ford Quote

What Are You Already Doing For Free

I took a look at things that I already do for free like helping people with landscaping, home-improvement projects, reading lots of personal development material, helping people with personal challenges and reading blogs.

I asked myself how could I do this and get paid for it?

I do some paid landscaping now and I also started my blog on personal development. Offering e-mail and telephone consultations to anyone who is in need of help.

Monetizing what we are already doing for free, that’s my new motto.

I would recommend adding at least one more income stream to your life, even if you start doing it on the side.

Just get something that you enjoy, and are good at, and find a way to monetize it.

Working for yourself is no easier then being employed, but at least you get to set your own prices and hours for your work, instead of having someone else do it for you.

The current money system is already in place, and unless you live in some remote village, then you are probably participating in it. Why not take control of it and become your own boss?

And last but not least in order to attract the kind of wealth in your life that you deserve then you need to change your belief’s about money. Your life and money is a direct reflection of your belief’s.

Get the confidence you need to ask for a pay raise.

Here’s how to do it.

Go into your employers office and tell them all the ways that you save them money.

Let them know that the business is investing in you and that you are worthy of a raise.

Remember that you need to value yourself first before anyone else will.

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