Amazing Top 10 Reasons to Exercise in the Morning

This is a guest post from Kate Wilsson.

“To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.” – Gene Tunney

Exercising everyday is very essential and inevitable to ensure a healthy mind, body and soul and to live longer as well.

Health is wealth and it should be given priority by accompanying it by an exercise and work-out regime to be followed and done first thing in the morning on a regular basis. There are a host of advantages if you start your day by opting for a good exercise and work-out program.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 advantages of exercising in the morning


1. Ensures a happier life – If you exercise early morning, soon after you get up every day, it elevates your mood, makes you feel lively and active and imparts a positive thinking to your outlook which makes your day and readies you to face the hurdles with ease and enjoy life to the fullest. It gives you a good start, making you feel refreshed and happier throughout the length of the day.


2. More mind power less stress – Exercising first thing in the morning increases mental acuity and ensures better and increased flow of blood to the brain. This lasts for hours after exercise and hence gives more brain power for creative ideas to flow in and to handle stress more comfortably and easily.


3. Makes you feel more energetic – A good start leads to a good day’s work and a satisfactory end as well and if a day begins on an active note, with an exercise routine, it makes you feel energetic throughout the day with an alert and sharp mind to work and perform well.


4. Become more confident and comfortable – Waking up almost at the same time everyday and exercising on a regular basis immediately after getting up helps adjust the baby’s endocrine system and circadian rhythms. Hence, even before getting up, the body starts preparing itself for a fixed work-out regime while in sleep. It makes your body adapt to the routine of waking up early, making it simpler without confusing your mind. Once your hormones get involved in the activity, exercise begins to elevate your mind and body by regulating blood pressure, heart rate and blood flow to the muscles, thereby increasing your confidence and comfortableness level.


5. Improves physical appearance – Research says that early morning air is free of dirt and dust, and hence the fresh air imparts a special glow to your skin, which in turn makes you look more attractive. Moreover, exercising everyday helps you to be in shape and look beautiful as well, thereby giving you confidence to face the outside world with more comfort and ease.

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6. Time for yourself – Busy hectic schedules often end up with exercise taking a back seat and ultimately skipping out of your daily routine. Early morning exercise ensures that something else would not throw exercise out of your heavy schedule. Moreover, exercise-time is the time when you totally focus on yourself and you might not get this opportunity if you leave it for the later hours of the day.


7. Prevents injuries and diseases – Exercising and inhaling the fresh morning air strengthens muscles, keeps heart in excellent shape, makes you less prone to physical injuries and ensures control over many hormonal diseases like hypothyroidism, hypertension and slow metabolism as well, thereby keeping you fit and fine.


8. Regulates appetite – Early morning exercise sessions help in regulating the appetite structure throughout the day as it does not make you feel as hungry as before and assists in making better food choices, thereby infusing a better mindset in you.


9. Helps burn fat 24×7 – When you involve in exercising as the first thing in the morning your metabolism level pumps up to remarkable levels and even keeps it elevated for hours at a stretch, sometimes even for as long as 24 hours. This means that it enables your body to keep burning fat and losing calories through the length of the day just because you consistently exercise and work-out immediately after getting up in the morning every day. This makes all odds fall into place for you and work in your favor of losing weight and living healthy.


10. More restful nights – Exercising everyday and making it a part of your morning routine makes you get better sleep at night naturally, without having to fall back on tablets and other options or sources to fight insomnia. For most of the people, it becomes an appointed time-table of their morning schedule which takes complete control and care of their body, mind and soul, giving them a peaceful night’s sleep.

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