Achieve Your Goals by Seeing From the End

Many people set goals and then assume the path to reach the goal will require suffering and sacrifice — a recipe for failure.  

A better idea is to set a goal and pay attention to the effect it has on your present reality.  Set goals that yield a positive effect on your life whenever you think about them, long before the final outcome is actually achieved. 

Treat goal-setting as a way to enhance your present reality, not as a way to control the future.- Steve Pavlina

How to set goals and how to achieve goals is a mixture of art and science.

And more importantly you want to be sure that you are setting smart goals and not goals that will produce little to no fruit for you.

Knowing our end result when setting goals  is the same as an artist that steps back and looks at his creation. He knows the outcome that he desires yet the process isn’t always certain or pretty.

I had the unique experience of driving past a tree sculptor who was carving an American Eagle, holding a fish in his talons, out of a tree that was cut flush at the top, about fifteen feet from the ground.

Apparently this tree on his property had split in the middle during a violent storm, and instead of just cutting down the rest of the tree he decided to turn it into a piece of art.

Now of course I had no idea what this guy was doing at first.

All I saw was some yellow scaffolding and a man with a chainsaw cutting away at this tree.

After about four days of driving past this man working I began to see some shape to his creation.

I still couldn’t perceive what this sculptor was creating but I knew it was going to be cool.

By the second week the sculptor was using hand chisels to fine tune his work. I could make out the shape of an eagle and was simply amazed at what the sculptor was creating.

Keep in mind that everyday I rode past the house the man was sculpting and chiseling on his masterpiece creation.

After about four weeks the man finished his wood sculpture, including painting it, and it was simply awesome.

There were literally cars lined up to talk with this man while he was sculpting because of the pure amazement of his feat.

The final creation was beautiful and will be seen by others for hundreds of years.

Eagle Tree Carving by Jim Calder Jr

Tree Carving by Jim Calder Jr


Seeing from the end to achieve goals.

The point of this story has to do with how I set goals. I start from the end.

I visualize my end result using my mind and imagination. I imagine how it would feel, how it will look, what it means to me.

Now that I have my target goal I set my intention to align my mind and actions with it. I do some research by reading books and finding how others achieved the same goal as I intended to.

Now it is time to take massive action by doing the things that I have learned. I’ll give you a quick example of one of my goals that I achieved:

I started my blog in January 2011.

The first time I checked my Alexa ranking it was ranked 12,000,000 in the world. I wasn’t happy with that number and I wanted to do something about it.

I mentally set a goal to get my blog’s Alexa ranking under 100,000 within six months.

I read as many blogs as I could about lowering my Alexa ranking and I did exactly as I learned.

Writing guest-posts, commenting on other blogs and submitting my site to web directories guided me to getting my Alexa ranking lowered.

My current Alexa ranking as of September 2, 2011 is 93,000 in the world.

Not too shabby in just eight short months of consistent focus and action. 🙂

Take Action

How about you?

Pick one important goal to work on, visualize your you end result, learn from authorities and experts in the area that you wish to improve and take massive action.

Update: I was reading my local paper and I came across an article titled: Bald Eagle soars in White Hall backyard.

Our noted artist strikes again to carve another broken tree into a masterpiece. The tree sculpting whiz is none other than Jim Calder Jr. of Chesapeake, Va.

Calder claims that he does 30 carvings a year and he said if he were to stop taking commissions today he’d be busy for the next two years.

Calder says that he works by instinct and that he normally carves eight-hour days and finishes most jobs in a week.

Jim Calder Jr. attended Harvard and graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He was an engineer for some time until 1981 when he decided to carve full-time.

One of his ancestors;  Alexander M Calder, who created the 37 foot tall bronze statue of William Penn that tops Philadelphia’s City Hall; and Alexander Calder, famous mobiles and outdoor sculptures that can be found worldwide.

Calder’s commissions range from $5000 to $200,000 for a 40-foot totem pole.

Most of his clients are homeowners who want something special on their property. Calder just published “So You Thought You Couldn’t Cut It – A Beginners Guide to Wood Carving.”

All proceeds go to The Young Voices Foundation, which assisted Calder in publishing the book.

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