Abraham Hicks – When to go General and When to be Specific

Hard work is not the path to Well- Being. Feeling good is the path to Well-Being.

You don’t create through action; you create through vibration. And then, your vibration calls action from you.”  – Abraham Hicks

Abraham is a group consciousness spoken through the human vehicle known as Esther Hicks.

Questioner: I have been intending this for weeks to be the first (to talk to Abraham), so I appreciate this confirmation.

I know not to ask “out of the vortex” questions so that that doesn’t matter, so I guess I wanted some clarification.

Because I used to think that I needed to – when a fear came up – I needed to use the emotional guidance scale and get rid of it, and then recently I heard you say that it’s not your job to clean up your issues it’s your job to ignore your issues.

I was wondering if you could speak more on that?

Abraham Hicks

Abraham: We were talking about that human tendency to want to get to the bottom of something, and you have to have noticed – there’s no bottom.

Because when you focus on what you don’t want the law of attraction just says, “here’s more, here’s more, have more, have more, have more,” and so the more you focus upon what you don’t want the more you split your energy, and the more you lock into those grids that aren’t your central grid.

And so it’s a wonderful realization to come to that, and we appreciated your introducing of the word intended, we’ve been talking a lot about segment intending.

Because we’re just going to give something to you straight out, your question is really asking for it so you’ll hear it so easily.

The best deliberate creating is done in advance not after the fact.

In other words by intending or what we have called pre-paving – out there where the air is clearer you can get momentum going that set things in motion, but if you wait until you’ve got something that you don’t want and then you try to sort of get rid of that – what happens is you get more invested in it than you do letting go of it.

And so rather than having a knee jerk response to things – it’s like “not segment intending” just sort of “blundering” is a strong word and pretty appropriate – blundering unconsciously into your day.

When you sort of just stumble out there and then let whatever come comes, and then you get off on a reactionary stance it’s much more difficult.

In fact, it’s so difficult that we’ve been saying – and this may be what you’re referring to – “just ride it out” when something goes wrong.

Just accept the momentum of it and just ride it out, and take a nap as soon as possible, or meditate as soon as possible, or take a walk or run as soon as possible.

In other words – don’t try to deal with it.

Have you ever tried to clean up an argument with someone?

It’s not even possible because they’re all smarter than you are, or they think they are. And so just let it go, just let it go, but in advance get ready for the next.

So here’s a piece of understanding that we have not defined this clearly before, your question really asks for it in a strong way – you’re going to like this.

So you understand the concept of the grid and sort of make sense that I’ve got this vibrational basis and when I step into my full power everything goes better.

So here I am feeling good, and I’m thinking about something that’s way out there.

Maybe the birth of babies that haven’t even been conceived yet, or a relationship and I haven’t met the person yet, or a business that I will have some day that I have not established yet or prepared for yet.

Something way out there in my future.

Well the further out there it is the more it behooves you to be general about it, because when you try to be specific about something that you don’t have information about – you just get frustrated and it makes you feel you are lacking.

So the more general you are such as how it’s going to be great – I’m going to live happily ever after – I’m so looking for things falling into place – I know I’ll know it when I see it – I don’t have to figure it out right now – things always work out for me – I’ll know what to do when the time is right -I’ll be guided every step along the way.

Those general statements allow your energy to be clear, and all that is necessary for you to get everything that’s in your vortex or to achieve a grid that allows everything in your vortex to just flow in the perfect timing and sequence – all that’s required for that is that you keep a smooth energy pattern going on.

That’s the power of meditation. Meditation takes you to the most general of pure vibration. When you meditate you stop thought, when you stop thought you stop resistance, when there’s no resistance everything can flow into your experience you see. (A powerful force for manifesting what you desire).

So the further out there it is the more general you are. But let’s say you’re sitting here in this room – you know that you want to be in the chair you already defined that you want to be the first in the chair.

Now it’s time to get specific about it.

In other words – something less general, something more specific such as, “I really think it will be fun to be in that chair, I really like the idea of having a dialogue with Abraham, I really like the idea of having a conscious dialogue where we are exchanging communication – where we are getting on the same vibrational wave length and taking thought beyond that which it had been before.”

A much more specific conversation.

For example when you get into your automobile to drive somewhere be present. Get real specific.

I’m going to put my hands on the steering wheel, I’m going to pay attention to what I’m doing, I’m going to enjoy this moment, I’m going to engage consciously with other drivers, I’m going to have a sense of what others are doing on the road.

I’m going to be at one with my vehicle, I’m going to have everything in my vicinity in my awareness whether I’m using my physical senses.

You use your hearing much more in driving than you realize

I’m going to use my physical senses – I’m going to use my eyes and my ears – I’m going to be at one with my vehicle, but I’m going to sense intuitively what other drivers around me are doing.

That’s a really specific conversation that you’re having with yourself and because you’re just about to get into your vehicle – it’s good to be really specific.

You don’t want to be in that general sense, “whatever will be – will be things just work out for me, I think I’ll take a nap while I Drive up to Stanford.”

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