A Ghostly Encounter

During the summer I often help out at my grandfather’s farm. A couple years back I had the strangest encounter.

My grandfather owns a 30 acre farm which he rents out most of the land to farmers to grow either alfalfa or feed corn.

I often weed the flower gardens and prune the shrubs at the farm and discard the debris in an obscure location way at the back of the farm along the fence.

One afternoon I was driving the old John Deere tractor with a cart full of debris to dump it off. Usually what I do is turn off the tractor, then detach the cart and dump it along the fence. I usually have my earbuds in listening to something on You Tube while I work.

It was a beautiful, sunny day, about 80 degrees with clear blue skies.

After I finished dumping the debris I was attaching the cart back to the tractor when I noticed on the other side of the wooden farm fence an older man and a young boy.

The man, who had whitish, gray hair and a neatly trimmed beard waved to me. He had such a nice, gentle, kind face. I was sort of taken off guard, because I had never seen anyone on the other side of the fence.

He said “Hi” to me and introduced himself as Tony and the little blonde-haired boy that he had propped up on top of the fence post was named Toby.

I told him my name and said I was helping my grandfather out on his farm today. I noticed Tony had an English accent, which I liked because my paternal grandmother was born outside of London.

We talked for a few more minutes. Tony told me he was in town for a few weeks visiting his daughter and that Toby was his grandson. It was so weird seeing someone on the other side of the fence and Tony was just so kind, it was surreal.

I said “goodbye” to Tony and Toby and said it was a pleasure speaking with him.

As I hopped on the tractor and began heading back to my grandfather’s farmhouse I looked back to see Tony and Toby but they were gone. I figured they must be walking back to his daughter’s house which was along the road and next to the farm.

After a few days I forgot about the encounter.

A few months later I was painting a small portion of my grandfather’s fence along the road when I noticed a car pull into the house at the end of my grandfather’s property and not too far from where I met Tony and Toby.

I walked over and said “Hi” to the attractive lady who looked to be in her mid-forties. I introduced myself and then asked her if she had a son named Toby and was her father’s name Tony. The look on her face after I asked her that question made me shutter inside.

She asked me how do I know about them. I told her that I chatted with them a few months ago at the bottom of the corn field. Once again, she had this visibly angry and sad look on her face. I asked her if she was okay.

What she was about to tell me made my heart and mind skip and beat.

She said, “My father and Toby were killed in a car accident 20 years ago.” She told me that her father had visited her during Christmas and they, along with her and her husband were in a bad car accident together.

Out where we live we get something called “Black Ice.” Black ice is when the asphalt road has a layer of ice on it, but you can’t see it until it is too late. One winter we had dozens of accidents and several deaths back on these country roads.

The husband and wife survived the accident, Tony and Toby were not so lucky. Tony and Toby were flown to Shock Trauma Hospital but neither recovered from their head and neck injuries.

She hesitantly removed her wallet from her purse and removed a picture of Tony and a picture of Toby. They were exactly as I had remembered them. I told her I must have made some kind of mistake and please forgive me.

She walked away from me towards her house and I went back to painting the fence. My mind was in a state of psychotic shock and I took me a long time before my body and mind regained some sense of normalcy.

I wondered to myself, did I dream this encounter.

When I went home later that day I went online and researched friendly, ghostly encounters and learned that hundreds of people have had similar experiences.

I felt less weird after learning about that, but I still am concerned if I have another encounter, and what if the ghosts aren’t so friendly next time.

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