47 Guy Finley Quotes and Key Lessons

Statistics vary, but in less than seven years there won’t be a single cell left in any of our bodies that’s the same as it is today.

This means that any human being who ‘wants’ to change is like a mountain river wanting to reach the valley floor. It’s a done deal; that’s what mountain rivers do, and ‘changing’ should be our first nature.” – Guy Finley

I am a huge fan and reader of Guy Finley and his Life of Learning Foundation website. He has a most interesting background and more importantly, he has been paramount in my spiritual growth.

I’m not perfect and I am not an expert, however I am learning and growing each and every day while sharing what I have learned with like-minded people.

If you follow me on social media you have probably seen me link to one of Guy’s articles or quoted one of his many brilliant sayings.

I decided to share some of Guy’s words of wisdom with you and to also add a link to Guy’s website at the bottom of this post.

I stumbled upon Guy’s writings online over a decade ago and have decidedly chosen to remain a student of his work up until this day.

It’s not uncommon for most people to reach for food or a drink when they are having a bad day. I reach for Guy Finley’s writings.

The limit of your present understanding is not the limit of your possibilities Guy Finley

Below are some of my favorite Guy Finley quotes and words of wisdom.

1.“Most people pounce on others as they do — when they do — not because they want to cause pain, but because they’re afraid of being hurt. To see this truth is to realize that the real enemy of relationship is fear itself; for this dark state that dwells in the unenlightened heart knows that the best way to protect itself is by being first to find fault with another.”

2.“Talking to ourselves to comfort ourselves makes sense only until we realize that talking to what troubles us, in the hopes of quieting it down, is like blowing kisses to a fire hoping that a show of affection will cool its flame.”

3.“The only reason your mind won’t stop its endless chattering… is because you won’t stop listening to it!”

4. “One way to measure your own fears is to count the number of personal questions you’ve allowed others to answer for you.”

5. “It really doesn’t matter which way the wind blows — or how often it may suddenly change direction — as long as you remain at the helm of your ship, never losing sight of the harbor towards which you sail.”

6. “We can never really stop jumping through hoops until we realize that the only thing waiting for us on the other side is the same fearful nature that’s shouting at us to jump!”

7.“Remember that all dark thoughts and feelings require our consent to punish us and that these negative states are, in themselves, literally nothing without the powers we grant them. Then, in this same bright moment of recalling the truth of ourselves, we are made the conqueror of what would overcome us!”

8.“Remember you’re not the only one in the world.”

Being fully present is the best guarantee for a bright future Guy Finley

9.“Never give unhappiness any excuse, any consolation, any release, any hope, any purpose, or any voice. Always give unhappiness your awakened intention not to make its sorry condition your life.”

10.“Any form of measuring yourself by an unkind action of another towards you is like looking into a badly fractured mirror and then blaming yourself for the shattered image that you see there.”

11. “Although virtually unseen, the biggest problem with taking the “easy way” is that not only does it get easier each time to take that path, but with each stretch of it that you walk your weakness gets that much stronger.”

12.“Face those fearful feelings.”

13. “Judging yourself — or another — for a weakness detected is how the false self deflects, and then rejects what could be a moment of saving grace… by turning it into an unconscious act of “saving face.””

14. “Never fear the loss of what will and must… disappear.”

15. “All negative “I”s are effectively blind because they are enclosed within the walls of what they don’t want, and unable to see anything else. Their prison, and its pain, is inseparable from their perception of life.”

16.“There are countless opportunities presented each day for you to be free now. Your awareness of the power of now can transform each challenging life moment into a new and true beginning for you. Learning how to use these moments leads to real inner change.”

17.“Make it your moment-to-moment practice to stay awake, and to watch for all the opportunities that your own now presents. Keep your efforts personal, practical, and to the point.”

18. “Take responsibility for your life experience.”

The strength of any weakness within us is the degree to which it is feared. Guy Finley

19. “There is really no such thing as a shaky situation, so any time you start to tremble, don’t look around you for the fault: look inward. It’s the inner ground you’re standing on that isn’t solid. Any weakness faced by looking in this new direction becomes the foundation of a new strength. Face those fearful feelings. Fearlessness follows.”

20. “It’s important for you to see that holding on to some hurt, or hatred, over what others may have done to you in the past, makes you their slave in the here and now. Is that what you want? Learn to ask for something new by refusing to relive what’s been tearing at you. This higher request releases you from raging resentments.”

21.“The nature of what the Divine notices about you is completely different from the nature of what you do to get noticed.”

22. “Look around you, wherever you may be and at any moment. Try to see through the roles of actors and actresses crossing this or that stage of life; look past their appearances and seeming differences and you’ll find all share one thing in common: people do the things they do in order to try and provide themselves with a feeling of being complete.”

23. “We are all experts on the topic of ourselves, and given the smallest opening we will turn everything into an opportunity to expound on that topic. People do not talk to one another; they talk to themselves. No matter what topic they bring up, it is really about themselves. When others twist that topic to fit their own needs, the originator of the topic gets irritated. And each time people turn the topic to themselves, or feel annoyed because the topic has been turned away from them, they cut themselves off.”

24. “It is the nature of the false self to be self-centered.”

25. “The more you identify with some imagined place — or time — where you will at last be able to slow down and rest, the faster you rush to get there.”

26. “If anxious thoughts and feelings had any power to help us reach some place in life where, finally, we’d be released from the pain of always feeling rushed… don’t you think we’d have reached there by now!”

27.“If we want to understand why we feel troubled as we do, we need only “tune-in” to the parts of ourselves we’re listening to. All the “sounds” of life are revelatory, but none are perfunctory; so, if we keep hearing discordant thoughts and feelings within us — whose vibrations disturb us — it isn’t because life sings this song.”

28. “Psychologically speaking, what is true requires no protection, and never becomes negative when challenged. On the other hand, what is false almost never stops trying to protect itself, which it does by finding fault with whatever or whoever challenges the false image behind which it always hides.”

29.“There are many times when human beings are a study in stupidity. Just as we can see that distracting ourselves or otherwise concealing a pain has nothing in common with healing it, the same holds true in our relationship with self-wrecking states: more often than not our tendency is to be self-deceiving rather than be self-studying — where instead of doing the necessary inner work of illuminating the still-darkened corners of our consciousness, we look for ways to escape the fears that breed there like ghosts in a haunted house.”

Nothing in the Universe can stop you from letting go and starting over Guy Finley

30. “Through a host of social and cultural mandates, we have been conditioned to believe that not only must whatever we suspect is “wrong” with us be hidden from the world around us, but such imperfections must also be kept from ourselves as well. Such ideas serve nothing but the sickness they help to conceal.”

31. “The longer any illusion is taken to be real, the less illusory it seems to be.”

32. “All unhappy reactions have an allotted life span and will pass away… but only if you pass on identifying with their painful presence in you.”

33. “Painful reactions to life events are just mechanical, emotional knee jerks. They only become more than a package from the past when you say “I” to the first reaction. This misplaced identification may feel like you, but it’s not. And now you can learn this rescuing fact for yourself.”

34.“Confusion is the distance between what you’re being shown about yourself and your refusal to see the same.”

35. “The next time you run into some familiar blockage or begin to feel unsuited to face some new and difficult personal challenge, don’t do what you’ve always done before. Don’t try to think your way around it. You no longer want a way around your troubles because what goes around comes around! What you want is to grow beyond the level of that disturbance. And to do that, you must not act from it.”

36. “The clearer we can see that negative states must have an excuse to exist within us, the sooner — and more strongly — will arise in us a refusal to grant them a place anywhere in our heart, mind, or soul.”

37. “A person who resists life — who hates or fears unwanted changes — becomes the instrument of a power that effectively renders him powerless to do anything but struggle.”

38.“The reason a crisis must precede each new level of authentic self-unity is that the crisis, whatever it may be, points out where we have been holding on to a particular belief, a shaky pretense, or some flattering but deceptive self-image that is in conflict with reality.”

39.“The spiritually blind suffer only themselves, but “see” others as being responsible for why they feel the pain and sorrow that they do.”

40.“What is any form of rushing other than one side of the divided mind racing to close the gap between itself and whatever it has imagined it must have in order to complete its equally imagined state of being incomplete.”

41. “Staying present, living in Presence is the best gift anyone can give to those they love.”

42. “The only thing that worrying does is waste the time and energy you need to shed light on that painful sense of self that exists only for as long as it has something to worry over.”

43. “When attention is directed, it has the ability to invest an idea with energy and life. Wherever you place your attention, you give life to that seed of thought.”

44.“No fear of the future exists to threaten us without some unseen part of us agreeing to be victimized by it.”

45.“We are never closer to realizing the next level of our own higher possibilities than when, by the light of a new awareness we see some old darkness within us, and then agree that we can no longer be that which we have been.”

Guy Finley

46. “We must do more than just try to remember that nothing disturbs our peace of mind without first having gained our consent to enjoin us in that conflict; we must learn to fight for ourselves, to boldly reject any negative state that would rule us — or else accept the lot of victim and wear his mantle of woe.”

47. “The power of a lie is no greater than the darkness in which it is received. This means that all we need to do to see through the lies — to render the darkness powerless — is to bring that lie into the Light. This will defeat the lie’s evil intention, for a lie’s only intention is to cover up the truth. And a lie is left to do that very thing — to fulfill its dark purpose — every time we leave it unchallenged.”

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