2012 What Should you Know

December 21, 2012 represents a unique opportunity for renaissance, renewal and reinvention that people have waited for centuries.”  ― Alberto Villoldo

2012 predictions and the Mayan calendar. 2012 will embark mankind on a wonderful journey into enlightenment and does not mean the end of the physical world.

I am not Nostradamus but I can tell you that the physical Earth will be around for at least another million years so let go of your fears and worries about the end of the world.

2012 Predictions

Collectively, mankind is entering into a new era which will allow us to have more freedom and control over our lives. You may ask how is this possible? I know on the outside it looks like our world has lost its mind.  More regulations and laws are being passed everyday to restrict our freedoms.

This is usually man’s last grasp at trying to resist change.

2012 will be the tipping point for mass consciousness. After 2012, our experience of life will become more positive than negative. The outside world will change as a result of our inner world changing.

There are an infinite amount of parallel realities all around us. Raising your awareness and vibration will allow you to experience the world as you choose to.

The New era that approaches will allow us to see through the veil that has covered our eyes for many centuries. We will begin to realize how our thoughts and belief systems control our destiny.

This even includes mass belief systems like Countries, Religions, and Governments.

We are entering a fork in the road on December 21st 2012. Do we want to keep the things as they are or do we want to move into a better, more empowering future.

Eckhart Tolle Quote 2

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to pioneer in a new direction. Starting today, become more conscious of your thoughts. Begin to monitor them and see if they are in alignment with the new you.

Your emotional state is an indicator of what kind of thoughts you’ve had. Emotions begin as thoughts, then they filter down through your brain and into your body. That’s how emotions occur in the body.

Most emotions will dissipate on their own just as long as you do not keep adding anymore.

2012 will not be the end all be all either. Around 2016 and on you will see massive change as more people wake up from their slumber. This is known as being asleep consciously.

Many people are so bored with their lives and the daily routines that they unknowingly go into a mental slumber. I heard one psychic refer to this as the walk of the dead.

People are barely alive mentally, physically, and consciously. Great change is in store for 2012 but also expect major resistance to it.

Sun Worship and 2012

2012 is being caused by the Sun vibrating faster. This is known as “Solara.” For centuries people have worshiped the Sun because of its energetic abilities on the body.

A very high and fast energy is being infused into the Metaphysical Universe at this time and up and through 2012.

This massive energy system is what is really causing people to “wake-up” and realize that we have been mass-controlled for so long.

At one time in human history thousands and thousands of years ago the Sun was worshiped as as a female deity. A major change happened inhumanity where the Sun went from being worshiped as a feminine entity to a masculine entity.

Before this change all the “main gods” were worshiped as female and the Sun was known as “Langa,” which means ‘to desire’, or ‘to long for.’

It is believed that the switch from female to male worship made it possible for the creation of “war-like kings” that took what they wanted by force. Everything changed when the perception of the Sun changed.

Carl Sagan said that photons from the Sun have a direct effect on the brain and DNA. This is the reason that so many people are beginning to wake up even though some people will simply refuse to see what is really happening.

Ascension and enlightenment is the recognition that you actually are the dimension of reality that you thought you previously existed in. Then you are free to “be” the reality, that way you remove the resistance to the reality because you are the reality.

Stay Aligned with what you really want

You must do whatever it takes to stay in alignment with the highest, ideal, version of yourself. Make sure you maintain the body by giving yourself plenty of rest and feeding it healthy whole foods.

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