2012 Crossing Over – A New Beginning Movie

“Much as we may wish to make a new beginning, some part of us resists doing so as though we were making the first step toward disaster.” – William Throsby Bridges

I watched a You Tube video today titled: 2012 Crossing Over, A New Beginning by Brave Archer Films. I absolutely loved this film and it mirrors my sentiments about what 2012 is really about.

We are at that time when a great transition takes place. The society, the way we know it now, is changing very rapidly.

We have to go along with the change that is happening as opposed to fear it and resist it.

We all heard about 2012, it’s doomsday, the world will end, and mankind will end.

The agenda seems to be trying to put a negative spin on it. To radiate fear out onto the planet instead of love. And love is the glue of the Universe. (Not the fake love like “Oh, I love you.” This kind of love radiates from the heart, it is the all that is and ever will be kind of love)

The more one loves and finds unity in this world and harmony, the more the blessings will be when that time comes.

December 21st 2012

When you wake up in the morning the Sun will be shining. It will be just like another normal day. But what might happen I feel could be a great change in consciousness.

Prophesized acceleration in both technology and consciousness is occurring right now. Which is right on time with what’s been decoded from the Mayan information.

All shall benefit on different levels, even the unawakened will benefit because that’s how the Universe elevates souls.

What is getting ready to happen is a positive thing. It’s a step forward in an evolution; it’s an awakening in consciousness.

If we had a good look at our Solar System and how it works, the Moon goes around the Earth; the Earth is rotating and orbiting the Sun. Now our Sun is orbiting Sirius.

In the great orbit of our two Suns, we have turned the corner from the dark ages. Now they are pulling towards each other, bringing us to a higher consciousness.

The New World of Love is coming.


Life on Earth is affected by many cycles

Like the light of the day, and the dark of the night, and our yearly cycle of the four seasons. The stars in the sky are linked to life on Earth and greatly influence our existence.

That which is above (the cosmos) is the same as that which is below (the Earth and her people).

But what if there is a greater cycle that takes thousands of years, which influences human consciousness?

According to many cultures, much like the seasons that are familiar to us, human kind undergoes a similar cycle in which consciousness expands and contracts.

It results in great ages of enlightenment and dark ages of misery. Different cultures refer to this cycle by different names, including the Yuga Cycle or The Ages of Man.

These cycles were known to almost every ancient culture throughout the globe.

The Hindu Yuga Cycle consists of four ages:

1. The Kali Yuga or the Dark Age.

2. Dwarpa Yuga or Bronze Age.

3. Treta Yuga or Silver Age.

4. Satya Yuga or the Golden Age.

During the Golden Age, human consciousness is at its peak. Where unity is celebrated and life is lived in peace, love and harmony.

In the Silver and Bronze ages, our consciousness begins its descent to its lowest point, the Dark or Iron Age, in which suffering and ignorance is at its peak and humans are divided and at war.

That is our current age.

Then the cycle makes its way up again to the Golden age.

These four ages influence the rise and fall of civilizations across the globe. It is believed that we are at that time when the Dark Age is coming to an end and the Bronze Age begins.

And the crossover is taking place during the galactic alignment on December 21st 2012.

The End of the World Theory

The end of the World theory is based on the Mayan long-count calendar, which ends exactly on the 21st of December 2012.

Although many claim that the Mayans have predicted the end of the world, there is no evidence to suggest so.

The Mayan Calendar simply resets on this date, as one cycle ends and a new one begins.

Many believe that the marker left by the Mayans indicates a great change in consciousness as we leave the Zodiac Age of Pisces and enter the Age of Aquarius.

The date of December 21st 2012 has become the most anticipated date in history. And while many are anticipating it with love, others anticipate it with fear.

What were the ancients trying to tell us? Is it the end of the World?

Or is it a time of great change in human consciousness?

Peace on Earth

2012 Crossing Over – A New Beginning

Man know thyself and you will know the Universe and all its Gods.

So when one understands that we are the microcosm, of the macrocosm, the stars that go above and around in various different cycles, then we understand the connection between us and God.

Individual people by themselves, groups, societies, the mood of the whole planet – can all be altered, can all be changed.

The reason for that is because the planet, group’s, societies, aren’t what they appear to be. They are just another level of consciousness.

We are all consciousness.

If consciousness is changing to a higher vibration, which I feel is happening at 2012, and then the society, the way we know it now, will not be there anymore.

The old has to go, the new has to come.

You will become aware of what you really are, you become aware that you are one with God and that you are God.

And when one sees the God within himself, he can see the God within everyone.

Planet Earth

The Awakening of the Earth People

The society, the way we know it now, will not be there anymore or is changing very rapidly. People don’t believe in the old systems anymore.

You’re not our chasing the “so-called” dream that you have been brainwashed to believe you should be anymore. You’re actually doing what your inner-self dictates to you.

People are starting to become aware of who they are, and they start to realize that there is more to life and they do want more, but not in material ways.

People want more in terms of peace and love and no more wars. And no more hunger and starving and all these situations. People are realizing that there is a community of humanity out there.

We are experiencing a kind of Tsunami right now in consciousness and it’s about ready to turn into a tidal wave of awareness.

The ancient ones knew the cycles, the Hindus call this cycle the Yuga cycle of 24,000 years in which we go through the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron Age.

Just like we go through the seasonal cycles like Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring, as well as day and night cycles.

So we do this in the 24,000 year backward precessional cycle and we are at what the prophesies say is the time of the harvest, the time of the end. The end of this wave of evolution of mankind where certain ones ascend, awaken, remember who they are and reclaim their divinity.

Solar System

Galactic Alignment

If you look at the galactic plane, if you imagine that the galaxy is a very thin dish in the heavens, well our Sun it’s in a cycle of 24,000 years, called precession of the equinoxes.

And during that cycle it spends 12,000 years above the equator of the Milky Way Galaxy, the galactic plane, and 12,000 years below.

So now our Sun is sitting below the galactic plane and it’s popping its head through and its passing that galactic plane right now and on December 21st 2012 it will be more over then under.

The other aspect of this is that the equinoxes have been migrating around the heavens through the signs of the Zodiac for 24,000 years.

The vernal equinox occurs on the 21st of March. Now, at the moment on the 21st of March is actually Pisces because it’s the sign that appears on the Horizon on the 21st of March. That sign, is the sign we are in.

Now we have been in that sign, the Sun has been in it at the equinox for 2000 years. Now its right at the end of Pisces and the new sign coming through is Aquarius and the Sun will be in Aquarius for 2000 years.

Each age represents a kind of a level of consciousness and at each shift or change in age; there is a shift in consciousness. And that in a nutshell is what 2012 is all about. An ending of an age and a beginning of a new age of awareness.


The Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius (spiritually speaking) represents a period where instead of worshipping the single God or Guru, or martyr on the cross or whatever you want to have. Instead of focusing your energies in that way, the Age of Aquarius tends to look for truth in one another.

The Age of Aquarius also represents the onset of technology, but hopefully clean technology.

The Piscean Age that we are now leaving is an age of division among people, cultures and religions. The Age of Aquarius will bring about an age of unity consciousness, an age of harmony among us all.

You can watch the video in its entirety here.

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