2011 a Year in Review for Mazzastick.com

Habits like blogging often and regularly, writing down the way you think, being clear about what you think are effective tactics, ignoring the burbling crowd and not eating bacon.

All of these are useful habits.” – Seth Godin

2011 is almost over and I wanted to share some of my thoughts about the past year of blogging for me and the direction that I want to take Mazzastick.com in 2012.

On January 4th 2011 I bit the bullet and decided to become a blogger.

I didn’t have a background in computers, marketing, writing or anything else that would make me think that blogging was a good match for me.

One thing that I did have though was a desire to teach and share what I know and value.

Plus I love to learn something new like blogging and all that it entails.

This year has been very exciting being a “new blogger” and learning so much during the past 12 months.

Also, I consider myself lucky to have been able to connect with so many like-minded people this year because of blogging.

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Stats for 2011

Mazzastick.com has 153 posts in the archives, over 4000 comments, an Alexa ranking of 76,000 World Wide and 23,000 in the U.S. and 100 newsletter subscribers.

This year has shown a steady growth for me and I am certain that 2012 will be even better because now I know what I am doing.

For 2012 I want to be more business minded and take Mazzastick.com to the next level.

2011 was all about learning as much as I could about blogging, making connections with like-minded people and staying the course as much as I could.

I only missed five days this year of blogging and that was because the telephone line was out at my house because of a Hurricane.

The week of not going online was actually a blessing because I wouldn’t have done it unless something like the phone line going out happened.

This leads me to remind myself to take more “mini” blogging breaks in 2012 because my focus and goals get diluted when I am overworked.

2012 will be a year where I am very “picky” about how and where I spend my time. My time is very valuable to me and I need to treat it that way.

2011 was also about finding my voice in the blogosphere and deciding what topics that I want to write about.

At the moment I write about personal growth, spirituality, metaphysical studies, health and nutrition and blogging.

I am also considering a new posting schedule perhaps twice a week with shorter posts to take the pressure off to write.

The past year I did my best to write a new post every three days and to keep the post length around 700 to 1000 words long.

Since I am more of an impulsive writer I think that I will write when I am inspired to do so and not worry so much about the length of the post and how often I write.

Back in October of this year I decided to do a little experiment and write posts all month that were “outside of the box.”

Posts about ghosts, reptilian entities, the artificial Moon and some conspiracy stuff thrown in.

I have always had an interest in the “paranormal” since I was a kid, yet I knew there would be a “stigma” attached to writing about paranormal stuff on my blog.

But I felt compelled to write about it anyway.

There was an inner tugging telling me to expand my writing topics.

It was a bit of a risk but I wanted to write them anyway and the results proved me right.

What happened was that October was my best traffic month ever with over 10,000 visitors and I still get a ton of daily traffic because of those “weird” posts that I wrote in October.

This opened my eyes to the realization that “weird” is in and normal is out. 😉

I also wrote my second eBook in 2011: Guide 4 New Bloggers that is selling well and the feedback is awesome (except for my editing errors). 🙂

Did I mention yet that I am not perfect. 😉

In 2012 I will experiment more with blog monetization like paid product reviews, advertising, coaching and mentoring services and affiliate sales.

The more money that I earn with these methods the more I can expand and grow as a blogger and as a person.

At the moment my traffic is steady getting over 300 visitors a day and my goal for this year would be to get to 500-1000 daily visitors.

Another goal for 2012 would be to create podcasts, videos, create new products and do guest posting for other blogs.

I am also extremely happy to announce that Mazzastick.com won Steve Aitchison’s – Change Your Thoughts Blog – Best New Personal Development Newcomer Blog of 2011 award and # 17 out of 50 for all Personal Development blogs ahead of Leo Babauta of the infamous Zen Habits.

I couldn’t have done it without Steve Aitchison and the help of my friends who took their time to vote for me in the comments.

I truly am grateful for your time and support and I would gladly do the same for you anytime.

Being a regular reader of Steve’s blog when I read his post for the best Personal Development nominations I didn’t see my blog listed and I had to ask Steve to put my name in there.

You can see it for yourself in the comments for that post. I am the first commenter out of a total of 678 comments. Just a reminder, you have to ask for what you want in order to receive it.

Hey Steve, thanks again. 🙂

How was 2011 for you?

Did you meet your goals and what new ones do you have for 2012?

How would you like to have unlimited traffic to your blog or website.

Traffic is what makes your site money. More traffic equals more money right?

I see so many bloggers get real excited when they start off and then it fades away because they are not earning the money they thought they would.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Invest a small amount of capital into your site and watch as your initial small investment turns into a huge return.

“Blogging is a great way to show your talents and interests to prospective employers, while adding an edge to your resume. If you blog consistently it shows your dedication, passions and creativity – all of which are key attributes employers look for in job candidates.” – Lauren Conrad

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