11:11 and Manifesting Your Reality

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.

Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.

It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” -Bashar

Manifesting your reality and the Law of Attraction

You have to remember that everything that manifests itself into the physical world, such as number sequences like 1111, are a result of thought forms coming into matter.

1111 at its core is about alignment.

Alignment with wants, desires, needs and emotions and using that to create the reality you say you prefer to experience.

And more importantly about all of those desires coming into the physical world.

The one misnomer about the law of attraction is that we are actually attracting something.

This is simply not the case at all.

Instead of attracting something, we are actually tuning our body/computer/receiver into the frequency that matches the reality that is already present.

If you want to attract wealth you have to tune yourself into a loving frequency that will make wealth appear in your reality.

You basically tune your body to the desired frequency the same way you tune a radio to play your favorite radio station.

All realities exist simultaneously, the reason you only experience a certain reality is in direct relation to the frequency your body is transmitting,

This is why I make the claim that you need to keep your body at optimum health and well-being in order to transmit the frequency that you want to experience.

So yes, you do create your own reality and you are doing it all the time whether you choose to believe it or not.

So why not learn how to fine-tune your mind and body and become a master at manifesting your reality.

This won’t happen overnight, but with consistent focus and effort you will get better at it overtime.

Eventually you will effortlessly and easily begin to manifest your thoughts and dreams into reality.

Eckhart Tolle Quote 2

Align your thoughts and action with what you want in order to manifest your reality

The truth be told, you can have whatever you want, need and desire if you allow it to come into your life. Alignment is similar to a dial on a radio receiver.

You can’t keep tuning into the same radio station over at 95.5 and hope to hear the soft and soothing sounds of 105.7.

In order to hear what is playing at 105.7 you will need to change/tune the dial on the radio to what you want to listen to.

Well, you are a radio, literally.

You are one giant biological receiver, and when you tune your vibrations to what you want, you will begin attracting it to you. It is a matter of physics and not some weird “out there” idea.

>>>(Read The Human Body is Like a Computer.)


Bashar – 7 Steps for Creating Your Reality

  1. THE VISION of what you want. A dream, a wish, a reality of what you prefer.
  2. DESIRE / EXCITEMENT the thing that you see that you say you want must be accompanied by strong ENERGY / EMOTION — desire. It energies the vision. Energy in motion—e-motion. All consuming energy.
  3. BELIEVE THAT IT IS POSSIBLE, that you DESERVE what you want. If you don’t believe it is possible, it cannot manifest. Get in touch with your current beliefs, and determine new definitions of what you really want. KNOW that those new beliefs are in effect.
  4. ACCEPTANCE. You must totally accept yourself and the new belief as true. Without a shadow of a doubt.
  5. INTEND with your WILL and FOCUS to manifest it. Not an effort, but a conscious command of your reality.
  6. ACT AS IF IT IS ALREADY HERE. You must act and behave as if the reality already exists in the present. You must GROUND the first 5 steps in the actions that you do. Your behavior and body language is representative of your new reality.
  7. DETACH and ALLOW (Letting go). Detach from any expectations of outcome. Use the power of paradox. Absolute intensity of what you want and absolutely NO expectation that it has to manifest at all.

That is the balanced state that you have to be in in order for the manifestation to be effortless.

You have to let it go. Know that everything is already perfect as it is.

When you accept that the way it is – is perfect, then the way it is can become more in alignment with how you have set your vibration to be.

Physical reality IS a reflection of you.

There is no physical reality; it is only a reflection of your strongest belief.

Make sure that you are asking for the thing itself, not the mode, not the process to that thing.

Ask for the thing itself, the essence of it.

Not “I need this to get that.” All the details will work out: what will be the path of least resistance, and the best for all concerned that that reality manifests.

You don’t have to worry about HOW it will manifest.

It will manifest in the best possible way for all concerned if you build up that intensity of intention and then just let it go.

No expectation, no structure, no insistence, just total allowance.

Many of you ask for the things you ask for because you expect — even when you are following your joy — that your reality is supposed to support you.

Your reality has no power to support you.

YOU support your reality!!!

If you look to the things you do then they will not.

If you support your reality, then your reality will reflect the support back to you that you are giving it.

The power to be supported does not come from your physical reality. It never has and never will.

It comes from you supporting yourself by believing in what you know is true for you and supporting the reality that is a reflection of that knowledge and no other reality.

No compromises.

All paths are valid. But don’t expect to get 100 percent reflection of what you say you prefer if you are supporting another reality.

If you mix and match vibrations: if you support a reality that you know is not your preference, as needing to be true for you because you are afraid to let it go, all the energy you are expending in the direction of your fear, will prevent you from even receiving what it may be that you do support that you do prefer.

Because you will be muddying the waters of your ability to perceive even those gifts, even those reflections that may be coming to you from the direction of your excitements just because you still think you have to contain other things that are not representative of who you prefer to be.

You may be 99.99999% up to speed, but if you are a very efficient engine that requires 100% of focus in order to run smoothly, then even that small, infinitesimal percentage of doubt will seize the entire engine, because it needs to perfectly clean to operate at all.

So sometimes even one-tenth of one percent is enough to stop the entire thing from running, even if the rest of it is focused in the direction of your preference.

Because the cleaner your belief, the cleaner the engine needs to be, the easier it is for the smallest particle to stop the entire process.

And these seven steps can be a good reminder of how you can go about doing that.

And stay in that balanced state where you know your reality will reflect what you believe most strongly to be true.

Through your beliefs and definitions you create your reality. Your beliefs and definitions determine what kind of feelings and thoughts and behaviors you exhibit that then reinforce the reality you have created with your belief. 

But belief is the blueprint it’s the first step – the definition is the key not just the thought.I know that some people on your planet interchange those concepts and say thoughts create your reality. What they really mean is the basic fundamental belief creates the reality. 

What you believe is true is what you experience – then your thoughts will go hand in hand to reinforce that.

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